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niore ready to hear than O GOD, the almighty we are to pray, and who Guardian and Friend of hast promised the assist- the righteous, we humbly ance of thy holy Spirit to beseech thee to protect our those who truly seek it, we innocence and sustain our humbly beseech thee to virtue, in the midst of the fulfil thy gracious promise temptations of the world. to us thy servants, and Preserve us from all false grant us that light and help, judgments concerning the without which we know ends of living, and the way nothing, and can do noth

to happiness. Secure us ing. O guide us by thy from the influence of vain counsel

, defend us by thy customs and evil examples; might, purify us by thy and give us that firmness Spirit, and keep us in thy and independence of spirit, fear and love continually ; which will enable us to be and thine shall be the hon- eminently good ; that conour, and the glory, and tinually improving in all the praise, through Jesus amiable and virtuous dispoChrist our Lord. Amen. sitions, and steadily perse

vering in a course of exWE humbly beseech thee, emplary goodness, we may O Father, to assist and di- be prepared to meet our rect us in the attainment of

last end with a serene and the happiness for which peaceful mind, and to enthou hast designed us. List ter upon the future state up the light of thy counte

with an humble hope of nance upon us, to illumi- thy mercy, through Jesus nate our minds with thy

Christ our Lord. Amen. heavenly truth, that, being purged from error, preju

THE BIBLE. dice, and vice, our desires and passions may be under O God, who in times the continual guidance of past didst speak to the reason, and our actions

fathers by the prophets, may be conformed to thy and in these last days to most holy laws, through us by thy Son; we thank Jesus Christ our

Lord. thee for the volume of thy men.

holy word; for the plain and ample directions it

contains; for the sublime tude for the blessings which instructions it affords; for he laboured and died to the consolations and hopes procure for us, and render it presents to the penitent, ourselves partakers of that the afflicted, and the dy- immortality which he has ing; for the immortal life revealed and promised to it reveals to man; for the the righteous. Let none eternal glory and happi- of the temptations of the ness it promises to those world shake our fidelity, or who love, and strive to cause our love to grow cold; obey thee. May we be but may we always walk enabled, by the light and worthy of the holy name assistance which it gives by which we are called. to our ignorance and frail In that name we address ty, to order

our steps thee, and ascribe to thee, aright; to keep thy laws the God of all mercy and and ordinances blameless ; grace, everlasting praises. and steadily to pursue that Amen. path of virtue and true holiness which leads to ever WE humbly beseech lasting life. And this we thee, O Father, to assist us humbly beg in the name of in setting continually before our Saviour Jesus Christ.

our eyes, the most holy Amen.

example of thy Son our

Saviour. May we faithChrist AND CHRISTIANI- fully imitate his purity, his

humility, his meek, peace

ful, and contented spirit, ALMIGHTY God, who his entire resignation to didst send thy Son Jesus thy will, and his diligence Christ into the world to in doing good, and finishsave sinners, teach us, we ing the work which thou pray thee, to know and to

gavest him to do. May love him; make us to be we acquire the temper as acquainted with his char well as the doctrines of his acter, imbued with his gospel ; and help us in all spirit, and devoted to his things to walk worthy of cause. By our willing obe our high and holy vocation, dience to his commands, and of the glorious remay we manifest our grati- wards which thou hast set


before us; through Jesus who profess the faith of Christ our Lord, in whose the gospel, may hold it in name we ascribe unto thee

unity of spirit, in the bond all glory, worship, and do of peace, and in holiness minion for ever and ever. of life. Grant that the Amen.

spirit of Christ and his

religion may overcome all WE thank thee, O

discord, strife, and perseFather in heaven, for the cution; and that all his blessed gospel of thy Son disciples, however divided Jesus Christ ; for the light in opinion, may be united it sheds on thy nature,

in love. We entreat thee, character, and providence,

more particularly, to assist on the path of our duty, us to govern our hearts by and on the future world. the blessed law of charity, May this glorious light that together with all our shine into our hearts, and

fellow Christians, we may cheer and sustain us, and continually become here lead us through the scenes

on earth more worthy of and trials of this life, to the glorious society in the endless felicities of thy heaven, where charity kingdom above.


never faileth. Accept us, we ask in the name of

O Father of all mercies, our Saviour Jesus Christ. in these our supplications, Amen.

which we present unto

thee in the name of Jesus ALMIGHTY and most Christ, the head of all merciful God, who wouldst things to the church, have all men to be saved, through whom we ascribe and come to the know to thee blessing and praise, ledge of thy truth; regard

for ever and ever. Amen.

beseech thee, those parts of the 0 THOU God and earth where the gospel Father of our Lord Jesus is not known, and bring Christ, give us grace, we them to the knowledge, humbly beseech thee, to obedience, and love of the act in every relation and religion of thy dear Son. condition of life, as thy We also


for the whole children, disciples of thy christian world, that all Son, and members of the

in mercy,


general family of mankind. we make continual advanMay we love one another ces in our resemblance to with pure hearts fervently; thee; till at

thee; till at length we and heartily unite our en shall be prepared to dwell deavours to promote each for ever with thee, the God other's happiness; that, of love, from whom all in this life, we may ex

happiness flows, and to perience how good and whom be rendered all honhow pleasant it is

for our, gratitude, and obedibrethren to dwell together ence, for ever and ever. in unity; and that we may

Amen. be prepared for an eternal abode in the regions of

RESIGNATION. endless peace and joy, through thine infinite mer O MOST gracious and cy, declared unto us by merciful Father, we desire Jesus Christ our Lord. to resign ourselves and all Amen.

our interests to thy disa

posal, in the humble hope O GOD, the source of that thy mercy will never all good, grant, we beseech forsake us, and that thou thee, that the remembrance wilt cause all things to of the innumerable bless work together for our ings which thy bounty hath good. We would submit bestowed upon us by Jesus patiently to thy will under Chríst, may transform us all our afflictions; and we into thine image, and in- humbly pray that we may cline us to become, like so pass through the chanhim, just and righteous, ges of this world, as finally kind and beneficent. In to be prepared for the encline us, as we have op- joyment of perfect and portunity, to relieve the eternal happiness in the necessitous, comfort world to come, through the afflicted, to instruct Jesus Christ our Lord. the ignorant, to encourage

Amen. and assist the honest and industrious, and to


TEMPTATION. about doing good. Animated by the divine spirit

ALMIGHTY and most of christian charity, may merciful God, it is our



earnest desire and humble may be proper objects of prayer, that thou wouldst thy favour and blessing, enable us to resist and both in this world and that overcome temptation.

which is to come; through May neither the allure- Jesus Christ our Lord. ments of vicious pleasure, Amen. nor the difficulties of a virtuous course deter us ALMIGHTY God, give from the practice of our us grace, we beseech thee, duty. To whatever trials to keep thee and thy comour integrity may be ex- mandments continually beposed, may

have fore us; to live as in thy strength to preserve it un- sight; to walk in thy fear; corrupted; that, having to make ourselves the obendured temptation, we jects of thy love. May our may receive the crown of principles of duty be firm; eternal life which thou hast our regard to thy laws promised to the righteous constant; our desire of by Jesus Christ our Lord. obeying and pleasing thee, Amen.

the first desire of our souls.

May all that we do, be PIETY AND MORALITY. done to thy glory ; that

when this transitory life is WE beseech thee, O over, we may enter into most holy God, to endue thy joy, and continue to us with a spirit of unfeign- worship and serve thee for ed piety toward thee our ever and ever in thy heavMaker, with upright and enly kingdom; which we charitable dispositions to- humbly ask in the name ward our neighbour, and and as disciples of Jesus with humble and contented Christ our Lord. Amen. minds in every condition of life; and to conduct us REPENTANCE. continually to higher degrees of wisdom

wisdom and ALMIGHTY and most excellence; that, being merciful


who thoroughly purified from knowest


weakness, all vicious habits and pas- and art acquainted with sions, and heartily disposed every action of our lives, to every good work, we and every secret of our

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