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My vessel, trusted to me from above,
Gloriously rigged; and for a word, a tear,
Fool, have divulged the secret gift of God
To a deceitful woman. Tell me, friends,
Am I not sung and proverbed for a fool
In every street? do they not say, How well
Are come upon him his deserts? Yet why?
Immeasurable strength they might behold
In me, of wisdom nothing more than mean;
This with the other should at least have paired,
These two, proportioned ill, drove me transverse.



Tax not divine disposal; wisest men
Have erred, and by bad women been deceived ;
And shall again, pretend they ne'er so wise.
Deject not then so overmuch thyself,
Who hast of sorrow thy full load besides.
Yet truth to say, I oft have heard men wonder
Why thou should’st wed Philistian women rather
Than of thine own tribe, fairer or as fair,
At least of thine own nation, and as noble.

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το καλλίπρωρον θεόδοτος σκάφος τόδε
βύθοις επόντισ, αιόλων ήσσων λόγων
οιμωγμάτων τε, κρυπτόν εκ Θεού γέρας
γυναικοβούλους αποβαλείν σοφίσμασιν.
άρ' ου γελαστός τώνδ' ακούσομαι, φίλοι,
άδας παρασχων πάσι και παροιμίαν ;
«δράσας όδ', αντίποινα και πάσχει, καλώς."
τί γάρ; σθένος με κάρθ' υπερβαλόντ' ιδείν
υπήρχε, σοφίαν δ' ουδαμώς ισόρροπον.
έδει γε ταύτην αντισηκώσαντ' έχειν,
αξυμμέτρω δε τώδ' οδού μ' εξήλασαν.

μη δη Θεώ πρέπει σε μέμψασθαι νόμων.
πταίσαντας ίσμεν προς γυναικείοις δόλους
σοφίαν γε τους μάλιστα προσποιουμένους,
μέλλουσι δ' αύθις: την δ' άγαν άλγηδόνα
μη προστίθεσθαι των ενεστώτων βάρει.
όμως δε, ποίαν σκήψιν ουδ' Εβραϊκών
γάμους προηρού, μη τυχών εμφυλίας,
το γ' ευγενές τε τήν τε πρώθηβον χάριν
ουκ ελλιπούσαν των Φιλιστίνων, κόρην,
θαύμ' έστι κοινόν, ουδ' άν άντείπoιμ' εγώ.


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The first I saw at Timna, and she pleased
Me, not my parents, that I sought to wed
The daughter of an infidel. They knew not
That what I motioned was of God; I knew
From intimate impulse, and therefore urged
The marriage on; that by occasion hence
I might begin Israel's deliverance,
The work to which I was divinely called.
She proving false, the next I took to wife
O that I never had—fond wish too late !-
Was in the vale of Sorec, Dalila,
That specious monster, my accomplished snare. 230
I thought it lawful from my former act,
And the same end; still watching to oppress
Israel's oppressors. Of what now I suffer
She was not the prime cause, but I myself,
Who, vanquished with a peal of words weakness !
Gave up my fort of silence to a woman.


In seeking just occasion to provoke
The Philistine, thy country's enemy,



Τιμνίτις ήν μέν, ής το πρώτον ηράμην.
η δ' ουκ έμελλε τούς έμοισιν άνδάνειν
τοκεύσιν, ως ασεπτος, αγνοούσι δη
έν τοϊσδε μοιρόκραντον εκ Θεού νόμον.
το δ' αυτός είδώς, των γάμων αντειχόμην.
ορμαϊς φρενών γάρ εμφύτοις πεποιθ' αεί,
και τους πολίταις ταύτα της σωτηρίας
προοίμι είναι, θεόθεν έργον αμφέπων"
έψευσμένος δε τήσδε, δευτέρους γάμους
την εκ Σόρηκος, Δηλίλης, προσηγόμην,
την ευπρόσωπον, θρέμμα μοι δολοπλόκον"
ως ώφελον δε καίριος γνώναι τόδε
έδοξα δ' ορθώς ανανεώσασθαι τα πριν
πραχθέντ' αεί γάρ τούδ' έπειρώμην, όπως
τους ημίν εχθρούς αντιδράν έχoιμί τι.
ουχ η γυνή μοι των κακών παναιτία,
αυτός δ' εμαυτώ, βούν από γλώσσης βαλών.
θήλεια κραυγή κατεπάλαισέ μ' εκνόμως.



ως αιέν εχθρός της πάτρας εχθρούς γεγώς,

Thou never wast remiss, I bear thee witness;
Yet Israël still serves with all his sons.


SAMSON. That fault I take not on me, but trans fer On Israel's governors, and heads of tribes; Who, seeing those great acts which God had done Singly by me against their conquerors, Acknowledged not, or not at all considered, Deliverance offered. I, on the other side, Used no ambition to commend my deeds; The deeds themselves, though mute, spoke loud the doer. But they persisted deaf, and would not seem To count them things worth notice; till at length

250 Their lords the Philistines, with gathered powers, Entered Judea seeking me, who then Safe to the rock of Etham was retired ; Not flying, but forecasting in what place To set upon them, what advantaged best. Meanwhile the men of Judah, to prevent The harass of their land, beset me round, I willingly, on some conditions, came Into their hands, and they as gladly yielded me To the uncircumcised a welcome prey,

260 Bound with two cords ; but cords to me were threads

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