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( E. ) Eagortation from Merico for other parts of Spanish America.

Denomination of goods and commodities


Flour - Sugar | Cocoa of Guayaquil Wax - Campeachy wood

Tallow Eatables - Woollen cloth *Pitch and tar Sacks - Ordinary delf Gold leaf Soa - ' ' ' Pit - " " Tanned hides Different articles Plates of Copper Wrought copper Lead Wrought silver Coined silver Coined gold

Rawhides -,

22,858 ter. 7,265 arrob. 631 fan. 368 arrob. 6,219 quint. 2,300 1,675 arrob.

403 barr. 7,690 239 chests

1,946 ditto 1,235 arrob. 895 quint. 13,947 lib. 880 quint.

Total value in piastres

Value in double piastres

404,051 22,195 15,821 6,426 7,773 2,403 6,711 100,461 9,062. 1,012 2,419 2,019 7,041 55,832 9,504 82,353 66,912 20,542 5,844 2,779 15,417 3,730,171 4,400


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| piastres. piastres. Importation \ In national produce 11,539,219 from Spain s In foreign produce ;} 20,390,859 Exportation for Spain - - - 33,866,219

Balance in favour of the exportation 13,475,360

Commerce between the mother country and

Vera Cruz - - - 54,275,078

. piastres. Importation from America w - . 1,607,729. Exportation for America - - - - 4,581,148.

Balance in favour of the Exportation 2,973,419

Commerce between America and Vera Cruz 6,188,877

- - piastres. Total importation - - , 21,998,588 Total exportation - - - 38,447,367

..Total amount of the commerce of Vera Cruz 60,445,955.

The commerce of Vera Cruz employed in 1802, 558 vessels, of which

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Arrived at the port of Left Vera Cruz - 267 Vera Cruz - 291

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1. The consulado of Vera Cruz publishes these states of its commerce annually, for the information of merchants respecting the consumption of New Spain, and to guide them in their speculations; and they regret that it is not in their power to give a more detailed account of the value of the woollen and cotton cloth, linen, and silks contained in the chests (carones and baules) which are not opened at the custom-house. It may in general be observed, that the carones arpillados contain silks; the carones toscos hard ware, drugs, crystals, glasses, delf ware, hats, shoes or boots; the tercios arpillados, woollens and cottons, linen and baize; and lastly, the baules, silk and cotton stockings, blond and bone-lace, handkerchiefs, robes, and other articles of luxury.

“2. In this balance has not been included the merchandizes and productions imported on account of the Government (para la real hacienda), and which would have increased the sum total of the importations twenty

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one millions and a half of piastres; for the government receive 150,000 reams of paper for the manufacture of cegars, 84,000 quintals of mercury, and other articles amounting in value to two millions of piastres. The exportation in coined gold and silver on account of government, amounted to nineteen millions and a half of piastres, of which twelve and a half were sent to Spain, and seven and a half to the other Spanish colonies of America. “ 8. The produce of the home manufactures have been in great request, and all the demands could by no means be satisfied, which ought to excite the manufacturers to increase the activity of their workshops. “4. The importation of European brandy would have been much greater, if it had not been for the increasing consumption of rum manufactured in Mexico. The wines of Xeres and Rioxa are in the greatest request. - “5. We have still to complain of the losses occasioned by the insufficient package of the

goods sent to South America: the example

of Cadiz is far from being imitated by the other ports of the Peninsula.

“6. The greatest part of the indigo exported from Vera Cruz, comes from the kingdom

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“ of Guatimala. This valuable production “ comes in time of war by the way of “ Oaxaca; and we must hope, that it will con“ tinue to be exported from Vera Cruz “ in time of peace, if government give free“dom to the commerce of the Rio Hua“ sacualco. , “7. Notwithstanding the great number of vessels which arrived this year at Vera “Cruz, in two hundred and sixty voyages from “ Europe to America, and from America to “ Europe, there was not a single shipwreck, nor “any other fatal event at sea. The cruel dis“ease called black vomiting, which raged from “ April to October, carried off fifteen hundred “ individuals partly Europeans, and partly in“ habitants of the cold regions of Mexico. “This disease has thrown great obstacles in “ the way of internal trade, as the muleteers

“ were afraid of approaching the port of Vera “Cruz. ,”

“8. All the Wessels stated in the column of “vessels from America, are not to be con“ sidered as ships employed in the commerce “ of the American colonies; for it frequently “ happens that Spanish vessels take in silver “ in Mexico, and sail for the Havannah and “Caracas, where they load with sugar and * COCOa.

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