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LITTLE onward lend thy guiding hand
To these dark steps, a little further on;

For yonder bank hath choice of sun or shade.
There I am wont to sit, when any chance
Relieves me from my task of servile toil,
Daily in the common prison else enjoined me;
Where I, a prisoner chained, scarce freely draw
The air imprisoned also, close and damp,
Unwholesome draught. But here I feel amends,
The breath of heaven fresh blowing, pure and sweet,
With day-spring born; here leave me to respire.
This day a solemn feast the people hold
To Dagon their sea-idol, and forbid




Υ χειραγωγός όμματοστερή βάσιν

πρόσω τί μοι πoίμαινε: τήνδόχθην κάτα έστιν τα καύματ' ανταμείβεσθαι σκιάς, και δη τύχη λυθέντα του καθ' ημέραν πόνου, κάθησθαι δουλίαις γαρ άλλοτε πέδαις βιασθείς, κοινόν είληχως βάρος, δύσοσμο, έν ευρώεντι δεσμωτηρίω, μιάσμαθ' έλκω ξυμπαθόντος αέρος. αλλ' ενθάδ' αντίμισθον ηδύπνουν τόδε ουράνιον αύρας νεογενούς άημά μου εωθιναΐς ακτίσι σύμφυτον γάνος πάρεστ' άχραντον ώδ' ελινύσαι θέλω. το γαρ Δάγωνι, τα θαλασσίω θεώ, τανύν εορτάζοντες οι ταύτη βροτοί



Laborious works—unwillingly this rest
Their superstition yields me-hence, with leave
Retiring from the popular noise, I seek
This unfrequented place to find some ease-
Ease to the body some, none to the mind
From restless thoughts, that, like a deadly swarm
Of hornets armed, no sooner found alone
But rush upon me thronging, and present
Times past, what once I was, and what am now.
O, wherefore was my birth from Heaven foretold
Twice by an Angel? who at last, in sight
Of both my parents, all in flames ascended
From off the altar, where an offering burned,
As in a fiery column charioting
His godlike presence, and from some great act
Or benefit revealed to Abraham's race.
Why was my breeding ordered and prescribed,
As of a person separate to God,
Designed for great exploits, if I must die
Betrayed, captived, and both my eyes put out,

30 20

δύσοιστον απεκήρυξαν εν πόλει κόπον
άκοντες ούν, το θείον ευλαβούμενοι,
έωσί μ' ώδε, δημίου κραυγής άπο,
χώραν προσελθεϊν άβροτον, άμπαυλάν τινα,
ήν πως τύχη γε, σώματος κακών έχειν
ου γάρ ποτ' ουδε σμικρών ή ν φρεσίν δύη
λωφάν δύναιτ' άν, θανασίμων σφηκών τρόπον
επεγχυθείσα τώδε τω παναθλίω
άπαυστος, οιωθέντι περιτυχούσ' αεί,
τα δη παλαιά παραβαλούσα τοϊσι νύν.
φεύ· τί γαρ μεγίστου σεμνός άγγελος Θεού
δισσοίσι τάμα πρoύννεπεν μαυτεύμασι
γενέθλι', άθρούντοιν δε τοϊν γεννητόροιν
διφρηλάτης ώς, πυρφόρο καλύμματι
άγαστος, οίον ού κατάνθρωπον γεγώς,
απ' ωρτο βωμού του καθιερωμένου,
ει μη γέρας τι του Θεού τη πατρίδα
τη μη προδεικνύς; κάμε τώ Θεώ τροφοι
εχώρισαν τάξαντες, ως έργοις έπι
ρητοίσι, μηδέ του τυχόντος εκτελεϊν,
ει δή πέπρωται παρακεκρoυσμένον θανείν
δούλόν τε, δισσών τ' όμμάτων αχηνία,


Made of my enemies the scorn and gaze,
To grind in brazen fetters under task
With this Heaven-gifted strength ? O glorious strength,
Put to the labour of a beast, debased

Lower than bondslave! Promise was that I


Should Israel from Philistian yoke deliver.
Ask for this great deliverer now,

and find him
Eyeless in Gaza, at the mill with slaves,
Himself in bonds under Philistian yoke.
Yet stay, let me not rashly call in doubt
Divine prediction. What if all foretold
Had been fulfilled but through mine own default !
Whom have I to complain of but myself?
Who, this high gift of strength committed to me,
In what part lodged, how easily bereft me,
Under the seal of silence could not keep,
But weakly to a woman must reveal it,
O'ercome with importunity and tears.
O impotence of mind, in body strong!
But what is strength without a double share


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