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ye fools,



lifted up their voice; the They murder the widow floods lift their waves. and the stranger, and put

The waves of the sea the fatherless to death. are mighty, and rage hor- And yet they say, The ribly; but yet the Lord, Lord shall not see ; neithwho dwelleth on high, is er shall the God of Jacob mightier.

regard it. Thy testimonies, O Lord, Take heed, ye are very sure; holiness be- foolish of men; cometh thine house for when will ye understand ?

He who planted the ear, Now unto the King eter- shall he not hear? he nal, &c.

who made the eye, shall he Be honour and glory, &c. not see?

He who chastiseth the heathen, shall he not correct you?

or he who The Sixteenth Day. teacheth man knowledge,

shall he not know? MORNING PRAYER.

The Lord knoweth the PSALM 94.

thoughts of man, that they O LORD God, to whom

are but vain.

Blessed is the man whom vengeance belongeth; thou God, to whom vengeance thou chastenest, O Lord, belongeth, arise !

and teachest him in thy Arise, thou Judge of the law; world, and reward the

That thou mayest give proud after their deserv- him patience in time of ing

adversity, until the pit be Lord, how long shall the digged up for the ungodly.

For the Lord will not ungodly, how long shall the ungodly triumph?

fail his people, neither How long shallall wick- will he forsake his inheried doers speak so disdain- tance ; fully, and make such proud

Until righteousness turn boasting?

again unto judgment; and

true in They sınite down thy all such as are people, O Lord, and trou- heart shall follow it. ble thine heritage.

Who will rise up with

to be

held me up.

me against the wicked ? or Declare his honour unto who will take my part the heathen, and his wonagainst the evil doers? ders unto all the people.

. If the Lord had not For the Lord is great, helped me, it had not fail- and cannot worthily be ed but my soul had been praised; he is more put to silence.

feared than all gods. But when I said, I am As for all the gods of fallen, thy mercy, O Lord, the heathen, they are but

idols ; but it is the Lord In the multitude of the who made the heavens. sorrows that I had in my Glory and worship are heart, thy comforts have before him; power and refreshed my soul.

honour are in lhis sancWilt thou have lowship with the throne of Ascribe unto the Lord, those wicked ones,

who O


families of the peomake mischief their law ? ple, ascribe unto the Lord

They gather them to- worship and power. gether against the soul of Ascribe unto the Lord the righteous, and con- the honour due unto his

any fel

awe of him.

But the Lord is my re- come into his courts. fuge ; and my God is the 0 worship the Lord in strength of my confidence. the beauty of holiness; let

Now unto the King eter- the whole earth stand in nal, &c. Be honour and glory, &c. Tell it out among the

heathen, that the Lord is King; that it is he who

hath made the world so EVENING PRA YER. .

fast that it cannot be mova PSALM 96.

ed; and that he shall judge O SING unto the Lord the people righteously. a new song ; sing unto the Let the heavens rejoice, Lord, all the earth.

and let the earth be glad; Sing unto the Lord, and let the sea make a noise, praise his name ; be telling and all that therein is. of his salvation from day Let the field be joy ful, to day.

and all that is in it; let all

the trees of the wood re cause of thy judgments, O joice before the Lord.

Lord. For he cometh, for he For thou, Lord, art highcometh to judge the earth; er than all that are in the and with righteousness to earth ; thou art exalted far judge the world, and the above all gods. people with his truth.

Oye who love the Lord, see that


hate the thing PSALM 97.

which is evil; the Lord THE Lord is King, the preserveth the souls of his earth may be glad thereof; saints ; he shall deliver yea, the multitude of the them from the hand of the isles may be glad thereof. ungodly. Clouds and darkness are

There is sprung up a round about him; right- light for the righteous, and eousness and judgment

are joyful gladness for such as the habitation of his throne. are true of heart.

There shall go a fire be Rejoice in the Lord, ye fore him, and burn up his righteous; and give thanks enemies on every side.

at the remembrance of his His lightnings shone holiness. through the world; the Now unto the King eterearth saw, and was afraid. nal, &c.

The hills melted like Be honour and glory, &c. wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.

The Seventeenth Day. The heavens have declared his righteousness;

MORNING PRAYER. and all the people have

PSALM 99. seen his glory. Confounded be all they

THE Lord is King, let who worship carved in the nations tremble; he ages, and who delight in sitteth between the cheruvain gods; worship him, all bim, let the earth be moved. ye gods.

The Lord is great in Sion heard of it, and Sion, and high above all rejoiced; and the daughters the people, of Judah were glad, be Let them praise thy

great and wonderful name; For my days are confor it is holy.

sumed away like smoke; The king's power loveth and my bones are burnt up justice; thou hast prepared as it were a firebrand. equity; thou hast executed I am become like a pelijudgment and righteous- can in the wilderness, and ness in Jacob,

like an owl that is in the O magnify the Lord our desert. God, and fall down before I have watched, and am his footstool; for he is holy. even as it were a bird of

Moses and Aaron, the the night, that sitteth alone chief among his ministers, upon the house top. and Samuel among such My days are gone like a as call upon his name, shadow, and I am withthese called upon the Lord, ered like grass. and he heard them.

But thou, O Lord, shalt He spake unto thein out endure for ever, and thy of the cloudy pillar; for remembrance throughout they kept his testimonies, all generations. and the law that he gave Thou shalt arise, and them.

have mercy upon Sion; for Thou heardest them, o it is time that thou have Lord our God; thou forgav- mercy upon her; yea, the est them, O God, though time is come. thou punishedst their ini- For thy servants love quities.

the very stones thereof, O magnify the Lord our and it pitieth them to see God, and worship him up- her in the dust. on his holy hill; for the So the heathen shall Lord our God is holy. fear thy name, O Lord,

and all the kings of the PSALM 102,

earth thy majesty HEAR my prayer, O

When the Lord shall Lord, and let my crying build up Sion, he shall apcome unto thee.

in his glory. Hide not thy face from He will regard the prayer me in the time of my trou- of the poor destitute, and ble; incline thine ears un- will not despise their deto me when I call; O hear sire. me, and that right soon. This shall be written for



those who come after; and EVENING PRAYER. the people who shall be

PSALM 103. born, shall praise the Lord. For he hath looked down

PRAISE the Lord, O from his sanctuary; out of my soul; and all that is the heaven did the Lord within me, praise his holy behold the earth; That he inight hear the

Praise the Lord, O my mournings of such as are soul, and forget not all his in captivity, and deliver benefits; the children appointed un

Who forgiveth all thy to death;

sin, and healeth all thine That they may declare infirmities; the name of the Lord in Who saveth thy life from Sion, and his worship at destruction, and crowneth Jerusalem ;

thee with mercy and loving When the people are kindness; gathered together, and the

Who filleth the mornkingdoms also to serve the ing of thy life with good Lord.

things, and reneweth thy Thou, Lord, in the be- youth like the eagle's. ginning hast laid the foun- The Lord executeth dation of the earth; and righteousness and judgthe heavens are the works ment for all those who are of thy hands.

oppressed. They shall perish, but He showed his

ways thou shalt endure; they all to Moses, his works unto shall wax old as doth a the children of Israel. garment;

The Lord is full of comAnd as a vesture shalt passion and mercy, long thou change them, and suffering, and of great they shall be changed; but goodness. thou art the same, and thy

He will not alway be years shall not fail.

chiding; neither keepeth The children of thy ser- he anger

for ever. vants shall continue and He hath not dealt with their seed shall stand fast us after our sins; nor rein thy sight.

warded us according to Now unto the King eter- our wickednesses. nal, &c.

For as the heaven is Be honour and glory, &c. high above the earth, so


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