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ly, 29 the purpose of transferring it to a despot liminary to conclude his mock negotiation

and a stranger, from whose unprovoked with Charles. This wretched puppet ad

aggression, he bimself a few weeks before, dressed an edict on the 4th of May to the ber. En attempted to abandon his kingdom and fly supreme junta of Madrid, in which he to America.

nominated Murat, lieutenant-general of Ferdinand was now reduced to the ne- the kingdom, and president of the governcessity of choice between degradation and ment. The message was immediately sucabsolute destruction. He made however ceeded by a resignation on the part of one effort in behalf of Spain and of himself, Charles, of the sovereignty of Spain to the and addressed his faiher in a letter not less emperor of France, in return for an asylum dignified than respectful, in which he as- in France, and various pecuniary gratuities serted his right to the crown, and his dependent on the punctuality and integrity readiness to restore it. In the answer to of Napoleon. The agreement was sigued by this letter, the style as well as the purposes general Duroc, grand master of the palace, of Buonaparte were apparent. The hatred on the part of Buonaparte, and on the part of popular assemblies, the affectation of of Charles, by Godoy, under his titles, philosophy, the perpetual reference to Spanish and Portuguese, of prince de la brutal force, and the number and incon- Paz, and count of Evora Monte. Having sistency of the falsehoods it contained executed his commission, the latter retired were all characteristic of the bureau froin into the interior of France, there to remain which it originally proceeded. Ferdinand's for a while, neglected, and despised, and answer to this extraordinary paper was ultimately to leave beliind him a name more highly honorable to himself and his ad- infamous than any which Spanish history visers, and Buonaparte irritated and sur- replete as it is with atrocious narratives, prised by the firmness of his resistance, de- had yet recorded. manded an hour's conference with Charles, Ferdinand had hitherto renounced his at the conclusion of which Ferdinand was right in reference to his father only. It called in by his father, to hear in the pre- was now demanded that he should cede sence of Napoleon, and of the queen of his claims to the emperor of France, and Spain, expressions so indecent and disgust: he was told to choose between cession and ing, that I dare not record them. It may death. That Ferdinand should at length be mentioned however, that intimidated by have yielded is not to be severely con the threats of Buonaparte, the queen de demned, it is rather to be adınired that he clared Ferdinand to have been born in should have resisted so long. Even had adultery, and authorised the emperor of he been of a more heroic frame than from France to assert that he had no other right his family and education there is any to the crown than what he derived from

reason to suppose, imprisonment and death his mother. While all the rest of the visitors were all that he could expect from further were seated, Ferdinand was kept standing, opposition. Thus intimidated he ordered and his father (May 6th) ordered him to his former tutor, Escoiquiz, to treat with make an absolute renunciation of the crown, Duroc for the surrender of his own ụnder pain of being treated with all his rights, and those of his brothers and his household as a usurper and conspirator uncle Don Antonio, who had now been against the lives of his parents. For the sent from Madrid, rather as prisoners, than sake of his adherents he submitted, and in any other character. The preamble dedelivered in a renunciation couched in such clared that the emperor of the French and terms as at once to imply compulsion, and the prince of Asturias having differences to reserve the condition of his faiher's return regulate had agreed to these terms : I. That to Spain. He was not aware when he Ferdinand acceded to the cession made executed this form of renunciation that his by his father, and reuounced as far as father was no longer qualified to receive might be necessary the rights accruing to it. Napoleon had not waited for this pre- him as prince of Asturias. II. The title

No mention was

of royal highness with all the honors and livres in perpetuity, with reversion to the
prerogatives, personal and hereditary, issue of Ferdinand.
which the princes of the blood enjoyed, made in the treaty of the queen of Etruria,
should be granted him in France. III. and her son, a boy of eight years old,

The palaces, parks, and farms of Navarre who was to have been made, by the doubly should be given to him and his heirs in treacherous treaty of Fontainbleau, king property for ever. V. VI. VII. Four hun- of northern Lusitania. Involved in the dred thousand livres of appanage rent on common destruction of their house, they the treasury of France, should be settled were seized with the infantes at Madrid

, upon him with reversion to his heirs, and and escorted to Bayonne. After this the prince himself should receive a life event, the whole of the unhappy family, rent of 600,000 livres, while the infantes now that the mockery of negotiation was and their descendants should continue to at an end, were sent into the interior of enjoy the revenues of their commanderies France. in Spain, and an appanage rent of 400,000

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