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1. C. M. WATTS.

A Morning Song.
1 ONCE more, my soul, the rising day

Salutes my waking eyes,
Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay

To him who rules the skies.
2 Night unto night his name repeats,

The day renews the sound,
Wide as the heaven, on which he sits,

To turn the seasons round.
3 'Tis he supports my feeble frame;

My tongue shall speak his praise :
My sins would rouse his wrath to flame,

And yet his wrath delays.
4 Dear God, let all my hours be thine,

Whilst I enjoy the light;
Then shall my sun in smiles decline,

And bring a pleasant night.


Morning Prayer.
1 To thee let my first offerings rise,

Whose sun creates my day,
Swift as his gladdening influence flies,

And spotless as his ray,

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3. C. M.


Morning Praise.
1 My God was with me all this night,

And gave me sweet repose ;
My God did watch, even whilst I slept,

Or I had never rose. 2 Sweet rest hath gained that strength to me,

Which labour did devour;
My body was in weakness sown,

But it is raised in power.
3 Lord, for the mercies of the night,

My humble thanks I pay ;
And unto thee I dedicate

The first fruits of the day.
4 Let this day praise thee, O my God,

And so let all my days;
And O let mine eternal day

Be thine eternal praise.


Morning Hymn. For a Child. 1 O God, I thank thee that the night

In peace and rest hath passed away;
And that I see, in this fair light,

My father's smile that makes it day. 2 Be thou my guide, and let me live

As under thine all seeing eye ;
Supply my wants, my sins forgive ;
And make me happy when I die.


C. M. DODDRIDGE. Secret Prayer. Morning or Evening. 1 FATHER divine, thy piercing eye

Shoots through the darkest night; In deep retirement thou art nigh,

With heart discerning sight.
2 There shall that piercing eye survey

My duteous homage paid,
With every morning's dawning ray,

And every evening's shade.
3 O may thy own celestial fire

The incense still inflame,
While my warm vows to thee aspire

Through my Redeemer's name.
4 So shall the visits of thy love

My soul in secret bless ;
So shalt thou deign in worlds above

Thy suppliant to confess.


Evening Hymn.
1 LORD, as the evening shades arise,

And chase the twilight from the skies,
Thy wondrous bounty may we find,

And share it with a grateful mind. 2 O make our weary members blest,

With sweet refreshment in their rest,
And in the hours of darkness spread

Thy guardian arms around our head. 3 Upon our knees, as here we bow,

We pray the Lord of glory now
To fill our breasts, lest deadly sin

Should cause a darker night within.
4 If thoughts on thee our souls employ

E'en darkness will afford us joy ;
Till thou shalt call, and we shall soar,
And part with darkness evermore.

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C. M.

Watts. An Evening Psalm. 1 LORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray,

I am forever thine ;

I fear before thee all the day,

Nor would I dare to sin. 2 And while I rest my weary head,

From cares and business free, "T is sweet conversing on my bed

With my own heart and thee. 3 I pay this evening sacrifice;

And when my work is done,
Great God, my faith and hope relies

Upon thy grace alone. 4 Thus with my thoughts composed to peace,

I'll give mine eyes to sleep; Thy hand in safety keeps my days,

And will my slumbers keep.

8. 7s M.

Evening Hymn.
1 Mighty God! another day

Me hath sped along my way;
Nearer to my grave I've come,

Nearer to my endless home.
2 Thanks for life's extended length,

For continued health and strength,
Food and raiment, sun and air,

Still provided by thy care ;
3 Powers of soul and body still

Guarded from each threatening ill,
Friends to love, and good to do,

Truth to seek, and heaven pursue. 4 Gracious God! my thanks sincere

Kindly stoop thee down to høar;
Bid them gush full

, warm, and free,
From a spirit filled with Thee !
5 Round me close the shades of night,

Gird me with thy presence bright;
Darkness comes not where Thou art,
Dwell Thou ever in my heart!



Starlight Frost. 1 The stars are shining over head,

In the clear frosty night;

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