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telling of all the judgments and contempt; for I have of thy mouth.

kept thy testimonies. I have had as great de- Though princes did sit light in the wayof thy tes- and speak against me, thy tiinonies, as in all manner servant is occupied in thy of riches.

statutes. I will meditate on thy For thy testimonies are commandments, and have my delight and my counrespect unto thy ways. sellors.

My delight shall be in thy statutes, and I will not

MY soul cleaveth to the forget thy word. Now unto the King eter- according to thy word.

dust; O quicken thou me nal, &c.

I have

acknowledged my Be honour and glory, &c.

ways, and thou heardest me; O téach me thy stat


Make me to understand Psalm 119.

the way of thy commandments; and so shall I talk

of thy wondrous works. O DEAL kindly unto thy My soul melteth away servant, that I may live, for very heaviness; comand keep thy word. fort thou me according un

Open thou mine eyes, to thy word. that I may see the won- Remove me from the drous things of thy law. deceitful way; and cause

I am a stranger upon thou me to make much of earth; O hide not thy com- thy law. mandments from me.

I have chosen the

way My soul trembles for the truth ; and thy judgments very fervent desire that it have I laid before me. hath alway unto thy judg- I have kept close unto ments.

thy testimonies; O Lord, Thou hast rebuked the confound me not. proud; and cursed are they I will run the way of thy who do err from thy com- commandments, when thou mandments.

hast set my heart at libOturn from me reproach erty.



Now unto the King eter- in thy commandments; O nal, &c.

quicken me in thy rightBe honour and glory, &c. eousness.


O Lord,


the way


The Twentysecond Day.

LET thy loving mercy

come unto me, MORNING PRAYER. even thy salvation, accord

ing unto thy word. PSALM 119.

So shall I make answer unto those who reproach

me; for my trust is in thy TEACH me, O Lord, wo d. of thy statutes

O take not the word of and I shall keep it unto the thy truth utterly out of my end.

mouth; for my hope is in Give me understanding, thy judgments. and I shall keep thy law;

So shall I alway keep yea I shall keep it with thy law; yea for ever and my whole heart. Make me to go in the

And I will walk at libpath of thy command- erty; for I seek thy comments; for therein is


mandments. desire.

I will speak of thy testiIncline my heart unto monies also, even before thy testimonies, and not to kings, and will not be covetousness.


And my delight shall lest they behold vanity; be in thy commandments, and quicken thou me in which I have loved.

My hands also will I lift O establish thy word in up unto thy commandthy servant, that I may ments, which I have loved; fear thee.

and my study shall be in Take away the reproach thy statutes. that I am afraid of; for Now unto the King eterthy judgments are good.

&c. Behold, my delight is Be honour and glory, &c.

O turn away

thy way.



upon thy

EVENING PRAYER. be merciful unto me ac

cording to thy word. Psalm 119.

I called my ways to remembrance, and turned

my feet unto thy testimoΟ THINK

nies. word of promise to thy ser

I made haste, and devant, wherein thou hast caused me to put my trust.

layed not to keep thy com

mandments. The same is my


The bands of the unin my trouble; for thy godly have robbed me; but word hath quickened me.

I have not forgotten thy The proud have had me

law. exceedingly in derision ;

At midnight I will rise to yet have I not shrunk from

give thanks unto thee, bethy law. For I remembered thy

cause of thy righteous

judgments. judgments of old, O Lord, and received comfort.

I am a companion of all

those who fear thee and Horror hath taken hold upon me, because of the keep thy commandments. wicked who forsake thy full of thy mercy; O teach

The earth, O Lord, is law.

me thy statutes. Thy statutes have been

Now unto the King etermy songs in the house of

nal, &c. my pilgrimage. I have thought upon thy

Be honour and glory, &c. name, O Lord, in the night season; and have kept thy law. I esteemed myself rich,

The Twentythird Day. in that I kept thy com

MORNING PRAYER. mandments.

PSALM 119.



THOU art my portion, O Lord; I have promised O Lord, thou hast to keep thy law.

dealt graciously with thy I entreated thy favour servant according unto thy with my whole heart; O word.


O teach me true under O let thy loving mercies standing and knowledge; come unto me, that I may for I have believed thy live; for thy law is my decommandments.

light. Before I was afflicted, I Let such as fear thee, went astray; but now have and have known thy testiI kept thy word.

monies be turned unto me. Thou art good and doest O let my heart be sound good; O teach me thy stat- in thy statutes, that I be utes.

not ashamed. The proud have forged a lie against me; but I will keep thy commandments

MY soul hath longed for with my whole heart.

thy salvation; and I have It is good for me that I a good hope because of thy

word. have been in trouble, that I learn thy statutes. may

Mine eyes languish for The law of thy mouth is thy word, saying, O when dearer unto me than thou

wilt thou comfort me? sands of gold and silver.

O quicken me after thy loving kindness; and so shall I keep the testimo

nies of thy mouth. THY hands have made Now unto the King eterme, and fashioned me; O nal, &c. give me understanding, Be honour and glory, &c. that I may learn thy commandments.

They who fear thee, will be glad when they see me, EVENING PRAYER. because I have put my trust in thy word.

PSALM 119. I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right, and that thou of


faith O LORD, thy word enfulness hast caused me to dureth for ever in heaven. be troubled.

Thy truth also remainO let thy merciful kind- eth from one generation to ness be my comfort, ac- another; thou hast laid the cording to thy word unto foundation of the earth, thy servant.

and it abideth.




They continue this day from every evil way, beaccording to thine ordi- cause I keep thy word. nance; for all things serve I have not shrunk from thee.

thy judgments; for thou If my delight had not teachest me. been in thy law, I should How sweet are thy words have perished in my mis- unto my taste, yea, sweetery.

er than horey unto my I will never forget thy mouth. commandments; for with Through thy commandthem thou hast quickened ments I get understanding;

therefore I hate all evil I am thine; O save me; ways. for I have sought thy com Now unto the King etermandments.

nal, &c. The ungodly laid wait Be honour and glory, &c. for me, to destroy me; but I will consider thy testimonies. I see that all things come

The Twentyfourth Day. to an end; but thy com

MORNING PRAYER, mandment is eternal,

PSALM 119.



O HOW I love thy law! THY word is a lamp unall the day long is my study to my feet, and a light unin it!

to my paths. Thou through thy com I have sworn, and am mandments hast made me steadfastly purposed to wiser than mine enemies; keep thy righteous judgfor they are ever with me, ments. I have more understand

troubled above ing than my teachers; for measure ; revive me, O thy testimonies are my Lord, according to thy study.

word. I am wiser than the Let the free will offeraged ; because I keep thy ings of my mouth please commandments.

thee, O Lord; and teach I have refrained my feet thou me thy judgments,

I am

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