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snare is broken, and we again the captivity of Sion, are delivered.

then were we like unto Our help is in the name those who dream. of the Lord, who hath Then was our mouth fillmade heaven and earth. ed with laughter, and our

tongue with joy. Psalm 125.

Then said they among THEY who put their the heathen, The Lord trust in the Lord, shall be hath done great things for even as the mount Sion,

them. which may not be remov

Yea, the Lord hath ed, but standeth fast for done great things for us,

whereof we rejoice. ever. As the hills stand about

Thou hast turned our Jerusalem, even so stand- captivity, O Lord, as the eth the Lord round about rivers in the south. his people, from this time They who sow in tears, forth for evermore.

shall reap in joy. For the sceptre of the

He who now goeth on

his ungodly shall not rule over way weeping, and the righteous; unless the beareth forth good seed, righteous put their hand shall doubtless come again unto wickedness.

with joy, and bring his Do well, O Lord, unto sheaves with him. those who are good and

Psalm 127. true of heart. As for such as turn aside

EXCEPT the Lord unto their crooked ways, build the house, their lathe Lord shall lead them bour is but lost who build forth with the evil doers; it. but peace shall be upon Except the Lord keep Israel.

the city, the watchman Now unto the King eter- waketh but in vain. nal, &c.

It is but lost labour that Be honour and glory, &c.


haste to rise up early, and so late take rest, and

eat the bread of carefulEVENING PRAYER.

ness; for surely he giveth PSALM 126.

his beloved sleep. WHEN the Lord turned Lo, children are an her

are the

my com

itage and gift that cometh The Twentyseventh Day. of the Lord.

Like as the arrows in the MORNING PRAYER. band of the giant, even so young children.

PSALM 130. Happy is the man who

OUT of the deep have hath his quiver full of Icalled unto thee, O Lord; them; they shall not be Lord, hear my voice. ashamed when they speak Olet thine ears consider with their enemies in the

well the voice of gate.


If thou, Lord, wilt be PSALM 128.

extreme to mark what is BLESSED is he who done amiss, O Lord, who feareth the Lord, and may abide it? walketh in his ways.

For there is mercy with For thou shalt eat the thee; therefore shalt thou labour of thine hands; O be feared. blessed art thou, and hap

I look for the Lord; my ру shalt thou be.

soul doth wait for him; in Thy wife shall be as the his word is my trust. fruitful vine upon the walls My soul fleeth unto the of thine house.

Lord, before the morning Thy children like the watch; I say, before the olive plants round about morning watch. thy table.

O Israel, trust in the Lo, thus shall the man Lord; for with the Lord be blessed, who feareth there is mercy, and with the Lord.

him is plenteous redempThe Lord from out of tion. Sion shall so bless thee, And he shall redeem Isthat thou shalt see Jerusa- rael from all his sins. lem in prosperity all thy

PSALM 131. Yea, that thou shall see LORD, my heart is not thy children's children, and haughty, nor mine eyes peace upon Israel.

lofty. Now unto the King eter

I will not exercise mynal, &c.

self in great matters,

which Be honour and glory, &c. are too high for me ;

life long;

But will refrain my soul sake, turn not away the and keep it low, like as a face of thine anointed. child that is weaned from The Lord hath made a his mother; yea, my soul faithful oath unto David, shall be even as a weaned and he shall not shrink child.

from it; O Israel, trust in the Of the fruit of thy body Lord, from this time forth shall I set upon thy throne. for evermore.

If thy children will keep

my covenant, and my tesPSALM 132.

timonies that I shall teach

them, their children also LORD, remember Da- shall sit upon thy throne vid, and all his troubles ;

for evermore. How he sware unto the For the Lord hath chosLord, and vowed a vow en Sion ; he hath desired unto the Almighty God of it for his habitation. Jacob;

This shall be my rest for I will not come within ever ; here will I dwell, the tabernacle of mine for I have a delight therehouse, nor climb up into in. my bed;

I will bless her provision I will not suffer mine with increase ; and will eyes to sleep, nor mine satisfy her poor with eyelids to slumber; bread.

Until I find out a place I will clothe her priests for the temple of the Lord, with salvation ; and her an habitation for the migh- saints shall rejoice and ty God of Jacob.

sing. We will go into his tab- Now unto the King eterernacle, we will worship nal, &c. before his footstool.

Be honour and glory, &c. Arise, O Lord, into thy resting place, thou, and the ark of thy strength.

Let thy priests be cloth- EVENING PRAYER. ed with righteousness; and let thy saints sing with

Psalm 133. joyfulness.

BEHOLD, how good For thy servant David's and joyful a thing it is, for

brethren to dwell together O praise the Lord, for in unity.

the Lord is gracious ; O It is like the precious sing praises unto his name, ointment upon the head, for it is lovely. that ran down upon the

The Lord hath chosen beard, even unto Aaron's Jacob unto himself, and beard, and went down to Israel for his own possesthe skirts of his clothing ; sion.

Like as the dew of Her- For I know that the mon, and the dew which Lord is great, and that our falleth upon the hill of Lord is above all gods. Sion.

Whatsoever the Lord For there the Lord pleased, that doeth he in promised his blessing, and heaven and in earth, in the life for evermore.

sea, and in all depths.

He bringeth forth the PSALM 134.

clouds from the ends of the O PRAISE the Lord, all world, and sendeth forth ye servants of the Lord ; lightnings with the rain,

Ye who by night stand bringing the winds out of in the house of the Lord, his treasures. even in the courts of the Thy name, O Lord, enhouse of our God. dureth for ever; and thy

Lift up your hands in memorial, O Lord, from the sanctuary, and praise one generation to another. the Lord.

For the Lord will deThe Lord who made fend his people, and be heaven and earth, give gracious unto his servants. thee his blessing out of As for the idols of the Sion.

heathen, they are but silver

and gold, the work of men's Psalm 135.

hands. O PRAISE the Lord ; They have mouths, and praise ye the name of the speak not ; eyes have they, Lord ; praise it, О ye ser- but they see not. vants of the Lord.

They have ears, and yet Ye who stand in the they hear not ; neither is house of the Lord, in the there any breath in their courts of the house of our mouths. God.

They who make them


are like unto them; and so above the waters ; for his are all they who put their mercy endureth for ever. trust in them.

Who hath made great Praise the Lord, ye lights ; for his mercy enhouse of Israel ; praise dureth for ever. the Lord, ye house of Aa The sun to rule by day;

for his mercy endureth for Praise the Lord, ye house of Levi; yę who The moon and the stars fear the Lord, praise the to govern the night ; for Lord.

his mercy endureth for Now unto the King eternal, &c.

Who remembereth us Be honour and glory, &c. when we are in trouble ;

for his mercy endureth for




And hath delivered us The Twentyeighth Day. from our enemies; for his

mercy endureth for ever. MORNING PRAYER.

Who giveth food to all

flesh; for his mercy enPSALM 136.

dureth for ever. O GIVE thanks unto

O give thanks unto the the Lord ; for he is gra

God of heaven; for his cious, and his mercy en

mercy endureth ever. dureth for ever.

PSALM 138. O give thanks unto the God of all gods; for his I WILL give thanks mercy endureth for ever. unto thee, O Lord, with

O thank the Lord of all my whole heart ; even belords ; for his mercy en fore princes will I sing dureth for ever.

praise unto thee. Who only doeth great I will worship toward wonders; for his mercy thy holy temple, and praise endureth for ever.

thy name, because of thy Who by his excellent loving kindness and truth; wisdom made the heavens; for thou hast magnified thy for his mercy endureth for name and thy word above ever.

all things. Who laid out the earth When I called upon thee,

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