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with thy favour to behold A PRAYER FOR ALL CONthe President, Vice Presi

OF MEN. dent, and Congress of the United States, and so re OGOD, the Creator and plenish them with the grace Preserver of all mankind, , of thy holy Spirit, that they we humbly beseech thee may always incline to thy for all sorts and conditions will, and walk in thy way. of men, that thou wouldest Endue them plenteously be pleased to make thy with heavenly gifts, that in ways known unto them, thy all their deliberations they saving health unto all namay be enabled to promote tions. More especially we the national prosperity, pray for the good estate of and to secure the peace, thy holy church; that it liberty, and safety of the may be so guided and govUnited States throughout erned by thy good Spirit, all generations. This we that all who profess and humbly ask in the name call themselves Christians, of Jesus Christ our Lord. may be led into the way of Amen.

truth, and hold the faith in

unity of spirit, in the bond A PRAYER FOR THE CLER- of peace, and in righteousGY AND PEOPLE.

ness of life. Finally, we

commend to thy fatherly AL GHTY and ever goodness, all those who are lasting God, who art the

any ways afflicted or disauthor of every good and tressed in mind, body or perfect gift ; send down estate ; that it may please upon all ministers of the thee to comfort and relieve gospel, and upon all con them according to their gregations committed to

several necessities; giving their charge, the needful them patience under their spirit of thy grace; and, sufferings, and a happy that they may truly please issue out of all their afflicthee, pour upon them the tions; and this we humbly continual dew of thy bless ask as disciples of Jesus ing. Grant this, O heav Christ our Lord. Amen. enly Father, for thine infinite mercy's sake in Jesus If any desire the Prayers Christ our Lord. Amen. of the Congregation, the

Notes are to be read here, by walking before thee in by the Minister, follow- holiness and righteousness ed by the appropriate all our days, through Jesus Prayers or Thanksgiv- Christ our Lord ; in whose ings.

name we ascribe unto thee

all honour and glory, world A GENERAL THANKSGIV without end. Amen.


A CONCLUDING PRAYER. ALMIGHTY God, Father of all mercies, we ALMIGHTY God, who thine unworthy servants do hast given us grace at this give thee most humble and time with one accord to hearty thanks for all thy make our common suppligoodness and loving kind- cations unto thee, and hast ness to us and to all men. promised by thy beloved We bless thee for our cre Son, that where two or ation, preservation, and all three are gathered togeththe blessings of this life; er in his name, thou wilt but above all, for thine in grant their requests; fulfil estimable love in the re now, O Lord, the desires demption of the world by and petitions of thy serour Lord Jesus Christ ; for vants, as may be most exthe means of grace, and pedient for them, granting for the hope of glory. And us in this world knowledge we beseech thee, give us of thy truth, and in the that due sense of all thy world to come life evermercies, that our hearts lasting. Amen. may be unseignedly thankful, and that we may show THE grace of our Lord forth thy praise, not only Jesus Christ, and the love with our lips, but in our of God, and the fellowship lives, by giving up our of the holy Ghost, be with selves to thy service, and us all evermore. Amen.



At the beginning of Evening Prayer, the Minister shall

read one or more of the following Sentences of Scripture; and then he shall read the Exhortation.

WHEN the wicked man To the Lord our God turneth away from his belong mercies and forwickedness which he hath givenesses, though we have committed, and doeth that rebelled against him; neiwhich is lawful and right, ther have we obeyed the he shall save his soul alive. voice of the Lord our God, Ezek. xviii. 27.

to walk in his laws which I acknowledge my trans- he set before us. Dan. ix. gressions; and my sin is 9, 10. ever before me. Psal. li. 3. O Lord, correct me, but

Hide thy face from my with judgment; not in sins; and blot out all mine thine anger, lest thou iniquities. Psal. li. 9. bring me to nothing. Jer. The sacrifices of God

X. 24. are a broken spirit; a bro- Repent ye; for the kingken and a contrite heart, O dom of heaven is at hand. God, thou wilt not despise. Matt. iii. 2. Psal. li. 17.

I will arise, and go to my Rend your heart, and Father, and will say unto not your garments, and him, Father, I have sinned turn unto the Lord your against heaven, and before God; for he is gracious thee, and am no more worand merciful, slow to an- thy to be called thy son. ger, and of great kindness, Luke, xv. 18, 19. and repenteth him of the Enter not into judgment evil. Joel, ii. 13.

with thy servant, O Lord;


for in thy sight shall no goodness and mercy. And man living be justified. although we ought, at all Psal. cxliii. 2.

times, humbly to acknowIf we say that we have ledge our sins before God; no sin, we deceive our yet ought we chiefly so to selves, and the truth is not do, when we assemble and in but if we confess meet together, to render our sins, God is faithful thanks for the great beneand just to forgive us our fits that we have received sins, and to cleanse us from at his hands, to set forth all unrighteousness. 1 John, his most worthy praise, to i. 8. 9.

hear his most holy word, The hour cometh, and and to ask those things now is, when the true wor which are requisite and shippers shall worship the necessary, as well for the Father in spirit and in body as the soul. Wheretruth; for the Father seek fore I pray and beseech eth such to worship him.

you, as many as are here God is a spirit, and they present, to accompany me, who worship him, must with a pure heart and humworship him in spirit and ble voice, unto the throne in truth. John, iv. 23, 24. of the heavenly grace, say

ing after me. EXHORTATION.

A general Confession to be DEARLY beloved bre

said by the whole Congrethren, the Scripture moveth

gation after the Minis

ter. us in sundry places to acknowledge and confess our ALMIGHTY and most manifold sins and wicked- merciful Father, We have ness, and that we should erred and strayed from thy not dissemble nor cloak ways like lost sheep. We them before the face of have followed too much the Almighty God our heaven- devices and desires of our ly Father; but confess own hearts. We have ofthem with an humble, low- fended against thy holy ly, penitent, and obedient laws. We have left undone heart; to the end that we those things which may obtain forgiveness of ought to have done; And the same, by his infinite we have done those things


which we ought not to have through Jesus Christ our done. But thou, O Lord, Lord. Amen. have mercy upon us miserable offenders. Spare thou

Or this. those, O God, who confess their faults. Restore thou O MOST mighty God those who are penitent, and merciful Father, who According to thy promises hast compassion upon all declared unto mankind in

men, and hatest nothing Christ Jesus our Lord.

that thou hast made; who And grant, О most merci

wouldst not the death of ful Father, That we may a sinner, but that he should hereafter live a godly, rather turn from his sin and righteous, and sober life; be saved ; mercifully forTo the glory of thy holy give us our trespasses; rename. Amen.

ceive and comfort us, who are grieved with the burden

of our sins. Thy property Then shall the Minister say this Prayer.

is always to have mercy; to thee only it appertaineth to

forgive iniquity. Spare us ALMIGHTY God, the therefore, good Lord; enFather of our Lord Jesus ter not into judgment with Christ, who desirest not thy servants, who have sinthe death of a sinner, but ned against thee; but so rather that he should turn turn thine anger from us, from his wickedness and who acknowledge our unlive; pardon and absolve worthiness, and repent us all those who truly repent, of our faults, and so make and unfeignedly believe the haste to help us in this holy gospel. We beseech world, that we may ever thee to grant us true re- live with thee in the world pentance, and thy holy to come, through Jesus Spirit; that those things Christ our Lord. Amen. may please thee which we do at this present, and that OUR Father, who art the rest of our life hereaf- in heaven, Hallowed be ter may be pure and holy; thy name. Thy kingdom so that at the last we may come; Thy will be done on come to thine eternal joy, earth, as it is in heaven.

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