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Give us this day our daily through Jesus Christ, for bread. And forgive us our ever and ever. Amen. trespasses, As we forgive Then may follow an Anthose who trespass against them or a Voluntary on And lead us not into

the Organ, after which temptation, But deliver us

the Minister shall read from evil. For thine is the

the FIRST LESSON, from kingdom, and the power, the Old Testament; and and the glory, For ever and

at the end of it he shall Amen.

say, Here endeth the Then likewise he shall say,

First Lesson. Then shall

be sung, or else said, by O LORD, open thou our the Minister and People lips;

alternately, the song of Answ. And our mouth the Virgin Mary, as folshall show forth thy praise. loweth. Min. Now unto the King

LUKE 1. 46. eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God;

MY soul doth magnify Answ.. Be honour and

the Lord, and my spirit glory, through Jesus Christ, hath rejoiced in God my for ever and ever. Amen.


For he hath regarded Min. Praise yethe Lord. Answ. The Lord's Name

the lowliness of his hand

maiden. be praised.

For behold, from henceThen shall be said, by the forth, all generations shall Minister and People al- call me blessed. ternately, the Psalms for For he who is mighty the Day, or a Selection hath magnified me; and rom the Psalms, at the holy is his name. discretion of the minister. And his mercy is on them And at the close of the that fear him, throughout Psalms shall be repeated all generations. the following Doxology. He hath shown strength

with his arm; he hath scatNOW unto the King tered the proud in the imeternal, immortal, invisible, agination of their hearts. the only wise God;

He hath put down the Be honour and glory, mighty from their seat; and

hath exalted the humble shawms, O show yourselves and meek.

joyful before the Lord the He hath filled the hun- king. gry with good things; and Let the sea make a noise, the rich he hath sent empty and all that therein is; the away.

round world, and they that Heremembering his mei- dwell therein. cy, hath holpen his servant Let the floods clap their Israel, as he promised to hands; and let the hills be our forefathers, Abraham joyful together before the and his seed for ever. Lord; for he cometh to

judge the earth. Or else this Psalm.

With righteousness shall

he judge the world, and the PSALM 98.

people with equity.

O SING unto the Lord a

Then shall the minister read new song; for he hath done the SECOND LESSON, from marvellous things.

the New Testament, and With his own right hand,

at the end of it he shall and with his holy arm, hath

say, Here endeth the he gotten himself the vic

Second Lesson. Then tory.

shall be sung, or else said, The Lord declared his by the Minister and Peosalvation ; his righteousness

ple alternately, the song hath he openly shown in

of Simeon, as followeth. the sight of the heathen. He hath remembered his

LUKE II. 29. mercy and truth toward the house of Israel; and all the LORD, now lettest thou ends of the world have seen thy servant depart in peace, the salvation of our God. according to thy word; Show yourselves joyful

For mine


have seen unto the Lord, all ye lands; thy salvation, sing, rejoice, and give

Which thou hast prethanks.

pared before the face of all Praise the Lord upon the people; harp ; sing to the harp with To be a light to lighten a psalm of thanksgiving ; the Gentiles; and to be the With trumpets also and glory of thy people Israel.

Or else this Psalm. Min. O God, make clean

our hearts within us; PSALM 67.

Answ. And take not thy

holy Spirit from us. GOD be merciful unto us, and bless us; and show

Then shall be read the colus the light of his counte


and nance, and be merciful un

then the Service shall proto us ;

ceed as followeth. That thy way may be known upon earth, thy sav- THE COLLECT FOR PEACE. ing health among all nations.

O GOD, from whom all Let the people praise holy desires, all good counthee, O God; yea, let all sels, and all just works do the people praise thee. proceed; give unto thy ser

O let the nations rejoice vants that peace which the and be glad; for thou shalt world cannot give; that judge the folk righteously, both our hearts may be set and govern the nations up- to obey thy commandon earth.

ments, and also that being Let the people praise defended by thee from the thee, O God; yea, let all fear of our enemies, we the people praise thee.

may pass our time in rest Then shall the earth and quietness, through Jebring forth her increase; sus Christ our Saviour. and God, even our own Amen. God, shall give us his blessing.

THE COLLECT FOR AID God shall bless us, and AGAINST ALL PERILS. all the ends of the world shall fear him.

LIGHTEN our darkMin. The Lord be with

ness, we beseech thee, O. you;

Lord, and by thy great Answ. And with thy spirit. mercy defend us from all Min. Let us pray.

perils and dangers of this O Lord, show thy mercy night, for the honour of thy upon us;

name, through Jesus Christ Answ. And grant us thy our Mediator and Advo, salvation,

cate. Amen,

A PRAYER FOR Rulers. Spirit of thy grace; and

that they may truly please O LORD, our heavenly thee, pour upon them the Father, high and mighty, continual dew of thy bless King of kings, Lord of ing. Grant this, o healords, who dost from thy venly Father, for thine throne behold all the dwell- infinite mercy's sake in ers upon the earth'; most Jesus Christ our Lord. heartily we beseech thee Amen. with thy favour to behold the President, Vice Presi- A PRAYER FOR ALL CONdent, and Congress of the

DITIONS OF Men. United States, and so replenish them with the grace O GOD, the Creator and of thy holy Spirit, that they Preserver of all mankind, may always incline to thy

we humbly beseech thee will, and walk in thy way. for all sorts and conditions Endue them plenteously of men, that thou wouldst with heavenly gifts, that in

be pleased to make thy all their deliberations they ways known unto them, thy may be enabled to promote saving health unto all nathe national prosperity, and tions. More especially we to secure the peace, liberty, pray for the good estate of and safety of the United thy holy church ; that it States throughout all gene- may be so guided and govrations. This we humbly erned by thy good Spirit, ask in the name of Jesus

that all who profess and Christ our Lord. Amen.

call themselves Christians, may be led into the


of A PRAYER FOR THE CLER- truth, and hold the faith in GY AND PEOPLE. unity of spirit, in the bond

of peace, and in righteousALMIGHTY and ever ness of life. Finally, we lasting God, who art the commend to thy fatherly author of every good and goodness, all those who are perfect gist; send down

any ways afflicted or disupon all ministers of the

tressed in mind, body, or gospel, and upon all con estate ; that it may please gregations committed to thee, to comfort and retheir charge, the needful lieve them according to

If any

their several necessities; thy praise, not only with giving them patience under our lips, but in our lives, by their sufferings, and a hap- giving up ourselves to thy py issue out of all their af- service, and by walking befictions; and this we hum- fore thee in holiness and bly ask as disciples of Jesus righteousness all our days, Christ our Lord. Amen. through Jesus Christ our

Lord; in whose name we desire the Prayers ascribe unto thee all honof the Congregation, the our and glory, world withNotes are to be read here out end. Amen. by the Minister, followed by the appropriate A CONCLUDING PRAYER. Prayers or Thanksgivings.


hast given us grace at this A GENERAL THANKSGIVING.

time with one accord to ALMIGHTY God, Fa- make our common supplither of all mercies, we thine cations unto thee, and hast unworthy servants do give promised by thy beloved thee most humble and hear-. Son, that where two or ty thanks for all thy good- three are gathered together ness and loving kindness to in his name, thou wilt grant us and to all men. We their

requests ;


now, bless thee for our creation, O Lord, the desires and preservation, and all the petitions of thy servants, blessings of this life; but as may be most expedient above all, for thine inesti- for them, granting us in mable love in the redemp- this world knowledge of tion of the world by our thy truth, and in the world Lord Jesus Christ; for the to come life everlasting. means of grace, and for the Amen. hope of glory. And we beseech thee, give us that


grace due sense of all thy mer- Jesus Christ, and the love cies, that our hearts may of God, and the fellowship be unfeignedly thankful, of the Holy Ghost, be with and that we may show forth us all evermore. Amen.


our Lord


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