The European Magazine, and London Review, Հատոր 25

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Philological Society of London, 1794

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Էջ 33 - Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.
Էջ 189 - The primogenitive and due of birth, Prerogative of age, crowns, sceptres, laurels, But by degree, stand in authentic place? Take but degree away, untune that string, And, hark, what discord follows...
Էջ 61 - In testimony whereof I have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of The United States to be hereunto affixed.
Էջ 353 - On verra tous les états Entre eux se confondre ; Les pauvres, sur leurs grabats, Ne plus se morfondre. Des biens on fera des lots Qui rendront les gens égaux.
Էջ 142 - There is a rank due to the United States among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost, by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repel it ; if we desire to secure peace, one of the most powerful instruments of our rising prosperity, it must be known that we are at all times ready for war.
Էջ 25 - Railed at Latona's twin-born progeny, Which after held the sun and moon in fee. But this is got by casting pearl to hogs, That bawl for freedom in their senseless mood, And still revolt when Truth would set them free. Licence they mean when they cry Liberty; For who loves that must first be wise and good ; But from that mark how far they rove we see, For all this waste of wealth and loss of blood.
Էջ 55 - Meflage from his Majefty to the houfe of commons, commanding their attendance in the houfe of peers. The commons being come thither accordingly, his Majefty was pleafed to give his Royal...
Էջ 55 - At sea our authority has been undisputed, and our commerce so effectually protected that the losses sustained have been inconsiderable in proportion to its extent and to the captures made on the contracted trade of the enemy.
Էջ 333 - At this every lady drew up her mouth, as if going to pronounce the letter P. But how ill, my Bob, does it become me to ridicule women, with whom I have...
Էջ 133 - Having got safe into French Flanders, I there repaired to the college of the Scotch Jesuits at Douay, and, discovering myself to the rector, I acquainted him with the cause of my sudden departure from Italy, and begged him to give immediate notice of my arrival, as well as the motives of my flight, to Michael Aneelo Tamburini, General of the order, and my very particular friend.

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