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great is his mercy toward ye his hosts, ye servants of those who fear him. his who do his pleasure.

As far as the east is from O praise the Lord, all the west, so far hath he ye works of his, in all removed our transgressions places of his dominion; from us.

praise thou the Lord, O Yea, like as a father my soul. pitieth his own children; Now unto the King etereven so the Lord pitieth nal, &c. those who fear him.

Be honour and glory, &c. For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are but dust.

The days of man are but The Eighteenth Day. as grass; he flourisheth as a flower of the field.

MORNING PRAYER. For the wind passeth

Psalm 104. over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall PRAISE the Lord, O know it no more.

my soul ; O Lord my God, But the merciful good- thou art exceeding gloriness of the Lord endureth ous; thou art clothed with

and ever upon majesty and honour. those who fear him, and

Thou deckest thyself his righteousness upon with light as it were with children's children ; a garment ; and spreadest Even

upon such as keep out the heavens like a curhis covenant, and think tain. upon his commandments Who layeth the beams to do them.

of his chambers in the waThe Lord hath prepared ters, and maketh the clouds his throne in heaven; and his chariot, and walketh his kingdom ruleth over all. upon the wings of the wind.

O praise the Lord, ye He maketh the winds angels of his, ye who excel his 'messengers, his minisin strength, ye who fulfil ters the flaming fires. his commandment, and Who laid the foundahearken unto the voice of tions of the earth, that it his words.

should never be moved. () praise the Lord, all Thou coveredst it with

for ever


the deep as with a gar- The lofty trees also are ment; the waters stood satisfied, even the cedars above the hills.

of Lebanon which he hath At thy rebuke they fled; planted; at the voice of thy thunder Wherein the birds make they hasted away.

their nests; and the fir They sunk from the trees are a dwelling for the hills, down to the valleys stork. beneath, even

unto the

The high hills are a replace which thou hadst ap- fuge for the wild goats, and pointed for them. the stony rocks for the co

Thou hast set them their nies. bounds which they shall He appointeth the moon not pass, neither turn again for certain seasons; and to cover the earth.

the sun knoweth his going Thou pourest out the down. springs into the rivers, Thou makest darkness which run among the hills. and it is night, wherein all

All beasts of the field the beasts of the forest da drink thereof, and the wild asses quench their thirst. The lions, roaring after

Beside them shall the their prey, do seek their fowls of the air have their meat from God. habitation, and sing among The sun ariseth, and they the branches.

get them away together, Thou waterest the hills and lay them down in their from thy chambers; the dens. earth is filled with the fruit Then man goeth forth of thy works.

to his work, and to his laHe bringeth orth grass bour until the evening. for the cattle, and green

O Lord, how manifold herb for the service of are thy works! in wisdom men ;

hast thou made them all ; That he may bring food the earth is full of thy out of the earth, and wine riches. that maketh glad the heart So is the great and wide

and oil to make sea also, wherein move him cheerful

creatures innumerable, both tenance, and bread to small and great. strengthen man's heart. There go the ships, and

of man,



there the leviathan, which Now unto the King eterthou hast made to take his nal, &c. pastime therein.

Be honour and glory, &c. These wait all upon thee, that thou mayest give them their meat in due season.

Thou givest it them, and EVENING PRAYER. they gather it; thou openest thy hand, they are fill

Psalm 107. ed with good. Thou hidest thy face,

O GIVE thanks unto they are troubled; thou the Lord, for he is gratakest away their breath, cious, and his mercy enthey die, and are turned dureth for ever. again to their dust.

Let them give thanks, Thou sendest forth thy whom the Lord hath respirit, they are created'; deemed, and delivered and thou renewest the face from the hand of the eneof the earth.

my; The glorious majesty of And gathered them out the Lord sball endure for of the lands, from the ever; the Lord shall re- east, and from the west, joice in his works.

from the north, and from He looketh on the earth, the south. and it trembleth; he touch- They wandered in the eth the hills, and they wilderness in a solitary smoke.

way, and found no city to I will sing unto the Lord dwell in; as long as I live; I will Hungry and thirsty, their praise my God, while I soul fainted in them. have my being.

So they cried unto the And so shall my words Lord in their trouble, and please him; my joy shall he delivered them from be in the Lord.

their distress. As for sinners, they siiall He led them forth by the be consumed out of the right way, that they might earth, and the ungodly go to an inhabited city.

to an end; O that men would therepraise thou the Lord, O fore praise the Lord for my soul ; praise the Lord, his goodness, and for the

shall come


wonders that he doeth for ed for their offences, and the children of men ! because of their wicked

For he satisfieth the empty soul, and filleth the Their soul refuseth all hungry soul with good- manner of food, and they ness.

are even at death's door.

So they cried unto the Such as sit in dark. Lord in their trouble, and ness, and in the shadow of be delivered them out of death, being fast bound in their distress. misery and iron;

He sent his word, and Because they rebelled healed them; and they against the words of the were saved from their deLord, and lightly regarded struction. the counsel of the Most O that men would thereHigh;

fore praise the Lord for He brought down their his goodness, and for the heart through calamity; wonders that he doeth for they fell down, and there the children of men! was none to help them. That they would offer

So they cried unto the unto him the sacrifice of Lord in their trouble, and thanksgiving, and tell out he delivered them out of his works with gladness! their distress.

For he brought them They who go down to out of darkness, and out the sea in ships, and

purof the shadow of death, sue their business in the and brake their bonds in great waters, sunder,


the O that men would there- works of the Lord, and his fore praise the Lord for wonders in the deep. his goodness, and for the For at his word the wonders that he doeth for stormy wind ariseth, which the children of men ! lifteth


waves thereFor he hath broken the of. gates of brass, and smít They are carried up to ten the bars of iron în sun the heaven, and down der.

again to the depths; their

soul melteth away because Foolish men are afflict- of the trouble.


So they cry unto the He blesseth them, so Lord in their trouble, and that they multiply exceedhe delivereth them out of ingly, and suffereth not their distress.

their cattle to decrease. For he maketh the storm And again, when they to cease, and the waves to are minished and brought be still.

low through oppression, Then are they glad be- through any plague or cause they are at rest; and trouble ; so he bringeth them unto Though he suffer them the haven where they to be evil intreated through would be.

tyrants, and let them wanO that men would there- der out of the way in the fore praise the Lord for wilderness; his goodness, and declare

Yet helpeth he the poor the wonders that he doeth out of misery, and maketh for the children of men ! him households like a

That they would exalt flock. him also in the congrega

The righteous will contion of the people, and sider this and rejoice ; and praise him in the assembly the mouth of all wickedof the elders !

ness shall be stopped. He turneth rivers into Whoso is wise will pona wilderness, and water- der these things, and unsprings into dry ground. derstand the loving kind

A fruitful land maketh ness of the Lord. he barren, for the wicked Now unto the King eterness of those who dwell nal, &c. therein.

Be honour and glory, &c. Again he maketh the wilderness a standing water, and watersprings of a dry ground.

The Nineteenth Day. , And there he setteth the

MORNING PRAYER. hungry, that they may

Psalm 111. build them a city to dwell

I WILL give thanks unThat they may sow their to the Lord with


whole land, and plant vineyards, heart, secretly among the to yield them fruits of in- faithful, and in the con

in ;



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