A Scripture Account of the Faith and Practice of Christians: Consisting of Large and Numerous Collections of Pertinent Texts of Scripture, Upon the Sundry Articles of Revealed Religion

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Forbearance aſcribed to God 116 Kindneſs aſcribed to God promiſed and exerciſed towards his People 117 Kindneſs prayed for 118 Thanks for Kind...
Gods Throne is a Throne of Grace 121 Gods Spirit is a Spirit of Grace 122 Chriſt is gracious
In Juſtification 126 In Pardon of Sin 127 Adoption through Grace 128 Sanctification through Grace 129 The Goſpel is of Grace given 130 Alms call...
Faith through Grace 134 Hope through Grace 135 Prayer and Praiſe through Grace 136 Salvation is of Grace 137 Grace prayed
Gods Favour
Gods Favour denied to the Wicked 140 God giveth the Favour of Men 141 God withholdeth the Favour of Men 142 God is bountiful 143 Men oug...
Perſons pronounced bleſſed who they
Gods Bleſſing promiſed by Way of Covenant or Covenant Bleſſings
Anger aſcribed to God 148 Gods Anger threatened againſt the Wicked
Wrath of God threatened againſt Sinners 150 God is wrothPrayers and Promiſes againft Gods Wrath isi Gods Indignation againſt Sinners
Fury aſcribed to God but 153 Vengeance 154 God abhorreth 155 God lotheth deſpiſeth 156 God hateth 157 The Lord is a terrible God 158 The dre...
Zeal aſcribed to God снАР
Promiſes to them that overcome Satan 41 Duties exhorted to in Oppoſition to Satan
CH A P III Gods Government 69 God is the King Ruler and Governor of the World having a Throne Dominion Government
God is the Lawgiver 3 God is the Judge of the Earth
Marks and Characters of Gods Children in the Exerciſe of the Graces and Practice of the Duties of Religion 40 Wicked ſtiled Children of whatever ev...
Under God their heavenly Father Chriſtians are Brethren and Siſters and owę to each other the Duties of that Relation
Perfons to whom Salvation is promiſed
Salvation prayed for
Salvation is of Grace 46 Word of God a mean of Salvation 47 Miniſtry

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Էջ 477 - xi. 9. Rejoice, O young Man, in thy Youth, and let thy Heart cheer thee in the Days of thy Youth, and walk in the Ways -of thine Heart, and in the Sight of thine Eyes, but know that, for all thefe Things God will bring thee into Judgment.
Էջ 13 - Thine, O Lord, is the Greatnefs, and the Power, and the Glory, and the Victory, and the Majefty, for all that is in the Heaven, and in the Earth, is thine, thine, is the Kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as Head above all.
Էջ 57 - God faid let the Waters bring forth abundantly, the moving Creature that hath Life, and Fowl that may fly above the Earth, in the open Firmament of Heaven. Ver. 21. And God created great Whales, and every living Creature that moveth, which the Waters brought forth abundantly
Էջ 166 - This is my Covenant with them, faith the Lord, my Spirit that is upon thee, and my Words which I have put in thy Mouth, (hall not depart out of thy Mouth, nor out of the Mouth of thy Seed, nor out of the Mouth of thy
Էջ 259 - Behold the Lord cometh, to execute Judgment upon all, and to convince all that are Ungodly, of all their ungodly Deeds, which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard Speeches which ungodly Sinners have fpoken againft him.
Էջ 457 - Deut. viii. 3. The Lord thy God fed thee with Manna, that he might make thee know, that Man doth not live by Bread only, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the Mouth of the Lord, doth Man
Էջ 294 - 2 Pet. ii. 20. If after they have efcaped the Pollutions of the World, through the Knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jefus Chrift, they are again intangled therein and overcome, the latter End is worfe with them than the Beginning.
Էջ 194 - x. 12. What doth the Lord thy God require of thee but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all his Ways and to love him, and to, ferve the Lord thy God, with all thy
Էջ 455 - 22. They fhall not build and another inhabit, they fhall not plant, and another eat, for as the Days of a Tree are the Days of my People, and mine Eleft fhall long enjoy the Work of their Hands.
Էջ 400 - 1 have written to you not to keep Company, if any Man that is called a Brother, be a Fornicator, or Covetous, or an Idolater, or a Railer, or a Drunkard, or an Extortioner, with

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