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but not without considerable loss. The other object than to make their neutrality gallant General Hammerstein pue himself at respected. the head of the legion of La Chare, and This Convention was inserted in the Harnenis corps, which with the utmost valour burgh Gazette of April 16. ted the wav, has severely suffered. A Convention has lately been ligned be

IRELAND. tween the Ministers of Sweden and Den May 1. Hamilton Rowan* made his efa mark, in which they mutually bind their cape from the prison in Dublin in which respective Courts to fit out a Acet of eight he was confined ; and William jackson, a fail of the line each, and a proportionable divine of some notoriety in England, with number of frigates, for the protection of some others, was apprehended for high their commerce; and, in case their fhips treason. hould be unlawfully seized and detained, Dublin, May 3. Some circumstances of a they promise, after 'proper remonft, ances, most alarming tendency and treasonable na. to make REPRISALS. The cwo Couris, ture, which have transpired relative to Mr. consider all the ships lately brought into Rowan since the apprehension of Jackson, our ports as unlawful detentions. The are supposed on have been the motives that whole proceedings of the two Courts bear urged the former to attempt a precipitace a very WARLIKE APPEARANCI; and lo escape, in which he effectually succeeded, seriously was this proceeding considered in Matters, it is said, were so well pre-con. the city, that Atocks lell one per cent. on certed in this business, that Mr. Rowan had the accasion.

a horse in waiting, upon which he set off Article I. cariously enough declares, that immediately for Ruth, from whence he was the Courts of Denmark and Sweden have directly conveyed on board an American ohferved as strict a neutrality towards their vellel, which waited for him off that place, friends and allics, as circumstances would and failed the instant he came on board. permit.

The charge made against Jackson we unArticle X. declares that the Est Sea, be- derland to be, that he has held a correr ing always considered as an inclosed sea, no fpondence of a criminal nature with several Ships of war belonging to foreign powers persons who now belong to the exilting can enter it.

Government of France, in which creasona. By Article XI. a copy of the Convention ble information was given to the enemy is to be sent to each of the Powers at war; respecting the force in Great Britain and declaring, at the same time, that the Swedes this Country, with the pretended opinions aod Danes wish to preserve friendship and of the people as to ibe prosecution of the Harmony, and that ihis Conventioa has no



INTELLIGENCE. A commitedommene body of Mr. Reed,

HORRID murder has lately been forehead, and he repeated the blows till kę

was dead.-Hearing, foon after the deed, of Swanley in Glouceftershire. Having been that it had gone abroad, and that the corolately ill in health, his wile persuaded him ner was determined to have an inquelt, to make his will in her farour of the whole Watkins absconded, but the woman has of his property, amounting to 6000.- been taken, and adnitted to bail by the GlasSoon a'ter the execution of his will, there ceftershire Mazi/rates. was reason to believe she had infused a dose The voluntary narrative of Robert Edgar, of poison in forre broth, as i was observed, a fripling of the Dorsetshire corps, led 10 after he had taken it, he began to be very the discovery of this murder, and the ape Gick, and vomiied in a moit violent man- prehenfiou of Mrs. Reed, the surviving wiaer. Mrs. Reed thea persuaded him to go dow, by the vigilance of the Bow-itreet to bed, where he had not long been before Magistrales. Since her admission to bail, one James Watkins came into the houle, she has written to the brother of her mur. when the told him the job was not come dered husband in London, that the perpepleted. No sooner had she spoken the trator of the horrid deed was her own bro. words, than he took a broom-stick in his ther-- Watkins; and that the remorse and hand, and said he would finish it; and, contrition imprelied on his own mind going up stairs, Itruck the unfortunate man “ had led to the destruction of bimselt by Several blows upon the head, one of which a pittol.” The investigation of this circumbut the fielh down three inches over the stance remains to be unfulded ; and the


* Mr. Rowan is said to peless an eflate of 20001, a year. He formerly lived in England, and in 1989 and 1790 served as Captain in the Huntingdonshire Milicia. allo was some time of Queen's College, Cambridge, and afterwards of Jelus College in the fame University, where die wcat by the oame of Hamilton.



measures of the Bow-ftreet Magiftrates are account is suffered to have access to him, well arranged to develope this extraordinary Citizen Tooke is in the brule or the head myttery.

gaoler, Kinghorn, with the same guard. Mrs. Reed, when at Poole, was ena. Thelwall, whore reftle's conduc caofed moured with Edgor, who was bred a sur great uneasiness in the mind of Times, the geon, and is yet a mcre boy, to appearance Messenger, was sent to the apartineats fose not more than 15 years old ; and, according merly occupied by the unfortunate Mary to his own narrative, was led to promise Queen of Scots. Lovatt and Richter were

repo. her marriage in (ale of her husband's death, into the different strong apariments in the and Watkins undertook to rid them of him, White Tower. Bonney was conducted in us on a promise of 2001.

apartment in the East Wing, with the same Hi added, that his own mind had been orders and guard. much wounded by the poignant reflection of Tooke was in high spirits, and expresied this illicit amour, and he now came forth his thanks to the Executive Government to make restirurion to his own conscience, for the care chey took of toe health of him which laudanum could not atsord, though and his companions, in providieg them he had conttantly, since the perpetration of wiih country lodgings. Bonney was althis dreadiul deed, taken large libarions 'o so in good spiriis. Joyce and Richer obrain rest to his perturbed mind.

were severely and sensibly affected, and An inqueit has been laken, at Bishop wept bitterly. Thelwall was particularly Frome, Herefordhire, on the budy of riotous and impertinent, bravadoing every Watkins, wito had shot himleif at his fa. thing, and creating cyery person with com. ther's house in that parish, where he had tempt. been conc aled since he murder of Mr. The prisoners were conveyed in separate Reed. The Jury brought in their verdict coaches, and lirongly guarded. They stai ścle de fo.

by the route of ibe two Bridges,

Mr. Saint, the Norwich Secretary, is allo LONDON.

in custody. May 2. Mr. Stone, a coal-merchant, of Rulland-strect, Thames-itreet, was taken

LITERARY FUND. up on a charge of High Treason; and, aller various examinations, was commilled on On Thursday the 8th instant, the Annie the 14th to Newgate for trial.

versary of the Society for the Eltabli ihmen: 12. Mr. D. Adams, formerly clerk in of a Literary Fund, was held at the Crowa the Auditors' Office and Secretary to the and Anchor l'avera in the Strand. Society for Conflicurional Infornation, and Ninety-lix of the friends and fupporters Mr. Hardy, who is himself Secretary to of this binevolent and useful luftiiu.09 the London Correlponding Society, were alsembled on the occasion, and Sir Joseph iaken into culludy.

Andrews, one of the Vice-Prelidunts (and 14. The Rev. Jeremiah Joyce, Private Se. the friend of every charity), to k the char. cietary to Lord Stanhope, and Tutor lo Lord The feltivity of the day was prelerved by Mahon, was allo fecured; as have been loyal, literary, and convivial toalis, the fince, Mr. Thelwall, Mr. Binnev, Mr. classification of which was made by the Richter, Mr. Losatt; and on the 16th Mr. Stewards, but the modification and express Hornc Țooke. Oo che igih, a'ter exami- son were left, as they always thoold be, nations belore the Privy Council, thele fix to the Chairman. No professional fingers were committed to the Tower, charged being present, some excellent fongs, duets

, with High Treasin.

&c. were exquisitely sung by several genticThe prisoners were conducted to sepa. men: but the peculiar entertainmenis of rate apartments. The Rev. Mr. Jns ce is the day were recitations of original compo. in the houle of the head gaoler, Grouz, Sitions ; in which Mr. Fitzgerald, the elder guarded by two wardens, and two soldiers Capt. Morris, and the Rev. Mr. Tasker, outlide the door; and no person on any greatly diftinguished themselves.

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JOM In meest coming sulan
TOHN paķes Hardy, efq. Caprain of his' Gordon, daughter of the late 11.30. Col. pola

Gordon, brother to the Earl of Aboyne. Woodcock, daughter of Mrs. Woodcock of The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Belgrave, Edmonton.

only sou of Earl Grosvenor, to the Hon. Laurence Dundas, rfq. elden son of Sir Miis Egerton, daughter of Lord Grey de Thomas Dundas, Bari. to Aliss Hale, ibird Wilun. daughter of Gen. Hale.

Mr. William Cook Knowlys, of Mincingo Ai Edinburgh, William Graham, esq. lane, to Miss Newman, daughter of Aldeia jun. of, to Wils Gracs Margaret Dan Newman.

The Rey, Thomas Heberden to Miss Dr. Powell, of Bartlett's Buildings, le Mariin, second daughter of the late Joseph Mifs Styles, only daughter of Clement Styles, Martin, csq. M. P.

erg. Richard Terrick Stainforth, esq. of Stilo William Draper, cq. of the Middle Teme lington, near York, to Mils Sanaton, of ple, to Miss Mary Aune Knapp, fecond Southamp.on.

daug! ter of the lare Jerome Knapp, clq. of Peregrine Townley, esg. son of John Haberdashers' Hall. Townley, cly. 10 Mifs Diuinmond, daugh Hugh Inglis, elg. of Bedford row, te ter of Roberi Drummond, efq. of Cleveland. Mifs Willou, only daughter of Gcorge Wil row, St. Jimes's.

fon, ela The Right Hon. Thomas Viscount Wey Thomas Jefferys, esq. of Percy-freet, to mouth, oder son of the Marquis of Bath, in Miss Gunaing, daughter of Jolin Gunninga the Hon. Miss Byny, third daughter of Lord esq. of Old Burlington-Strect. Viscount Torringtoji.

Mr Thomas Clark, of Sadlers' Hall, atThomas Gilberi, esq. fon to the Member torney, 10 Miss Bonyer, only daughter of for Liichfield, to Mils Jane Bali, 'of Plyo the late Samuel Bow yer, esq. of the Exche. mouth.

quer-:ffice. Samuel I'orral, jun. eq. to Miss Eliza joñn Ravenhill, csq. of Fenchurch-street, berh Lochmere, young st daughter of Rich to Mi's Prescot', only daugher of William ard Lechmere, ciq. of Park Street, Bristol. Prescott, esq. of Ciapham.

John Malon, jun. erg to Miss Forefter, Captain Philip, late Governor of New daughter of the late Brooke Forester, esq. of South Wales, 10 Miss Whichead, orly Dothill, Salop.

daughter of Richard Whitehead, esq. of Captain Campbell, of the 19th Light Preston. Dragoons, eldest son of Sir James Campbell, Philip Daunccy, esq. Barrister at Law, of 19 Miss Hunter, only daughter of the late Gray's Ion, to Miss Dulignon, of Hart-itreet, Joan Huuter, esq.

Bl: omibury, Captain Thomas Holland, of the Bengal Major General Berric, to Mrs. Scrope, of Artillery, 10 Miss Clarkr, daughter of the Colby, Lucoindirc. Rev. Thomas Clarke, of Carlton, in Cam The Rev. Mr. Rippon, Vicar of Hitching bridgeshire.

Herts, to Mils Roycroft, daughter of the William Woodward, esq. of Stanton in late Samuel Roycroít, cig. of Bray, Berks. Derbyshire, to Mrs. Evans, of Dray coli-hall in the same coun:y.


THER College, Oxford, to be Felow "HE Rev. William Howlev, M. A. of cd Agent to the Out-pensioners of Chellam

Hospital, of Winehefter College, in the room of the John Henry Carles, esq. to be one of the kev. Samuel Gauntlet, D. D. Warden of Cirks of the Privy Scal, in the room of New College.

Richard Potenger, sq deceased. Major-Gerieral Mansell, lieutenant-colonel Godirey Thoro!on, sq. to be Governor, of the 3d dragoons, to be colonel of the and Danil Gibbs, eiq. in be Depury-Goa 68th reg. of foot, vice Lambron, dec. vernor of the Bank of England.

Liturcoant-General the Hon. Wuliam J. Morrice, ely. Baniller at Law, to bo Harcouri, to be Governor of Fort William, Recorder of Banbury, North Biitain.

Maiter George Dashwood, 2d son of six Colonel John Yorke, to be Deputy-lieul. Henry Dashwood, bari. of Kensington-pa of the Tower.

lace (chly seven years old) to be Page to Lieutenant-General William Dalrymple the king with an establishment of 261. a to be Colonel of the 47th lout, vice wila year for life. liamson, appointed to ihe «ommand of the His Grace Thomas Pelham Dike or 72d loct.

Newcattle to be Lord Lieuti nany of Not. Colonel a mheilt to be Deputy Adjutant, tioghamshire. General to the army:

The Earl of Euston to be Ranger and Drs. Rogerson aud Bowles to be Phyg. Keeper of St. Jam s's Park and of Hyde jans to the Duke of York's a


Park. The Rev. Mr. Archer Thompson (of John Havers, gent. to be Bluemantle Kenlingion) to be Evening Preacher to the Pu suivant of Arins, vice George Nayler, Magdalen.

cla. proinoted. John Carthew, esq. to be Comptroller of R. H. Crew, esq. to be Secretary to the the Mint; and William Chinnery; esq. to Board of Ordnauce, vige A. Rogers, esq. be Agrut 10 the Bahama Ilands; both plac deccased. ço vacated by Mr. Swaith, who is appoints



serve his Majesty during the continuance of

the war; with an allursace that his place R:v.Charles Hainmer, justice of Peace should be kept for him until the conclufio for Devonshire and Coinwali.

of hoßilities should enable him to retur 14. In II nsictta-street, Covent Garden, home and resume it. Sasnu i Hieroninius Grimm, a nacive of In Augult last he married a Miss Tandy, Switzerland, and an ariil of great respectar a molt amiable and accomplithe young biliy. He was buried in Covent Garden lady, then on a vist at the house of his bico Chuien-yardi; Sir Richard Kaye, Dean of ther, Mr. C. a surgeon in bac city. The Lincoln, performing the funeral tervice. morning after his union with this lady, be.

16. Jahın Deards, cig. Dover-dicci, Pic tween whom and him there had fuboled cartily.

an affection for many years, he was called Tbé Rev. John Sorbie thea:ley, of Free away froin his bride by a letter signifying ton, near Rotherhan, Yorkfire.

that' bis immediale return to his shop was Lately, in tie Mediterranean, Sir Joinn negelíary, the being ordered on a cruize: Collins, kni. Caplain of his Majelly's Ihip They parted-never again in lee each o ber! the Berwick.

Lately, the Rev. Charles Smith, M. A. Lately, at Colletown, county of Kildare retter of Weering St. Mary and Werting in Ireland, Miss Firzgerald, only daugh'er All Saints in Nortolk, and formerly fellow of the lare Grorge Robert Fitzgerald, csq. of Caius College, Cambridge, where he took and grand niece of the Earl of Brittol. the degree of B. A. in 1749, aus M. A. IR

17. Thoinas Tyndal, esq. Berkley-square, 1753. Briftni,

25. The Rev. Thomas Watkins, vicar of A: S:. Virian's, Captain John Living ion, Wetton under Penyard in Hereford in re. 1 ic of the 26th rig. of fooi.

The Rev. Joleph Huneybourne, vicar of 28. Lately, ... Kirkinan, csq. of the Mall, Workoura Hammerfinith.

27. Jika Richardson, cle..of Upper Wix. 19. Mr. }arnes Nelson, apothccary in pole lireet. Red Lion-ftreet, Holb in, author of " An John Antrobus, esq. banker in the Strand. Esay on ene Government of Children under Thomas Dovison Bland, elg. Wimpolo three general Heads, viz. Health, Manners, Areei. 2nd Edication," 8vo. 1753; and “ The Mr. Thomas Wistell, one of the fort Atic Etionale Facher,” a fentimental C'me- preachers in connection with the late Rev. dy; together with Ela s on various fubo

Mr. Wesley jects, 8vo. 1780. He was 84 years old 28. At Stoke Newington, Mr. Joba Hair, within three days.

in his 87th year. alr. Joseph Sıranlum, Beaconsfield, Bucks. Mr. Dive, at Frankwell, Salop, in his 20. The Rev. Phipps Weftin, prebenda. 1011t

year. of Durhain, and rector of Witney in Mr. John Prichard, linen draper, formerly Oxfordshire.

of Copchall in that ccurly. The Rev. Climent Trokie, Vicar of Chip Lately, at Edinburgh, Georral Robeit praair, and juice of the peace for the Dalrymple Horn Elphiniton, culonel of the be seity of Cambridge.

534 regi of foot. A: Baib, aged 31, Marie Jose hine Char. Laleli, ai Kionaird, James Bruce, ele. Inte de Morund, Countess of Gonidee in the celebrised travellir. (See p. 363) Brittani.

29. Mr. Thomas llaggiit, of Scarborough, 21. Jo'in Gaff, clą. of Whitfild in at Chelsea College. Cumliciland.

William Brown, ric. F. R. S. of the In. Cwles Brmbridge, efq. ol Berners-street. ner Temple, reporter of the court of chaq Robert Ridaell, efq. of Glenriddel.

22. A! Clition, niar bristol, Abrahain Al Hanwick, near Worceller, Mr. Tho. E 10n, eia.

Farlev, 1on of Thomas Forley, ely. high 23. Chilli. Ilon Countc!'s of Guildford. Menili ol inal county. Hir. Barnes Shepherd, oi fulw. Il-bil. Lately, at the caille of Tralee in Ireland,

By a inor front. the enemi", during the Sir Barry Denny, hari. knight of the thic plitrin vorbes ihrer Forrit. frigrice, Air. Tho. for the conney ol Gerry; and major of the Robeer Charmberlanga, mattor or its 112;sf Kerry mlier. tysip Adelainpur, and one of the harbour 30. Ac Great Yarın uth, Ltdy Caroline Drottins of the post of Lubin,

Home, liftes of the presen! Eail oHome in acin suleciginent for the very elhantal Ai York Houle in the Strand, Pierce Sis. Servic's reviderini to the Thorning of that noti, clq. formerly Lieutenant Governor of Pirt, buy che many uletul roulutions in Viazara in Voren Ainerica. Nr. C. in his vilice od kra: bour wat hand Sir Thomas Hay, bart, of Park in Scote mod, le baronu! como ouers fascara Land, lehed window fornitea ivave us abiling 20

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MAY 1. A1 Bath, Thomas Fownes, esq. land, who got through a very gentcel for2. At Haveningham in Sutiolk, Sır Tho. tune; and, during the latc war, served with Al'in, bart. of Somerly Hill.

great approbation as Fort-Major of Gorec in 3. In his road to London, Lord George Africa.-Some excursions in the counity Cavendish, uncle to the Duke of Devon gave him fome acquaintance with the chas" fhire, and member for Derbythire.

ructer and language of the natives, and parMrs. Spolriswood, wife of John Sportif- ticularly qualified b'm for the situation is wood, ckq. of Sackville-street, Piccadilly. which äc was latterly employed.

Sir John Guise, bart. at' Highoam in 'After having been for some time a wi. Gloucestershire.

dower, this genileman, about the year 17830 4. At Fareham, Hants, Peter 'Thresher, married a lady in Spring Gardens, the rear

putation of whole fortune drew his credi. 3. Augustus Rogers, cfq. Secretary to the tors about him with such troublesoinc imBoard of Ordinance.

por: uniiy, ibat by this otherwise eligible Ac Southampton, Samuel Wildey Ro. match, his embarraffinents were rather auga barts, esq. lote lieutenant-colonel of the mented than diorinilhed. This it was, addt&th reg. of foot.

ed to a very enterprising fpirit, that probably Dir. Seager, attorney at Bristol.

induced hiin to close with a proposal of the 6. Nathaniel Sinith, esq. one of the Dia African Sciety, and undertake to explore rectors of the East India Company, and such interior parts of that Continent as did member for Rochester. He was, it iš laidd, Dot coine within the route of the romantie author of several valuable Tracts on East Vaillant and philofophic. Gordon. India affairs, particularly the following: When the Major set out upon the exper (1.) “ Obleivations oo the prelent Siare of dit on, a son of his, then an officer at Goo the East India Company, and on the Mea rec, preiled very hard to be the companion fures to be pursued for insuring the Perma of bis travels; but the rather's prude.ce in. nency and augmenting its Commerce.” 8vo, duced him Iteadily to rcuit every folicita1971. (2.) “ The Measures to be pursued tion of that nature. in India for insuring the Permanency and There are few men beter qualified thane augmenting the Commerce of the Company Major Howyhion was for such an exped tion. farther confidered; with the Heads for car Though upwards of 50 years of age, his rving those Measures into Execution." 8 o. conftitution was vigorous, and his frame 1772. (3.) 6. General Remarks on the manly and robust.

He poil. Med uncomSystem of Government in India; wiin far. m'n courage and resolution, with a cool ther Considerations on the present State of and well-regulated temper. His address the Company at Home and Abroad.” 8vo. was infinuating, and he had, in a very pre *7*3.

culiar degree, the art of varying his mario Lady Crawford in Clarges- ftreet. ners, and accommodating him'ell to the

7. At Lord Rodney's, Hanover-square, difpofitions and characters of those he had David Murray, esq. brother to Lord Eli to deal with. He had the advantage of a bank, and member of parliameut for New liberal education, and his reading, for a Radnor.

wilitary man, and a man of pleafuse, was 9. Ralph Dodsworth, esq. one of the al. tolerably extensive. dermen of York. He feried the oilice of The writer of this article, who had the lord mavor in 1792.

honour of being well acquainted with himn, At Dublin, John Wilson, esq. agent and never observed that the Major had any Bom rgifter of ihe Blue-Coat Hospital, and one tanical knowlcage, which was the culv way of the oldest theriff's ports in that city. in which the researches of so ing nious a

The Right Rev. Dr. Woodward, Bishop. man may not be emnentiy usiful. His of Cloyne in Ireland.

correspondence with the African Society A: Bedlo:d, the Rev. Francis Okely, of will in due time be given to the public; Northampton, of the sect of Moravians. but there is every reason 10 trink that it

10. A: Screveton, near Bingham, Not will contain but a very trifling part of the tirghamshire, Thomas Thoroton, ela. intormation which his Travels were intend.

Lately, at Buckden, Mr. T. Brooks, mala ed to afford. He kepi, if we are not inila ter ok an acadeiny there.

informed, a very accurate journal of every 13. Mrs. Hullry, filler to the Earl of occurrence worthy of notice, which it was Beaulieu, in her 84th year.

his design to publih upon his icturn for Laily, at Bristol, Jotin Joseph Goochi, his own and his family's advant ge; judge esq. of Oriel College, Oxford, third son of ing, very rationally, that it would asturi Sir Thomas Gooch, bart.

him a more

quete compensation tran he 16 Mr. Perer Thomylon, music roller, St. could rcasonably expect from the finds of Paul's Church Yard.

the Society: Advice tas lately been received of the The next arrivals will probablu inform us death of Major Houghton. This un'urtunate whether or not thel: journais baie beoa African Traveller was a Gia:lsman of Ire- preserved.

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