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To come and play before them at their feast.
I heard all as I came, the city rings,

And numbers thither flock; I had no will


Lest I should see him forced to things unseemly.

But that which moved my coming now was chiefly

To give ye part with me what hope I have

With good success to work his liberty.


That hope would much rejoice us to partake
With thee. Say, reverend Sire; we thirst to hear.


I have attempted one by one the lords,
Either at home, or through the high-street passing,

With supplication prone and father's tears,


To accept of ransom for my son their prisoner.
Some much averse I found, and wondrous harsh,
Contemptuous, proud, set on revenge and spite;
That part most reverenced Dagon and his priests :
Others more moderate seeming, but their aim

εν ταις εορταϊς πάντα δ' ήν εμοί μαθείν 15 ΙΟ έρποντι, την πρέπουσαν εν πόλει βοήν, όχλων τ' αθροίσματουδ' εγώ ξυνεσπόμην, μή που νιν είσίδοιμι των εχθρών βία άσχημονούντα" τούτο δ' εννοούμενος, πως αν νιν, ελπίδος γε τήσδε μη σφαλείς, ελεύθερον στήσαιμι, κοινωνούς δ' έχειν υμάς θέλων προσήλθον ών αυτός φρονώ.

ΧΟΡΟΣ. λέγ, ως προθύμοις, ήδέως τ' αν ελπίδος σοι τήσδε συλλαβούσιν, αιδοίον κάρα.

ΜΑΝΩΣ. εγώ κατάνδρ' άνακτας, είτ' οίκοι τυχών, 1520 είτ' αυ κατάστυ, γονυπετών κλαυθμώ λιτών συχνόν μάλ' ικέτευσα, δεσμίου πατήρ παιδός φέρων άποινα" των δ' ευρόν τινας, τους και Δάγωνα χούς έχει θυοσκόους μάλιστα προσκυνούντας, εις πικράν χολήν τετραμμένους, κακoίσιν αντιδράν κακά, υπερφρονούντας, ώστε θαυμάζειν εμέ. άλλοι δ' έδoξαν τουπιεικές αμφέπειν, έργω δε πας τις κέρδος ίδιον, ου χάριν

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Private reward, for which both God and State
They easily would set to sale; a third
More generous far and civil, who confessed
They had enough revenged, having reduced
Their foe to misery beneath their fears,
The rest was magnanimity to remit,
If some convenient ransom were proposed.
What noise or shout was that? it tore the sky.



Doubtless the people shouting to behold
Their once great dread, captive and blind before them;
Or at some proof of strength before them shewn.


His ransom, if my whole inheritance
May compass it, shall willingly be paid
And numbered down. Much rather I shall choose
To live the poorest in my tribe, than richest,
And he in that calamitous prison left.

No, I am fixed not to part hence without him.
For his redemption all my patrimony,
If need be, I am ready to forego

Θεόν φιλουσι την πόλιν τ' απεμπολάν. 1530 τρίτοι δε, ταστείόν τε προύχοντες πολύ το τευγενές, τον τ' εχθρόν ου φοβούμενοι τον νυν καταστραφέντα μη βλάπτειν έτι, απηγόρευον τη πρόσω τιμωρία γενναίον ηγήσαντο και καλόν τόδε, εφ' ώ τε λύτρα λαμβάνειν τιν' είκότα. έα κραυγή διαρραγέντ' άν ουρανόν λέγοις.

ΧΟΡΟΣ. δηλοι γάρ αναβοώντες οι ξυνηγμένοι, ανόμματον δεθέντα τον δεινόν πάλαι ορώντες, ή σθένους τι θαυμαστών τέκμαρ. 1540

ΜΑΝΩΣ. χαίρων αν, ει και πάνθ' όσ' έν κλήρω πάρα ρίψαι με δεί, τελούμ' άν, ώστ' ελευθερούν τον παίδα" των γάρ φυλετών πενέστατος ζην αντί πλούτου μάλλον αν προειλόμην, ή τόνδ' εν αθλίαισι διατελεϊν πέδαις. τάδ' ουν, εκών γαρ πάντ' άν έστερημένος τα πατρόθεν τυχόντα, διασώσας γέ νιν, στέρξαιμ', ανάγκης τήσδε μοι 'πικειμένης, έμοί δέδοται, μηδ' άτερθ' αυτού μολεϊν,

And quit. Not wanting him, I shall want nothing.

Fathers are wont to lay up for their sons,
Thou for thy son art bent to lay out all ;
Sons wont to nurse their parents in old age,
Thou in old age car'st how to nurse thy son,
Made older than thy age through eyesight lost.

It shall be my delight to tend his eyes,

And view him sitting in the house, ennobied
With all those high exploits by him achieved,
And on his shoulders waving down those locks,
That of a nation armed the strength contained.
And I persuade me, God had not permitted
His strength again to grow up with his hair,
Garrisoned round about him like a camp
Of faithful soldiery, were not his purpose
To use him further yet in some great service;
Not to sit idle, with so great a gift

Useless, and thence ridiculous, about him.
And since his strength with eyesight was not lost,
God will restore him eyesight to his strength.

Thy hopes are not ill-founded, nor seem vain,

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