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& very retired life I lave not had an opportunity of seeing many periodical works, of course numerous circumstances take place in the pre. sent age, which if I could have seen, migla un ve been added as corroborations to the Elu cidation. "Chap 22 For the more effectually detaining in Custody, Napolean Buonaparte, April 11th 1816. See the Act. Who are the detainers ?

The passage "and in the end of years," in the former part of the 6th verse, 11 chapter of Daniel, may probably allude to the time of the end," or "the time appointed" (29th verse) which time does not commence until the sixth king the one is” receives his crown, my readers therefore must judge, how far the awful events in the said ilth chapter, has occurred, and are to occur, they will find what I have supposed by a reference to the 22d page of the Introduction.

From the astonishing events in France, my readers may suppose the latter part of the 7th chapter of Daniel respecting the "judgment," to be more applicable to Ludovicus than io his predecessor, but they must refer to the 24th verse, where they will find the "en horns out of this kingdom (France) are (the) ten kings: that shall arise" and the other one which is to be diverse from the first and is to subdue three kings.”

Now Ludovicus has not subdued three kings, but the reverse ; for the ten Lorns (or the allied powers) by their means restorod


Ludovicus (as they called him the legitimate Monarch) to the throne of France. "And shall wear out (remark the expression) the saints of the most high” (25 verse.) I have looked upon the word saints there mentioned as a piece uf Irony, meaning the Pope, Cardinals, and Popish Clergy, for they as trinitarians, or worshipers of more Gods than ONE cannot be srints, or true worshipers of the MOST HIGU. The expression in the remaining part of the yerse "and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time." may mean, that at certain periods of time, he would give a great change to the times and laws; or at the commencement of the awful period he will effect what is there recorded.

Observe, the period has not yet taken place. “The people of the saints of the most higli" "under the whole heaven” “in the 27th verse, are as represented, when all dominions shall serve and obey him." The Messenger of the Covenant upon the second advent.

The cry in March (1816) with the cotton manufacturers was, that too great a quantity of goo:ls were made, and that it was necessary in consequence of the alarming failures, and the great want of money, to curtail the ainount, and an opinion then prevailed, that there wonló be a great filling off from what had been manufactured; therefore the 1000 cuts (see page 69 Second Supplement) may, and probably will,

soon be reduced to 500. What does this indicate, and at a time of general peace? I bave just now heard (April 12) that there is another abatement of sixpence per cut, that is from four shillings to three shillings and sixpence, and since then in November, to two shillings and sixpence, and bread double the price it was eight months ago.--Upon enquiry I have learned that the 1000 cuts may be stated within the circuit mentioned, at upwards of 3000. Cotton Wool when I was in America, was selling from ten-pence, to twelve-pence per pound, probably still at the same price ; it is selling in England at nearly double that amount. I have just now seen by a new tarif proposed in America for the present year (18!6) that all kinds of imported cotton goods are to be rated at 334 per cent, therefore adding at least five for freight, insurance &c. the whole will amount to 381. Since writing the above, I find by a London newspaper dated the 22nd of April 1816, that in a Cominittee of the House of representatives in America, they in their report state, that in thic year 1800 not more than 500 hales of cotton wool was manufactured into goods in the United States, but that in the year 1815 there were not less than 90,000 bales. Does not this speak home?

To the numerous fires found in pages 14--55 and 56 Second Supplement, must now be add. ed, the destruction of the OLD STOCK FX. CHANGE, on Tuesday the 24th April 1816, the whole of which was "burned with fire."

May we not apprehend, there is in this Island "growing up (or coming on) SWORD, TAMINE, AND GREAT CONFUSION." The sword may probably soon operate, and “victuals” are gradually rising in price (May 1816) (more particularly so in October, the cause well known) previons to "famine and great confufusion.” The passage must be taken in its regu. har order, though the whole will, for the period of three years and a half be so dreadfully combined. See Second Supplement page 89.

Ju the 55th page of the Introduction I have rcferred to the Epistle of Jude, and desired it might be read with care, as an Introduction to the Revelations. From my further attention to it, as there being in the 18th verse" mockers (ileceivers, "magicians," or deluders) in the last time," I am more confirmed in my opinion that it is so, particularly in respect to false religion. See pages 60 and 61 Little Book, and 71, 75 and 76 Second Supplement.

Peter towards the close of his epistle says, “Pant hath written in bis epistles things hard (or difficull) to be understood, which they that are unlearned, and unstable wrest (turn, or twist,) as they do also the other scriplures to their own destruction.” Observe this is to be in the “last days” (3u verse) when we "ook for a new beaven and a new earth (a renewed state of things) wherein dwelleth righteousness” (13/h verse).

I have not a doubt, but that at the time of the end,” all controversy, disputes, or quarrels about points of religion will cease, or meet witli their destruction.

The fate carthquakes in Portugal and in Spain, and Vie one which caused so much alarm in this island on Sunday the 17th of March 1816 have induced me to request an examination of the 36th page Little Book, 77th page, first supplement, and 53rd anil 54th pages second supplement. There are to be "carthquakes in divers placcs." This prophetic "expression of my Masters" has now been greatly strengthened. These are awful warnings. Reader be prepared. There has been another earthquake, in the northern parts of "this Island” since the above was wrote.--0! "think."

The dreadful Volcanic eruption in an Island of the Indian Ocean, and the most calamitous one ever known, or experienced, as mentioned and described in the English newspapers for the month of May 1816, is a strong sign of the approaching cruption in India, the operation of the 6th vial, or the war of Armageddon. See the 45th page Introduction, $3d page Little Book, and 56th 57th and 58th pages Second Supplement.

The Catholic Question" has this year (1816) been presented by its “Father," and met with its fate as formerly. See 57th page, Introduc. tion and S7 and 58 pages second supplement. See page 54 Second Supplement, and add

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