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follows :

cern your Majelty had felt at our misfor.

fhore. The next day, at seven in the spect to the Sovereignty of St. Dominigo. morning, a deputation of wenig persons ---Anf. Granted. came on board the Cominodore, who was The other Articles are in substance as cruiting off the entrance of the Mole, to inform him, that they wished to accept of [The Governor of his Britannick Ma. the same capitulation as Jeremie, which jesty to take the command of all measurčs was rerdily granted by the Commodore, of fafety and police. No persons to be and the Europa failed up the Harbour. molested for palt actions, but murderers When the Fort at Presque Ife faw the and incendiaries. The mulattoes thall have tip under weigh, they tred three guns the fame privileges as in the Britisk as a tignal, and hoisted the English co iflands. At the conclusion of the peace, lours, the same at Fort Orleans; and the former laws of the island shall be prewhen she Euopa came to an anchor sei ved; and until a colonial allembly can she was faluted with twenty one guns be formed, the Governor fhall be allifted from all the forts and all the vessels by fix persons of his own appointment. in the harbour, which was answered in coniequence of the devastations in the by the Commodore. Fifty Marines were colony by insurrections, fire and pillage, tanded under Capt. Robertson, who the Governor shall be authorised to grant took the command of the garritun. The a lufpension of ten years for payıncnt of Commodore fent a falt-failing schooner to debes without interest, except all tims Jeremie for fome troops. The Grenadier due to minors or abfent planters, or from conpany of the 13th regiment was im one planier to another for transfer of proniediately embarkei, and arrived at the perty. The duties on European commodi. Mule the 28th.

ties to be the fame as in the English co. It being a place of such importance, and lonies. The manufacturers of white lugars fiterally the key of St. Domingo, I judged mall preserve the right of exporting their it neceffary to strengthen the Garrifon; ac clayed sugars. The Catholic Religion cordingly Lieutenant Colonel Dantėy, thall be preserved. The local taxes th:// with five Companies of the 49th Regi- be affelled as in 1789; and the advance nent, failed the 7th on board two of the made on the part of Great-Britain for lupfrigates; and I shall order the remaining plying the deficiency, thall be repaid by three companies to hold themselves in the colony. Importation of provisions, readinefs for embarkation on board of cattle, grain, and wood from America, another frigate.

in American bottoms, followed under reThe packet not failing till the 21st, strictions. None of the conditions thali and two thips failing tize roth, one for be a reftriction to the power'o the ParliaLondon and the other Liverpool, I have ment of Great-Britain, to regulate and the honour to send you a short iketch of determine the political government of the our operations, and Thall be more explicit colony.] by the pocker.

The Mädress from the Members of ibe I have the honour to be, &c.

Council of Public Safety at Jeremie to ADAM WILLIAMSON. bis Majesty. Terms of CAPITULATION proposed by SIRE,-Permit your new subjects to

the Inhabitants of La Grand Ansé offer their first homage to your Majelty. (including the Quarter at JFREMIE) to and to pay you the tribute of gratitude due his Excellency Major-General William. to your kindness to us. jon, bis Majesty's Lieut. Governor of Fame had long ago informed us of your Yamnica, for his acceptance.

Majesty's many excellent virrues, by Art. I. That the proprietors of St. which your Majesty has been goided in Domingo, deprived of all recouile to their the generous part you have taken respect lawind Sovereign to deliver then frain the ing the misfortunes of France, and of tyranny under which they now groan, this isand. inıplore the protection of His Britannick We were informed by Mons. de CharMajelty, and take the oath of bijelity and milly, one of our countrymen, who came allegiance to him; and fapplicate him to to this part of the world with orders from

ake their colony ander his protection, your Majesty's Ministers, of the deep corand to treat thein as good and faithful fubjects till a general peace; at which pe tunes troin which we have been delivered riod they fhall be finally fubjected to the by the goodness of your Majelty, to whom terms then agreed upon between His Bri. we owe our present happineis. tannick Majefty, the Guvernment of Governor Williamon, Conmodore France, and the Allied Powers, with re Ford, and Colonel Whilelocke, aniniated

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by the same sentiments as your Majesty, be lost; that the blacks and mulattaes at have already made us fenfible of the great Jean Rabel, amounting to eight or ten advantage of belonging to your Majelty, thousand, were expected every-livur to

We humbly lupplicate your Majesty to attack them; that the inhabitants, froin be persuaded that our gratitude will be severe duty and extreme mifery, were equal to the kindness we have experienced, divided and relaxed into despondency, and and that your new subjects will emulate in contemplation to fly to America, and thule who have long lived under your that their goods were embarked in the laws in obedience, submission and respect. vessels in the port for that purpose ; that

Wtare, Sire, your Majesty's very huın, the troops of the line (t!wrough the inble, and faithful subjects,

trigues of the Civil Coininistaries) mani. The Members of the Council of Safety Seite 1 trong symptoms to a general ma(Signed)

tiny, and that they had lent 55 mutineers LACOMBE,, President, CHAPEAU, of Dillon's regiment to Charleltown the

MATHIEU, DOBIGNIER, Tar- day before : From these circumstances I
TEGRAIN, FAVERANGE, CAT. evidently law that nu lime was to be lost,
TEGRAIS.-P. TROZE Mag- and I determined from that moment to
NAN, Secretary.

try what could be done with the force of Extraa of a Letter from Lieut.-Col. the squadron; to which end I. fent the

Dansey to Mojor.General Williamjon, Officers on thore to get the capitulation dated Cape Nicola, 08. 18.

Gyned (it being exactly c!e same as ideat of “ Wien I tocs ihe command of this Jeremie, with the addition of an article town and garrison on the 12th I found ief.cting the officers and troops of the every thing properly arranged by Major garrion) with which they returned fuon Rubertion. I have since been menaced after day light in the morning; and, having with an attack by Mr. Santhonax, who is publickly accepted it on the quarter deck, come into this neighbourhood, and conti- with Vive le Roi d'Angleterre, and three diues his threats. Nu exertions of mine cheers on each side, I proceeded to the hall be wanting on ihat head."

anchorage without hesitation, hoisted the Here follows a letter from Commodore British Aag on several batteries, and touk

Ford to Mr. Stepbens, giving an account poftumun of the town and its dependenfimilar 10 Major-General Williasilox's cies in the name of his Britannic Majetty,

of the surrender of Jeremie, and of the with the Marines of the Europa, comproceedings at Cape Nicbolas Mole. manded by Capt. Robinson, an officer of

Upon the Europa opening the distınguished merit and abilities in his Sou:h point of the Mole (lays the Como profession, and whom I have directed to modae), leveral armed vesiels were seen in a&t as Brevet Major for the present, in sliace of her, but which returned to the order to give him fuperior rank to the late lown immediately ; I was informed that Commandant, till General Williamson Majur Carics, with three oiher French can make the necessary arrangements; gentlemen, á midshipman and boat's holding 200 feamen in readiness to land, ciew, had been taken, in landing, by an if necessary, at a moment's warning i at med schooner, and carried to the town, and I have the faristaction of informing lion which I drew a conclufion not very their Lordships, that we are in full posfelfavourable to our views, and the day pafled lion of the finest liarbour in the West. in tilent apprehenfion for the Majur's Indies, guarded by batteries incredibly fafety; but, about tive P. M. a gun was trung. An account of the ordnance, bred, and with joy I discovered a private ammunition, and military stores in the lignal which I had previously concerted magazines, you will receive herewith. with the French Officer ; on which I I cannot conclude my letter without approached the battery as rear as possible, exprelling my approbation of the form under the necessary precautions, and, and regular conduct of the officers, leaabwat nine o'clock, a boat came off with men, and marines of the squadron under several Officers belonging to Dillun's re. my command, particularly Captains giinent, with professions of triendship and Gregory and Wolley, whole zeal and arfidelity to the King of Great Britain; at tention have been unutually conspicuous the lame time affuring me that, unless on this occasion: And I should be wantthey received immediate support, all would ing in justice to the officers and troois of

By this article the staff officers, commanders, &c. of Cape Nicholas Mole are takea into Britisb, and in case al the peace they cannot, by the laws of England, continue in Britik Service, übey shall be entitled to half-pay.

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O Etober 27, 1793:

the garrison if I did not state their merit Perkins, an Officer of zeal, vigilance, in having so long resisted the dangerous and activity: principles of the Civil Commissaries, and I have also to acquaint their Lordships maintained, with firmness and energy that we have hitherto remained in security; *those of a monarchical government, which but the Civil Comınissaries, upon their no persuasion could takc, or intrigue receiving accounts that the Mole was in confound,

our pofleffion, had prepared an expedition JOHN FORD.

to attack it, and had actually proceeded as Return of Ordnance, Ammunition, and far as Port au Paix, with the Hyæna and

Artillery Stores, in the magazines and several other armed transports and final! batteries, in the Mole Town and its de craft, with all the troops that could be pendencies.

collected, amounting to 5900 or up. 1230 barrels of gun.powder, containing wards; but the frigates arriving very op: 146,024 lbs.

portunely from Jamaica, I was enabled 3o7 iron cannon, 24-pounders to block them up in that port, where they

29 ditto from 21 to 3 pounders ftill remain ; and as Mr. Santhonax has 151 garrison, sea, and travelling carriages in confequence gone by land to Port au 23 12-inch iron mortars

Prince, I am in great hopes that, by this 23 iron beds, ditto

means, the expedition will be entirely 1234 shells for ditto

frustrated, * 10359 round thot, 1717 grape that

I am, &c. 1000o cartridges for infantry

JOHN FORD. 10420 lbs. of lead

An Account of the Reprisals made by 1460 cartridges for carriage guns

bis Majesty's ships at L'Iet on tbe 50 new, soo repairable musquets 23d, and at Flamande Bay the 29th of 200 Now matches, 600 wad hooks, 250 September, 1793. ladles

Ship Ceres, 300 tons, laden with sugar, 1000 tompions, and 125 port fires coffee, and cotton. Europa, Mole of St. Nicholas,

A Spanith brig, 180 tons, laden with

Malaga wines, &c. The Flying Filh schooner, which I sent

A floop, 80 tons, laden with fustick. to Colonel Whitelocke at Jeremie with a

A schooner, 80 tons, laden with sugar,

coffee and cotton. requisition for a small fórce, returned with the grenadier company of the 13th

Ship L'Eole, 800 tons, half laden with regiment; and his Majesty's ships Pene.

sugar, cotton, indigo, cash about 3cool. lope and Iphigenia arrived on the 11th

currency. and 12th inft, from Jamaica with five

Ship Patriot, 350 tons, and Brig Le companies of the 49th regiment, com

Julian, 220 tons, ladden with lugar, manded by Lieutenant-Colonel Danley,

coffee, cotton and indigo. commandant of this District. On the ar? Sloop. Mary, laden with sugar, cotton rival of these tips I was informed of the

and molalles. Under American colours, success of the frigates which I had ordered Schooner Juan Briton, 80 tons, laden to make a diversion at Flamand's Bay

with cotton, &c. near St. Louis, and have inclosed an ac.

Schooner Egalité, 50 tons, in ballast. count of the captures they made, though

Armed schooner Dauphin, 40 tons, Jitto. their merchant' ships, to a confiderable Extract of a letter from Col. Sir James

, amount, had escaped to Aux Cayes upon Murray,to Mr. Secretary Dundas, dated their receiving intelligence of the British troops being landed at Jeremie.

THE enemy having passed the Lys with You will alio acquaint their Lordships, about 200 mei, made an attack the 30th that I feized upon my arrival here, a large of last month upon Gen. Walmoden's F:hooner in the service of the Republic, advanced posts upon the Lys; when Macommanded by Mons. Anquetin, for jor Linsingen, with 14 men of the gih pirly a Lieutenant of the Jupiter ; and, reg. of Hanoverian light cavalry, and the as she is a very fine vessel, mounting ten first battalion of grenadiers of the faine fix and four pounders, I have taken her nation, with which he had advanced upon int his Majesty's service,

the first alarm, attacked them without The schooner was, at that time, called hesitation,though he was exposed to a severe the National Convention, but formerly the fire of grape Mot from the oppofile fide of Mrie Antoinette, which last name I have the river. The enemy's detachment was thought proper to continue, and have entirely defeated and destroyed, five officers given the command of her to Lieutenantant 48 inen brin g taken, and the reft


Tournai, Dec. 3.

killed. The Hanoverians had two officers, that cover this town and harbour, was Lieutenants Aly and Martin, wounded, vigorously and repeatedly attacked by a four men killed, and eight wounded. large corps of the enemy. I have parti

The enemy drove back the posts of Ten cular plexture in mentioning, that, on Briel and Standtforile, which were occu. this occalion, the very spirited exertions pied by a coinpany and half of Imperial of the British troops &ationed at Fort troops. A party of about 2 or 300 men Mulgrave, conlisting of a detachment of penetrated between these and the other the 2d battalion of the Firit or Royal polts, so that this detachment was almoft Regiment of Foot. commanded by Captain entirely cut off, and upwards of 190 inen Duncan Campbell, and of a detachment hare either been killed or fallen into their of the Royal Artillery, commanded by hands. Upon the arrival of a reinforce. Lieutenant Lemoine, were the wirincipal ment from Gen. Walmoden, the enemy means of repulling the enemy, and laving fell back, and the different corps have that important poit. taken up their former positions,

The enemy, from the corroborating ac.

counts of different deferters, are said to WHITEHALL, DEC. 14.

have lost in this attack about 600 men, Marbeim, Dec. 2: On the 29th ult. killed and wounded. Our loss, including the French troops to the number of the Spaniards, Neapolitans, and Sardini, 30,000 men, attacked the Duke of ans, amounted noly to 61. Among the Brunswick in the intrenchments of wounded were Captain Duncan Campbell Landau, but were repulsed with grcat of the Royals, and Lieutenant Lemoiac lofs. A second attack was made by of the Royal Ar:illery, who, I am happy them on the 30th, when they were to add, are now in a favourable state of again cimpelled to retreat; and the recoyery. Duke of Brunswick having learnt, the

I have the honour to be, &c. following day, that a body of the French

CHA. O'HARA, were again formed at "Rainstein, his Right Hon. Henry Dundas. Serene Highness immediately marched Their Excellencies the Commillioners to attack them, and succeeded by driv. of Toulon, having defired a Deputation ing them beyond Hombourg, after of the Inhabitants to attend them at the taking from then their baggage, artil- Governor's house on the 20th of Novemlery, and ammunition. On the same ber, his Excellency Governor O'Hara day a general attack was made on the delivered a speech to the Deputation ; after whole line of General Wurmser's army, which the Commissioners laid before them, and, after an engagement which lasted and ordered to be published, the following the whole day, the French were driven DECLARATION OF THE KING. beyond Strasbourg

His BRITAN:IIC MAJESTY having Brussels, Dec. 10. The particulars been informed of the circumnitances under of the frequent actions which General which the town, harbour, and forts of Wurmser and the Duke of Brunswick Toulon, and the ships in the said harbour, had with the French army on the 29th have been intrusted to Vice Admiral Lord and 30th of November, and the iit and Hood, Commander in Chief of bis Maad of December, have not yet been rc. jesty's thips and vessels in the Mediterraceived here, further than that the nean, and of the Declavation and Procla. French were fepulled with confiderable mations published by the lard Vi e-Adiniloss on those several days ; the number ral, as well as of the Declaration made to of the French killed, wounded, and him on the part of the junabitants and taken prisoners, according to the best people of Toulon, has thought fit, for accounts, appearing not to be less than ihe further fatistaćtion of the taid inha. 15,000 men.

bitants and people, and for the full expla

pation of his Royal intentions, to deciare WHITEHALL, DEC-MBER 23. as follows: THIE dispatches, of which the following 1. When Monarchy shall be restored are a copy and extracts, were received in France, and a Treaty of Pace conlatt night from Toulon, by the Right cluded, itipulating, in favour of his Ma. Honourable Henry Dundas.

jetty and his Allies, the restitution of all Toulon, November 18, 1793: conquests inade by France during the war,

and a juit indemnificatio: to: the lulls and 'ON the evening of the 15th inftant, expences thereby incurred, and a proper Fort Mulgrave, situated on the heights of security for the future, his. M jetty will Balaguier, one of the most effential posts Saule the rown, forts, and harbour of



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Toulon, together with the flips and fores jesty's measures will be directed ; and his therein, to be restored, according to the protection and allistance will be extended, engageinent entered into by the said Vice

as far as circunstances will asimit, to Admiral.

all those who manifest their delile lo con. 11. Itis Majesty has given directions cur in fo falutary a work, that the must effectual measures fall be


Kood, taken for the protection of the persons and

GILBERT ELLIOT, property of the inhabitants of the said

CHARLES O'Hakan town, and for pracuring them the supplies of provitions and other articles of which

WHITEHALL, DEC. 25. thicy may ftand in need; and his Majesty THE dispatches, of which the follow, is also, ciously pleased to approve of con- ing are copies and an extract, were yestertinuing all pirions who held civil or mi. day received from Major-General David Jitry employments in their respective Dundas, Vice Admiral Lord Hood, and places and occupations, as far as circum Sir Gilbert Elioil, Bart, by the Right stances and the good of the cominon caufe Hon. Henry Dund's, liis Majetty's Prin. wili perimit:

cipal Secretary of State for the Home De. lii. His Majesty will do every thing partient, taisai Toulon, November 30, in luis power, and in concert wiih his and Lerenzber 1, 1793. Ailies, to repel any attacks wilich may he SIR, Tou on, Novenber 30, 1793. made againit Toulon, and to extend his

HAVE the honouit w acquaint you, protection io ail thote wlio may be de. that the enen:y having opened a con. firous to have recourle to it, under certain liderable battery on the bigha of Arenes, conditions.

which much ar noyed one of our principal IV. His Majesty sincerely wilhes the out-polts (Malbouiquet), i: becanie necela happinels of France, but by no means de- fary to attack is. Ditpofitions for that fires, on this account, to prescribe any purpote were made, and this morning, particular torrn of government. The at five o'clock, a curps of 400 British, King ciaims the right of taking a part, 300 Sardinians, 600 Neapolitans, too only becauti' the anarchy which now delo- Spaniards, and 400 French, under my lates that country threatens the tranquillisy command, marchea iruin the town. Noia of his own fubiccts and that of the other

withstanding the whole was obliged to Power's of Europe, whole fafety and peace cross the New River oji one bridge only, matewally depend on the re-ettablishment to divide into four colunins, tu march of o: der in France, and of a regular syte. acrots olive-grounds, ingericced by stons tem, which may hold out to them a fe walls, and to ascend a very considerable cure ground of negociation and friend heighi, cut into vine terraces, yet we fuc. thi,!: And his Majesty does not lielitate cetded in surprising and furcing the enemy, to declare, that the re-establishment of and were foon in full poreition of the Monarchy, in the person of Louis XVII, battery and height, but I am sorry to say, and the lawful Heirs of the Crown, ap- that instead of tuimang upon and occii. pears to him the best mode of accomplith. pying the long and slow summit of the ing these juft and falutary views. This bill, ag ceanie to orders and military pru. form of Government has not only pre. dence, the imperuodiy of the ercops led vailed in France froin the earliest times, them to follow the enemy, to descend the but, being capable of such limitations as height, to ascend vilier diftant hicighis, anay quit the respective circumstances of and at lait, in diforder, to encounter iuch ditferent Nations, has been proved by ex- luperior advancing sumbers, as obliged perience to be the belt adapted, in great them precipitalely to retire, and to relincountrics, to unite the advantages of Se- quith the advantages we at first gained. qurity and Order with real Liberty,

It is with much concern I mult acid, Such a fystem, fubje&t to luch modifi. chat Lieutenant. Genetid O'Hara, who fallons as may bereafter be made therein had arrived at the battery on ou tirit fuc. in a regular and legal manner, when tran. culs, was involved in the consequence of quility thall have been restored in France, this fudden reveríc, was wounded in the would afford 10 his Majelty the best and arm, and made piitiner. poit pleating prospect of terininating the We have no regret, that so many gallant evils and miferies now endured by the officers and men justered on this occation. French Nation, and of the renewal of a The lots of the British I have the honoor regular and anricanle intercourse between to inclule; that at the other nations is not ihai country and other States.

in proportion great. It is to these grea: ends that his Ma. From General O'Hara's absence, live


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