Budget and Economic Outlook: An Update (2008)

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Congressional Budget Office (U.S.)
United States Congress, 17 սեպ, 2008 թ. - 75 էջ
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The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the deficit for 2008 will be substantially higher than it was in 2007, rising from $161 billion last year to $407 billion this year. Furthermore, CBO's projections indicate that if current laws and policies remain in place, deficits for the next two years will remain above $400 billion, or about 3 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). Over the longer term, the fiscal outlook continues to depend mostly on the future course of health care costs as well as on the effects of a growing elderly population.

Economists, policymakers and fiscal-conscious individuals may be interested in this report.

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Author/Agency Bio
CBO s Panel of Economic Advisers commented on an early version of the economic
forecast underlying this report. Members of the panel are Martin Baily, Richard Berner, Jared
Bernstein, Michael Boskin, Douglas W. Elmendorf, Martin Feldstein, Robert J. Gordon,
Robert E. Hall, Lawrence Katz, Allan H. Meltzer, Laurence H. Meyer, William D. Nordhaus,
Rudolph G. Penner, Adam S. Posen, James Poterba, Alice Rivlin, Nouriel Roubini, Diane C.
Swonk, and Stephen P. Zeldes. Jonathan Parker, Wesley Phoa, Gary Stern, and Peter Wallison
attended the panel s meeting as guests. Although CBO s outside advisers provided considerable
assistance, they are not responsible for the contents of this report.

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