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by Daniel, “ The Dragon, that old Serpent which is the Devil and Satan," in the 2d verse of the 20th chapter, must be the same “Devil and Satan,', as in the 12th chapter. The angel in the 1st verse of the said 20th chapter, “having the key of the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand, (what a binding emblem) casts him (the Dragon) into the bottomless pit, and shuts him up, and sets a seal upon him,” (3d verse). Let the counected parts of these mundane operations be accurately examined, and seriously reflected upon, they are alarming in the extreme, and no doubt alludes to the “ time of the end." The "

new heaven and new earth, in the Ist verse of the 21st chapter, can only signify a renovated, or a renewed state of things, dif-ferent from what is now experienced. The “ New Jerusalem" in the second verse, or it is called in the 10th verse, the “Holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God, having (in the subsequent verse) the glory of God," must mean a power proceeding from God, for the restoring of Jerusalem to its ancient grandeur. " And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it," 26th

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The former part of the last chapter goes on in the same figurative manner, in describing the glory of the New, or Holy Jerusalem ; and the subsequent part strongly invites us to our duty, by saying (as I have quoted in the close of the elucidativn) behold, I come

quickly, and my reward is with me to give every mall according as his WORK shall be. " I (he goes on to say) am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.Which means, I introduced the gospel dispensation, when I first entered upon, or begun my mission, and I shall finish the same dispensation, upon my second or last ad venti when I shall reign 1000 years.

Having been requested to repeat my Inoculations, (see Remarks Page 67) in a District I had frequently visited, including 10 or 12 villages, I complied with their desires, and by 7 er 8 fatiguing walks, added a few hundred punctures to my former ones. I found that the Small Pox had made its appearance in three of the Places, and likewise the Chicken: Pox, the latter of which was frequently mistaken for the former, and at first, in consequence of what was told me, my

belief staggered of vaccination, being a preventative to the loathsome Small Pox, but upon proper' investigation, I found my doubts removed, and should be sorry to pay any regard to a publishing individual, having "a licence to

, tack an M. D.” to his name, a 66 Practitioner in Midwifery, &c." which &c. I suppose comprehends Surgeon and Apothecary.- - Ah! there's the rub-we are injured..

I had occasional reports brought me of what he calls “unseemly and obstinate cuta ueous affections,” and which, he says, “have: been the consequence of it:' but upon pro


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per investigation, I invariably found to be false, and generally to have been propagated by little insignificant Doctors,

I could give numerous instances of errone. ous information from the ignorance, stimulated prejudices, and bad dispositions of the lower orders of the people, but they would be disgusting both to myself, and my Readers. I will just state a single circumstance :-A decent looking woman informed me, when I was scrutinizing in one of the villages, that two children I had inoculated had the Small Pox very bad. I desired her to show me the house, which she did, but she declined going in herself: as soon as I entered, and told the inmate of the wretched habitation what I had been informed of, she, with a sigh, and a tear, said, “ you did not ineculate the two children who are in the Small Pox, (and who then were deplorable objects) but you inoculated me one child, who eats and sleeps in the house, and is very well.”

Having had no interested views in my inoculations, I laid a particular charge upon the parents for them to bring their children that had been punctured for me to see that day week, but I apprehend, not one twentieth part of them were bronght; numbers therefore might not have taken the infection, or very imperfectly so.

We hear of the Small Pox being nearly es. tirpated in various large cities upon the Con

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tinent of Europe, yet in this Island, and even in the Great and Holy City, inoculation, for the dreadful malady of the Small Pox has been recommended, and carried on to a considerable degree, by interested individuals, to the loss of many valuable lives. Still Bri tons call themselves a religious and enlightened people! I must not omit to mention that the M. D taches his portrait to his publication, which I have occasionally looked upon with no very pleasing sensations respect. ing the virtue of the original.

My Readers will find a few remarks upon Mr Kett's publication, in pages 68, and 69, they have now to turn their thoughts to the present situation of the Roman Catholic Religion, particularly 'in Spain. If man could trace the afllictions caused by Religion, which probably may be dated from the Theodocian Edict, in the latter part of the third century, what a deluge of blood and slaughter will it be found to have caused.

NOTE. I now find a Constituted and Established Pretty--mar, the maker of his maker, and (an opposer of the dissemination of Bibles !) has lately charged his Constituted and Established Brethren not to give the right hand of fellowship to those who cause divisions ; but on the contrary (he says) we are taught (Rom. 16--17) to avoid them.” He should have given the succeeding verse and properly applied it. You, my Establish Brethren, be goes on to say, must not “unite in Religious Associations with those wha publickly avow the falsest doctrines, the most notorious heresies, and the most determined schism ! !” He, no doubt, is acquainted with his brother's charge, copied into the Little Book, page 69.

The italic quotation entering the postscript

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is very applicable to the present times. "Iniquity has increased.”

u 'Truth is hidden,”"The land is barren of faith," &C- In the same page (7:)I gave an account of "

an unnatural fatus," in order to explain a passage in Esdras, that “ menstruous women shall bring forth monsters," and I have now to remark, of a still more unnatural one which I give as an extract from a local Newspaper, datel August 6th, .1814, the circumstance taken from a ( Bath Paper.) The “MOST EXTRAORDINARY CASE” is too long for insertion in my Supplement, I therefore only transcribe the first and last sentence. “ A young man, 15 years of age, has lately died in that town (Sherbourn), from whom has been extracted a female foetus. “ This singular production has been taken to London, and lodged with Mr Carpue, the celebrated Anatomist; it has been inspected by most of the professional men in town.

“ PHENOMENON IN NATURE.” Upon opening a dead mare was found "a Colt Foal, and One Bull, and Two Cow Calves.,“ Strange as this may appear, it is no less true, and has been certified.” Copied from the Derby Mercury. Feb. 2nd, 1815.

" A wonderful story has lately been circulated of a young Lady with a Pig's Head.” Extract from a London Paper, for February, 1815.Therefore if true, another menstrnons Woman has brought forth a Monster, or in the Plural, Rccording to Esdras (page 72).

66 And Menstruous Women shall bring forth Monsters."

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