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With odours visited and annual flowers;
Not less renowned than in mount Ephraim
Jael, who with inhospitable guile
Smote Sisera sleeping, through the temples nailed.
Nor shall I count it heinous to enjoy
The public marks of honour and reward
Conferred upon me, for the piety
Which to my country I was judged to have shewn.
At this whoever envies or repines,
I leave him to his lot, and like my own.

She is gone,-a manifest serpent by her sting,
Discovered in the end, till now concealed.

So let her go. God sent her to debase me,
And aggravate my folly, who committed
To such a viper his most sacred trust
Of secrecy, my safety and my life.

Yet beauty, though injurious, hath strange power,
After offence returning, to regain
Love once possessed, nor can be easily
Repulsed, without much inward passion felt,



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ανθέων ετησίοισι καρπούσθαι φοραίς. 1030 ου γάρ τι μάλλον Ήφραημιτων χοροί κλήζουσΙάλην, την πάλαι κακόξενον ήλοις διανταίοισιν υπνώσσον κάρα το Σισέρα τρήσασαν, αθεμίστω δόλω" ουδ' αισχρ' έμοιγε τακ πόλεως ηγήσομαι, αλλ' αντίμισθα των πεπραγμένων γέρα, ως θεοσεβής τε και πάτρας ευεργέτις. της ης τύχης όναιθ', ός αν τούτων φθονού, ως αινεσάσης, οίς συνεζεύχθην, εμού. 1039

ΧΟΡΟΣ. αυτόδηλος ως δράκαινα, των μάλ' ευ κεκρυμμένων ες τα νύν κέντρων έκατι, φρούδος εκ δόμων γυνή.

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. ουδ' εμούν άκοντός έστιν, όντιναικία τόση κάρτα μωρον όντελέγξων, τήνδ' επίηλεν Θεός, την έχιδναν, ή το κρυπτόν μοι παρηγγυημένον ρύσιον γέρας παρήκα, τον εμόν εκρίψας βίον.

ΧΟΡΟΣ. αλλ' όμως δεινόν σθένουσαν ίσμεν εύμορφος χάριν, δυσμενή τλάσαν κατελθεϊν, τόν τ' έρωτα τον πάλαι αναφέρειν, το δ' ούτις ανδρών ραδίως αν εκβάλοι

And secret sting of amorous remorse.


Love-quarrels oft in pleasing concord end,
Not wedlock-treachery endangering life.



It is not virtue, wisdom, valour, wit,
Strength, comeliness of shape, or amplest merit,
That woman's love can win or long inherit;
But what it is, hard is to say,
Harder to hit,
(Which way soever men refer it)
Much like thy riddle, Samson, in one day
Or seven, though one should musing sit.

If any of these, or all, the Timnian bride
Had not so soon preferred
Thy paranymph, worthless to thee compared,
Successor in thy bed,
Nor both so loosely disallied
Their nuptials, nor this last so treacherously


και λαθών, κέντρον ξύνοιδε δηξίθυμον ιμέρου. Ιο49

ΣΑΜΨΩΝ. ζυγομαχήσασιν θαμίζουσ' έν φίλοις ξυναλλαγαί: έτερόν έστιν η προδούσα, κάν γάμοις ανδροφθόρος.

ΧΟΡΟΣ. αρετήν ού φημουδέ τιν' αλκήν, ουδ' ευτραπέλου δώρον γλώσσης, ουδ' ευειδές σώμα μεγασθενές, ουδ' οπόσον κλέος, ήτορ δαμάσαι το γυναικείον" τί δ' αν είη τούτ' εύστοχος άν τις μόγις εξεύροι πάντοσέρευνών, είτε πανήμερον είθ' έφθήμερον, ως οι το πάλαι καλχαίνοντες

обо τα σα δείναινίγματα, Σάμψων. τούτων και ένεκ' ουκ εύμαρες ούτω την νυόν ουκ ήν την από Τίμνας σου προελέσθαι τον πολύ χείρω λέκτρων μετέχειν, τον παρανύμφιον ουδ' αυ γαμικών ρεϊ' ελύθησαν θεσμοί σπονδών, ουδ' αυ Δηλιλη αιμύλ' έδρασεν, μοιρόκραντον

Had shorn the fatal harvest of thy head.

Is it for that such outward ornament

Was lavished on their sex, that inward gifts
Were left for haste unfinished, judgment scant,


Capacity not raised to apprehend
Or value what is best
In choice, but oftest to affect the wrong?
Or was too much of self-love mixed,
Of constancy no root infixed,
That either they love nothing, or not long?

Whate'er it be, to wisest men and best,
Seeming at first all heavenly under virgin veil,
Soft, modest, meek, demure,
Once joined, the contrary she proves, a thorn
Intestine, far within defensive arms
A cleaving mischief, in his way to virtue
Adverse and turbulent; or by her charms
Draws him awry enslaved
With dotage, and his sense depraved
To folly and shameful deeds, which ruin ends.


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