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command devolves on me. I fall endea. account of the loss of the British in killed, four to discharge it to the best of my ability wounded, and missing : but Major-Genee and health, till his Majesty's further plea- ral Dundas will give you more particulars. fure is higpified.

The Goverror inuft unfortunately was I have the honour to be, &c. wounded and taken prisoner. A furgron (Signed) D. DUNDAS, Major-Gen. was sent to him immediately (by pern:isRight Hon. Henry Dundas, &c. &c. fion of Gen. Du Gommier, Comınander Return of the Killed, Wounded, and Mif: in Chief of the Eastern Army at the Siege Jing of the British Troops on the 30th of Toulon), who reports that the Govere

of November 1793, at Toulon. nor's wound is a Aeth one only in the arm; Total

. 1 Lieutenant, i Serjeant, 18 Rank but being faint by the loss of blood, be and File killed ; 4 Captains, 4 Licu. was obliged to fit down under a wall, and tenants; 2 Serjeants, 2 Drummers, 78 there made prisoner of. Rank and File wounded; 1 Major, 7 I have the honour to be, &c. Serjeants, 2 Drumıners, 28 Rank and

HOOD. File m.fling.

Right Hon. Henry Dundas, Officers killed, sounded, and taken pri. &c. &c. &c. foners,

Extract of a Letter from Sir Gilbert Lieut. Gen. O'Hara wounded and taken Elliott, Bart, to the Right Hon. Henry prifoner. Capt. Snow, Deputy Quarter Dundas, bis Majesty's Principal SecreMatter General, killed. Capt. Smith, tary of State for the Home Departmcef. 25th Reg. Major of Brigade, wounded.

Toulon, Dec. 1, 1793. Royals. Capt. Reeves, wounded and KNOWING that General Dunds has taken pritaner. ' Capt. Finney, wounded fent yon an official account of the unforand taken prisoner. Lieutenant Colonel tunaic action of yesterday, and that Loid M'Donald wounded. Lieutenant Mack- Huod had also written on the same subject, euze wounded. Lieutenant Bird wounded you will not expect a relation of it from and milling. Lieutenant M.Kellar killed. me. I cannot, however, lose the oppor

69th Regiment. Major Campbell taken tunity which the Messenger affords, of layprisoner.

ing, that, by the unanimous testimony. Royal Artillery. Captain Stephens of those who either witnessed the action, wounded. Lieutenant Bradie wounded, or were acquainted with the plan, there Viktory, Toulon Road, Nov. 39, 1793. never was an occafion on which the dispoo

snions were made wiih greater ability and THE enemy having erected and opened judgment, or executed, as long as the ora a battery against the post of Malbouiquet, ders were complied with, in a more gade and from which Osells would reach the lant or fpirited manner by the truops. It town and arsenal, Governor O'Hara figo is a real consolation to know, that the dified to me yesterday bis intention to ai courage of the British was conspicuous tempe 10 destroy it, and bring oif the guns ; from the beginning of the action to the end, and requeited fonie feamen to be sent to a and that an excels in that good quality was poft he proposed to withdi aw ihr Britimh the true and only cause of the milcare Luldiers frorn. The Governor promised riage. It is much to be regretted, that not to go out himself, but unforiunately General O'Hara was, on every occasion, did not keep his word. A molt clear, fo prodigal of his person ; but the inisa ditinet, and regular plan was téitled, and fortune which has befallen hin, and the the Conimanding Officer of the troups of levere loss which the tervice luttains hy his each nation had a copy of it. The capture, cannot be ascribed eren to this troops moved at fuur o'clock this morn. honourable fault; for he did not himseif ing, and fuprised the redoubt molt coin ascend the battery till it was postfied by our pletely. Never was a service performed troops, and there was reason to luppose the with more s. guiarity and exa&rliefs ; but object of the day had been obtained. Tue the ardour and iin petuofity of the Hoops reverle was fotudden, and his presence (initead of forming on the freight where must have appeared lo material towards the battery was raised, as they were par- restoring ordis, end retrieving the erro ticularls ordered in do) led them to ruin which had been cogmitted by the troups, after the enemy near a mile on the other that it is not to be wondered at if, with fide, is a very scattered and irregular his spirit, he became exposed to personal manner. The consequence of which was, hazard. His wound, though not dange

enemy colleated in very great force : rots or serious, had bled much, and, and in the retreat of our troups, they luf. auded to the exertion he had terose made; feted extremely, I herewith tranlinit an weakened him so much, that he could not




retire many paces with the troops, but in- have opened a new battery of cannon fifte i on being left by two soldiers who and moitars, but at the other points they were conducting him, and whom beordered have worked little. We continue itrength to proceed and save them!elves.

ening our pofition, though we cannot

expect to give it any much more fubstan. LONDON GAZETTE EXTRAORDINARY, tial form: FRIDAY, JAN. 17.

We have in all 11,000 men bearing WHITEHALL, JAN. 15.

muškets, and 4000 lick. Deseriers all re. CAPTAIN HILL, Aide de Camp to port the intention of aspeedy general attack. M jor-General Dundas, arrived, on the This will be delivered by Captain Hill, 13th instant, at the ORice of the Right a very deserving young man, who has Hon. Henry Dundas, his Majetty's Prin been Aid-de-Camp to Lord Mulgrave, cipal Secretary of State for the Home De. Lieut. General O'Hara, and mylelf. The partment, with dispatches from Vice-Ad. opportunity of his departure is sudden, and miral Lord Hood and the Major-General, therefore I am to beg you will excuse the of which the following are copies and shortness of this letter. I am, &c. extracts.

DAVID DUNDAS. Villory, Toulon Road, Dec. 13, 1793. Right Hon. Henry Dundas, SIR,

&c. &c. &c. NOTHING very material has happened Whiteball, January 15, 1794. here fince the 30th of last month, when THIS morning, Sir Sydney Smith I had tlre honour of writing to you, except and Major Moncrief arrived at the Office that the enemy has made approaches nearer of the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, his 10 us by fome new-erected batteries ; ove Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for againt Malboufquet, another againit Le the Home Deparıment, with dispatches Brw, and a third against the Hauteur from Vice-Admiral Lord Hood and Ma. de Grasse. The thells from two of them jor. General David Dundas, of which the did us some mischief on the gih and soth, following are copies and extracts. since which they have been perfectly filent. Vi&tory, Hieres Bay, Decembcr 20, 1793

The enemy is reported to be 50,000, IT is my duty to acquaint you, that I but I cannot credit their being much be have been obliged to evacuate Toulong yond half that number. By various deser- and to retire from the Harbour to this anters that have come in, which in this re. churage. spect perfectly agree, we are foon to be at. It became unavoidably necessary that tacked on all Gides at once. From the nu. the retreat Mould not be deferred beyond merous and important posts we have to that night, as the enemy cominanded the occupy, the troops are ai very hard duty, town and ships by their hot and shells; and without relief some way or other, we I therefore, agreeable to the Governor's thall soon have m * : men in the Hospital plan, directed the boats of the fleet to than are fit for service.

assemble by eleven o'clock, near Fort la I have the honour to be, &c. Malgue, and am happy to say the whole

HOOD. of the troops were brought off, to the Right Hon. Henry Dundas,

number of near 8,000, without the loss &c. &c. &c.

of a man; and in the execution of this SIR, Touion, Dec. 12, 1793.

service I have infinite pleasure in acknowSINCE the affair of the 30th ult. no ledging my very great obligations to Cap: considerable event has taken place. By tain Elphinstone, for his unrenitting zeal the repeated accounts of deferters, the and exertion, who saw the last man off; enemy are very much increased in num. and it is a very comfortable Satisfaction to bers: none itate them lower than 30 or me, that several thousands of the meri40,000 men.

torious inhabitants of Toulon were Melo They have fured of late little from the tered in his Majesty's ships. battery we were in posesion of. Four of I propose sending the Vice-Admirals its guns were certainly disabled. They Hotham and Cosby, with some other Tips, have increased ihe nuinber of their mor to Leghorn or Porto Ferrara, to complete tars, which have inuch annoyed our two their wine and provisions, which run very polts of Cape Brun and Fort Mulgrare, Mort, having many mouths to feed, and on the Heights of Balaguier. We have to remain with the relt to block

up lost fome men at each, from the effect of ports of Toulon and Marseilles. Circumshells, which, in such temporary exposed itances which had taken place made the Guations, contot be sufficienilý guarded retreat abfolutely necessary to be effected from. Against cach of these polts they as soon as possible, and prevented the



execution of a settled arrangement for harmony, and most cordial understanding, dettroying the French Tips and arsenal. has happily subhiited in his Majesty's I ordered the Vulcan fireship to be primed, army and fleet, not only between the Of. and Sir Sydney Smith, who joined me from ficers of all ranks, but between the seamen Smurna about a fortnight ago, having and soldiers also. offered his service to burn the nips, I put I lierewith transmit a copy of Sir Sydney Capt. Hare under his orders, with the Smith's letter to me, with a list of the Of Lieutenants Tupper and Gore of the Vice ficers employed under him, and also a retory, Lieutenant Pater of the Britannia, turn of Officers and seamen killed and and Lieutenant R. W. Miller of the wounded at Fort Mulgrave on the 17th. Windsor Castle. Ten of the enemy's

I have the honour, &c. fhips of the line in the arsenal, with the

HOOD. matt-house, great store-house, hemp-house, P.S. The list of the ships at Toulon and other buildings, were totally destroyed, that were burnt, and those remaining, and before day-light all his Majesty's ships; has been received since writing my letter. with those of Spain and the Two Sicilies, Right Hor. Henry Dundas. were out of the reach of the enemy's shot

MY LORD, Toulon, Dec. 18, 1793. and fhells, except the Robuft, which was AGREEABLY to your Lordship's to receive Captain Elphinstone, and the order, I proceeded with the Swallow Tena followed very soon after, without a shot der, three English and three Spanish gunItriking her. I have under my orders boats, to the Arsenal, and immediately Rear Admiral Trogoff, in the Commerce began making the neceflíry preparations de Marseilles, Puissant and Pompée of the for burning the French Tips and stores line, the Pearl, Arethusa and Topaze fri- therein. We found the dock-gates well gates, and several large corvettes, which I secured by the judicious arrangements of have manned, and employed in colle&ing the Governor, although the dock-yard wine and provisions from the different people had already subitituted the threeports in Spain and Italy, Waving been coloured cockade for the white one. I tonttantly, in want of one species or ano. did not think it safe to attempt the securing ther, and am now at Mort allowance. any of them, considering the small force 1

Don Langara undertook to destroy the had with me, and confidering that contest Inips in the Bafon, but, I am informed, of any kind would occupy our whole found it not practicables and as the Spa- attention, and prevent us from accomnish troops had the guarding the powder plishing our purpose. vefsels, which contained the powder of the The galley Naves, to the number of ships I ordered into the bason and arsenal at least 600, hewed themselves jealous on my coming here, as well as that from spectators of our operations : Their dispo. the distant magazines, within the enemy's lion to oppose us was evident; and being reach, I requested the Spanish Admiral unchained, which was unusual, rendered would be pleased to give orders for their it necessary to keep a watchful eye on them being scutiled and funk; but, instead of on board the galleys, by pointing the doing that, the officer to whom that duty guns of the Swallow tender and one of was intrusted, blew them up, by which the gun-boats on them, in such a man. two fine gun boals, which I had ordered ner as to enfilade the quay on which they to attend Sir Sydney Smith, were shook to must have landed to come to us, and assura pieces. The Lieutenant commanding one ing them, at the same time, that no harm of there was killed, and feveral seamen should happen to them if they remained hadly wounded. I am sorry to add, that quiet. The enemy kept up a cross fire Lieuit. Goddard of the Victory, who com. of shot and Melis on the Lot, from Mai. manded the leamen upon the lleights of bousquet, and the neighbouring hills,which Grasse, was wounded, but I hope and trust contributed to keep the galley Naves in fo: dangerously:

subjection, and operated, in every respect, 1

beg to iete you for further particulars favourably for us, by keeping the Reo to General Dundas respecting the evacu. publican party in the town within their ation of Toulon, and to Sir Sydney Smith houses, while it occafioned little intero as to the burning the enemy's thips, &c. ruption to our work of preparing and 01 wbich service he very much distinguished placing combustible matter in the diffe. himself; and he gives great praile to Cap rent itore houses, and on board ihe ihips ; tain Hare, of the Fireship, as well as to such was the steadiness of the few brave all the Lieutenants employed under him. feainen I had ainder my command. A

It is with peculiar satisfaction I have great multitude of the enemy continued the honour to acquaint you, that the utmost to draw down the Hill towards the dockVOL. XXY.


yard wall; and as the night closed in, guard was withdrawn, and was brought they came near enough to pour in an irre. fately off by Captain Edge, of the Alert, gular though quick fire of mulquetry on to whom I had confided the important us from the Boulangerie, and of cannon service of closing our retreat, and bringing from the Height which overlooks it. We off our detached parties, which were fared kept them at bay by dilcharges of

grape. to a man. I was sorry to find mytelf de shot from time to vie, which prevented prived of the further services of Captain their coming to rear as to discover the in Hare: He b:ad performed that of placing fufficiency of our force to repel a clofer his Fireship to admiration, but was blown attack, A gom-buat was itationed to into the water, and much scorched, by the fiank the wall on the outside, and two explotion of her priming, when in the act field-pieces were placed within against the of putting the inatch to it. Lieutenant wicket usually frequented by the workinen, Gore was alio much burnt, and I was of whom we were particularly apprehen. consequently deprived of him also, which live. About eight o'clock I had the fa- I regretted the more, from the recollection tisłaction of seeing Lieut. Gore towing of his bravery and activity in the warm in the Vulcan fi:eship: Captain Hare, her service of Fort Mulgrave. Mr. Eales, Commander, placed her, agreeably to my Midihipman, who was also with him on directions, in a molt malteriy manner, this occasion, deserves my praise for his across the tier of men of war, and the ad conduct throughout this service. The ditional force of her guns and men dimi- guns of the firefhip going off on both puthed my apprehentions of the Galley tices as they heated, in the direction that Slaves riling on os, as their manner and was given them, towards those quartes occasional ikinukuous deba:es ceiied en from whence we were most apprehensive of trely on her appearance. The only noise the enemy forcing their way in upon us, heard among them was the hummer knock- checked their career. Their íhouts and Reing off their fitters, which humanity for- publican lengs, which we could hear dirbacie my opposing, as they might thereby tinchly, continued till they, as well as onr. he more at liberty 10 fave themselves ou selves, were in a manner thunderstruck the conflugration taking place around by the explotion of some thousand barrels them, In this fituation we continued to of powder on board the Iris frigate, lying wait mort anxiously for the hour conceried in the Inner Road, without us, and which with the Governor for the infian muion of had been injudiciously set og fire by the the Trains. The moment the fignal Spanish boats, in going off, inftead of was mave, we had the fatisfaction to see being tunk as ordered. The concuffion the flames life in every quarter. Lieu- of air, and the thower of falling timber tenant Tupper charged with the kuun. on fire, was such as nearly to destroy the ing of the General Magazine, the Pich, whole of us. Lieutenant Patey, of the Tar, Tallow, and Oil Store-houses, and Terrible, with his whole boat's crew, fucceeded molt perfectly ; the Hemp nearly perished, the boat was blown to Magazine was includeci in this blaze : Ita pieces, but the men were picked up alive. being nearly calm was unfortunate to the The Union gun-hoat, which was nearest spreading of the fames, but 250 barrels to the Iris, tuffered confiderably, Mr. of tar divided among itse deals al:d o her Yomg being killed, with three men, and timber, inturce the rapid ignition of that the veilel Maken to pieces. I had given whole quarter which Lituienant Tupper it in charge to the Spanish officers to fire had undertaken,

the ships in the baton before the town, The Must house was equally well fet but they returned, and reported that vaon fire by Lieutenant Middleton, of the rious obitacles had prevented their enterBritannia. Lieutenant Paier, of the Bri- ing it. We attempted it together as soon tannia, continued in a moit daring manner as we had compleated the bulinets in the tu brave the flames, in order to complete arenal, but were repulted in our alienipt the work where the fire seemed to have to cut the boom, by repeated vollies of caught imperfcally. I was obliged to call muiquetry- from the fag ihip and the wall hini off, leit his retreat should become of the battery Royale. The cannon of impracticable : His situation was the this battery had been ipiked by the judi more perilous, as the enemy's fire re cious precaution taken by the Governor doubled as soon as ile amazing blaze of previously to the evacuation of the town. light rendered us objecis of their The tailure of our attempt on the ships

Lieutenait Ironmonger, of the in the baton before the town, owing to the Koyals, remained with the guard at the intulhiciency of our force, inade me regret gate uil the tait, long after the Spanish that ihe Spanish gun-boats had been with.




drawn from me to perform other service. Having row set fire to every thing within Tlie Adjutant Don Pedro Cotiela, Don our reachi, exhautted our combuttible prep Frincisco Riguielme, and Don Francisco parations and our strengih to such a deTruxillo remained with one to the lat; and gree that the men absolutely dropped on i feel bound to bear testimony of the zeal the oars, we directed our course to join and activity with which they performed the fileet, running the gauntlet under a few the mutt ellential services during the whole ill directed thot from the forts of Balaguier of this butinefs, as far as the insufficiency and Aiguillette, now occupied by the of their force allowed it, being reduced, enemy; but, fortunately, without loss of by the retreat of the gun-boats, to a ay kind, we proceeded to the place apfr... fcucca, and a mortar-bout which pointed for the embarkation of the troops, bad expended iis ainmunition, but con and took off as many as we could carry. tired 30 men with cutlassos.

It wouli bc injustice to thole otticers whoin We now proceeded to burn the Hero I have ornitted to name, for their not having an:) Taemitocies, two 74 gun thips, Jay- been to immediately under my eye, if I ang in the Inner Road. Our approach to did not acknowkuge mytilf indebied io them had bitherio been inpracticable in them all for their extraordinary exertions busts, as the French prisviers who had in the execution of this great national cbbeen left in the latter rip were still in jeet. The quickness with which the inpclllion of her, and had thewn a deter- flammation tou k effect on my lignal, its munalion to relitt our attempt to come on exient and duration, are the best evidences wad. The icene of conti igration around that every cificer and man wis ready at his them, heightened by the late tremendous poít, and firm under molt perilous cir. exoi.iun, had however awakened their cumstance6; I therefore fubjuin a list of fears for their lives. Thinking this to be the whole who were employed on this serthe cafe, I addreted thein, expresing my readineis to land them in a place of latety, We can ascertain that the fire extended if they would suimit; and they thanks to at least ten fail of the line; how much ully accepted the ofter, thewing them. further we cannot say. The loss of the felves to be completely intimidated, and General Magazine, and of the quantity very gra:eful for our humane intentions of pitci, tal, rotin, hemp, timber, coin towards iliem, in uot attempting to burn dage and gunpowder, must considerably them with the finip. It was necessary to impede the equipment of the tew thips that proceed with precaution, as they were remain. I am lorry to have been obliged more nuraerous thin ourselves. We at to leave any, but I hope your Lordlip will lergth completed their disembarkation, and be fausfied that we did as much as our then let her on fire. On this occafion I circumfcribed means enabled us to do in had nearly loit my valuable friend and af limited time, prefled as we were by a force héant, Lieutenant Miller, of the Wind. Es much fuperio: to us. for Castie, who had Itaid to long on board I have the honour to be, &c. to isfure the fire taking, that it gained on

W. SYDNEY SMITH. him luddeniy, and it was not without be. Right Hon. Lort Hood, &c. &c. &c. ing very much icorched, and the risk of A List of the Officers em; loyed under the being lotfucated, that we could approach Orders of Sir Syeincy Smith, Commun. the trip to take him in. The lors to the der, Grand Gio's of the Royal Military tervice would have been very greai, had Order of the Sword, in the Service of we not succeeded in our en cavours to lave buining ibe Fiench Ships and Arsenal hin. Mr. Knight, Midshipman of the of Tuulon, in the Night of the voib of Windsor Calle, who was in ihe 50.t with

December, 1793: 11.e, (newed much activity and address on Captain Hare, Vinican fireihip. te ofcation, as well as firinnels throug:out C. ptain Edge, Aiert floop.

Dun Peiro de Cotiella, Alutant, and The explofion of a fecond powiler vel: Don Francisco Rigvielme, Lirutenants, fel

, equ Hij wisexpected, and with a shock Spam Al Navy. even greater than the first, again put us Don Francisco Truxilio, com nanding a in the molt imuninent danger of perila mortar boat. ing; and when it is confidered that we Lieuten:ots C. Tupper, John Gore, Mr. were within the sphere of the falling Eales, Midihipman, Victory's houts. timber, it is next to miraculous that no Lieutenants Melhuish and Holloway, one piece, of the many which made ise Aleri floop. v2ier foam round us, happened to touch Lieutenants Mathew Wrench and Thother the Swallow urithe three boats with me, mas F. Richmond ; Mr. Andrews,

Niafter i

ibe day.

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