Reinventing revolution: value and difference in new social movements and the Left

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Avebury, 1994 - Всего страниц: 166
Reinventing Revolution offers a vision of liberation that is not compromised by the contradictions of post modernity/modernity or the competing claims of different social movements. Reinventing Revolution focuses on revolutionary, or extra-parliamentary, socialism and begins by analysing the strengths and limitations of movements based on unified identities or values as opposed to postmodern movements centred on the celebration of difference. A debate between value and difference which causes liberatory movements to fragment and dissipate is then identified. From this basis a theory of emancipation is developed which is not governed by the conflict between difference and value; both the diversity of movements and their unity, founded on differing definitions of oppression, are analysed. Definitions of emancipation and oppression, of social movements and the relations between social movements are the main components of this theory and examples are given in the Italian movement Autonomia, the dance-music movement 'Raving', feminism and postmodernity and others. Finally, a new liberatory vision for the left is outlined and explored.

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Universalism and the post60s left
The failures of difference
The nature of emancipatory collectives
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Tim Jordan is Lecturer in Sociology at The Open University. He is the author of "Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace and the Internet "(1999) and co-editor of "Storming the Millennium: The New Politics of Change "(1999). He is co-founder and editor of the journal "Social Movement Studies: The Journal of Social, Political and Cultural Protest."

Steve Pile is Senior Lecturer in Geography at The Open University. He is the author of "The Body and the City "(1996) and the co-editor of "City Worlds" (1999) and of "City A-Z" (2000).

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