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As the Being who made him, names (Arnold taking that of Count
Whose actions I ape.

Arnold, and the Devil that of Cæsar)
Thou clay, be all glowing:

set off for the Eternal City, at that Till the rose in his cheek

time besieged by Charles of Bourbon, Be as fair as, when blowing,

the traitor Constable of France. It wears its first streak! Ye violets ! I scatter,

Beëlzebub, by the way, turns söngNow turn into eyes !

ster as well as Cæsar, trolling a merry And thou, sunshiny water,

roundelay as they go off:-
Of blood take the guise !
Let these hyacinth boughs

Cæsar sings. To horse! to horse! my
Be his long flowing hair,

coal-black steed And wave o'er his brows,

Paws the ground and snuffs the air !
As thou wavest in air !

There's not a foal of Arab's breed
Let his heart be this marble

More knows whom he must bear!
I tear from the rock !

On the hill he will not tire,
But his voice as the warble

Swifter as it waxes higher ;
Of birds on yon oak!

In the marsh he will not slacken,
Let his flesh be the purest

On the plain be overtaken ;
Of mould, in which grew

In the wave he will not sink,
The lily-root surest,

Nor pause at the brook's side to drink;
And drank the best dew!

In the race he will not pant,
Let his limbs be the lightest

In the combat he'll not faint;
Which clay can compound !

On the stones he will not stamble,
And his aspect the brightest

Time nor toil shall make him humble;
On earth to be found !

In the stall he will not stiffen,
Elements, near me,

But be winged as a Griffin,
Be mingled and stirred,

Only flying with his feet :
Know me, and hear me,

And will not such a voyage be sweet?
And leap to my word !

Merrily ! merrily ! never unsound,
Sunbeams, awaken

Shall our bonny black horses skim over the
This earth's animation !

ground! Tis done! He hath taken

From the Alps to the Caucasus, ride we, His stand in Creation !

or fly! (ARNOLD falls senseless; his soul pas. For we'll leave them behind in the glance ses into the shape of Achilles, which rises from the ground; while the Phantom has (They mount their horses, and disappear, disappeared, purt by part, as the figure

(P. 38.) was formed from the earth. (P. 28.)

The next scene (which concludes Arnold's deserted body lies on the the first Part) is a camp

before ground, all a-mort, but after another the walls of Rome," where there is bout at incantation, the soul of the nothing done, though a good deal is Stranger (or an Ignis-fatuus, we are said, by Arnold, Cæsar, Bourbon, in doubt which) takes up its babita- and Philibert his lieutenant. The tion there with Pythagorean dexte- noble writer has, as is pretty well rity of locomotion : then enter « four known, a great turn for the diabolicoal-black horses,” led by a couple of cal; and in the person of Cæsar, who goblin-pages whom Arnold nick- is a kind of humourist devil, or inpames :

fernal snap-dragon, he has a noble Arnold.

I'll call him

opportunity for giving vent to much Who bears the golden born, and wears such Satanic wit and hellish jocularity :bright

Arnold. And blooning aspect, Huon ; for he looks

What! are there Like to the lovely boy lost in the forest

Nero Worlds ?

Cæsar. And never found till now. And for the

To you. You'll find there other

are such shortly, And darker, and more thoughtful, who By its rich harvests, new disease, and gold; smiles not,

From one half of the world named a whole But looks as serious though serene as Night, Because you know no better than the dull

new one, He shall be Memnon, from the Ethiop king And dubious notice of your eyes and ears. Whose statue turns a harper once a day. And you ?

(P. 37.)

Arnold. I'll trust them.

Cæsar. Do! They will deceive you And the holy quartett being thus

sweetly, appointed with cavalry and travelling And that is better than the bitter truth.

of an eye.


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Arnold. Dog!

Here is a fine passage from the Cæsar. Man!

same scene, in the author's best huArnold. Devil !

man manner: Bourbon speaking of Cæsar. Your obedient, humble servant the impiety of his assaulting the

(P. 40.) City of God, the majestic Mistress And again :

of the Ancient World, exclaimsBourbon.

The Bourbon's breast Has been, and ever shall be, far advanced Those walls have girded in great ages, In danger's face as yours, were you the And sent forth mighty spirits. The past Devil.

earth Cæsar. And if I were, I might have And present Phantom of imperious Rome sayed myself

Is peopled with those warriors; and meThe toil of coming here.

thinks Philibert.

Why so ?

They flit along the eternal city's rampart, Cæsar.

One half

And stretch their glorious, gory, shadowy Of your brave bands of their own bold ac- hands, cord

And beckon me away!

99šov ein en Will go to him, the other half be sent,


Philibert. So let them! Wilt thou More swiftly, not less surely.

Turn back from shadowy menaces of shaBourbon,

Amold, your dows ? Slight crooked friend's as snake-like in his

Bourbon. They do not menace me. I words

could have faced, As in his deeds.

Methinks, a Sylla's menace; but they Cæsar. Your Highness much mistakes


And raise, and wring their dim and deathThe first snake was a flatterer I am none;

like hands, And for my deeds, I only sting when'stung. And with their thin aspen faces and fixed Bourbon. You are brave, and that's

eyes enough for me; and quick

Fascinate mine. Look there ! In speech as sharp in action-and that's

(P. 49.) I am not alone a soldier, but the soldiers'

Part the Second begins with a very Comrade.

fine Chorus, before the Walls of Cæsar. They are but bad company, your Rome, at the moment of the assault •

Highness ;
And worse even for their friends than foes, we quote one or two stanzas:

as being
More permanent acquaintance.

"Tis the morn, but dim and dark. Philibert.

fellow ! Whither flies the silent lark? Thou waxest insolent, beyond the privilege Whither shrinks the clouded sun ? Of a buffoon.

Is the day indeed begun ? Cæsar. - You mean, I speak the truth. Nature's eye is melancholy I'll lie—it is as easy : then you'll praise me O'er the city high and holy: For calling you a hero.

(P. 51.)

But without there is a din

Should arouse the Saints within, Again too:

And revive the heroic ashes Bourbon.

Civilized, Barbarian, Round which yellow Tiber dashes. Or Saintly, still the walls of Romulus

Oh ye seven hills ! awaken,
Have been the Circus of an Empire.

Ere your very base be shaken!
Well !
Twas their turn-now 'tis ours; and let Hearken to the steady stamp !
us hope

Mars is in their every tramp! That we will fight as well, and rule much Not a step is out of tune, better.

As the tides obey the moon ! Cæsar. No doubt, the camp's the school On they march, though to self-slaughter, of civic rights;

Regular as rolling water, What would you make of Rome ?

Whose high waves o'ersweep the border Bourbon.

That which it was. Of huge moles, but keep their order, Cæsar. In Alaric's time?

Breaking only rank by rank. Bourbon. No, slave! In the first Hearken to the armour's clank ! Cæsar's,

Look down o'er each frowning warrior, Whuge name you bear like other curs. How he glares upon the barrier : Cæsar.

And kings. Look on each step of each ladder, "Tis a great name for bloodhounds.

As the stripes that streak an adder.
There's a demon

(P. 58.) In that fierce rattle-snake thy tongue. Wilt never

“ Regular as rolling water !"Be serious ?

(P. 54.) What a line! How musical, how


How now,


expressive, how grand in idea, and we conjecture, that this implement how just in metaphor !

was devoted to such active service. The fifth stanza also is eloquent In the moment of danger, Arnold and powerful.

comes to the lady's rescue, but she Onward sweep the varied nations !

scouts his proffered assistance, preFamine long hath dealt their rations.

cipitates herself from the canonical To the wall, with Hate and Hunger, Tarpeian, splits her excellent white Numerous as wolves, and stronger,

skull on the Mosaic, and is carried On they sweep. Oh! glorious city, off half-dead by the Devil and the Must thou be a theme for pity!

Deformed Transformed into the Co. Fight, like your first sire, each Roman! lonna Palace : Alaric was a gentle foeman, Matched with Bourbon's black banditti!

Cæsar. Come then! raise her up! Rouse thee, thou eternal City !

Arnold. Softly! Rouse thee! Rather give the torch

Cæsar. As softly as they bear the dead, With thy own hand to thy porch,

Perhaps because they cannot feel the joltó Than behold such hosts pollute


(P. 83.) Your worst dwelling with their foot. The present publication (as is said

(P.60.) in a short preface) contains the two In the second scene, Bourbon is first parts only of the entire drama, killed just as he is mounting the and the opening Chorus of the third; wall; while he is espiring, Cæsar the rest is to appear (“perhaps” sardonically asks him,

hereafter. From the Chorus, which

is laid amidst the Apennines, we beg Casar. Would not your Highness choose leave to select the following beauti

to kiss the cross ? We have no priest here, but the hilt of

ful-lament for the violet: sword

The spring is come; the violet's gone, May serve instead :-it did the same for The first-born child of the early sun; Bayard.

With us she is but a winter's flower, Bourbon. Thou bitter slave! to name The snow on the hills cannot blast her him at this time!

bower, But I deserve it.

(P. 64.) And she lifts up her dewy eye of blue

To the youngest sky of the self-same hue. Bourbon, it will be recollected, for And when the spring comes with her host some private injury, was in arms Of flowers, that flower beloved the most against his country, whilst Bayard, Shrinks from the crowd that may confuse his celebrated cotemporary and coun: Her heavenly odour and virgin hues. tryman, died fighting in its defence Pluck the others, but still remember at the battle of the Valley of Aost. Their Herald out of dim December A single combat between Arnold and The morning star of all the flowers, Benvenuto Cellini, the person it is The pledge of day-light's lengthened hours; said who shot Bourbon, ends this Nor, midst the roses, e'er forget

The virgin, virgin Violet. (P. 85.) In the third and last scene of this and the chaunt which concludes the Part, the Pope is preserved from the volume : fury of a Lutheran soldier, by the

Chorus. The Hound bayeth loudly, interposition of his Holiness's very

The Boar's in the wood, good friend and patron-saint (as we And the Falcon longs proudly protestants have it)—the Devil. The

To spring from her hood : did Lady of Babylon escapes through On the wrist of the Noble a private door of the Sanctuary, She sits like a crest, where ber infallibility was put to And the air is in trouble such a dangerous test; but her place With birds from their nest. is supplied by Olimpia, a young Cæsar. Oh! Shadow of glory! lady of beauty and fashion, who, be- Dim image of war! ing pursued by certain soldiers for

But the chace hath no story,

Her hero no star, some maiden treasure which she was

Since Nimrod, the Founder suspected of concealing,-leaps like

Of empire and chace, a feathered Mercury upon the altar,

Who made the woods wonder exhibiting her agility, if not her deli

And quake for their race. cacy, to the white-eyed mortals be- When the Lion was young, neath, and knocks down a soldier In the pride of his might, with a massy crucifix, the first time, Then 'twas sport for the strong


To embrace him in fight;

In feeling, on my heart as on my shoul. To go forth, with a pine

ders— For a spear, 'gainst the Mammoth, An hateful and unsightly molehill to : Or strike through the ravine

The eyes of happier man. (P. 26.) At the foaming Behemoth ; While man was in stature

A writer in the LONDON MAGAAs towers in our time,

ZINE stigmatizes this new species of The first born of nature,

versification, under the name of And, like her, sublime ! (P. 86.) “prose-poetry,” and we certainly The versification of the poem, as

are much inclined to aid him in preis usual with our author's later venting, as far as we can, the disseworks, is shamefully incorrect; if it mination of such an erroneous mebe regulated by any principle, which thod of composition, which we perwe very much doubt, the principle is ceive has been of late years ardently a false one,--at least the practice of cultivated, even by our best writers. ending heroic lines in the midst of an We cannot but say that this hobbling uninterruptible flow of words, where- uneasy measure, balf verse half by all metrical distinction between prose, is as far from the Miltonian verse and prose is annihilated, can

standard, as it is from that of true never be successful in the English, melody, and that it merits the utwhatever it may be in the Italian, most discouragement and reprobaschool of poetry. Will it he believed tion from the critics and the publie that the harmonious soul which in general. poured forth the eloquent numbers

As may appear from the preceding above, could be guilty of such metre- observations, the Deformed Transless measure as this :

formed is, for what we have seen, a

work, in our opinion, totally unworCæsar. I tell thee, be not rash ; a golden thy of the illustrious author; mon

bridge Is for a flying enemy.

strous in design, flimsy in composiA form of beauty, and an

tion, meagre in imagery, wretched in Exemption from soine maladies of body,

versification,-a hasty, crude, and extravagant thing.

But no But not of mind, which is not mine to give.

one (P. 68.)

can read it, without acknowledging or this:

that it is the effusion of a great and Arnold

audacious Had no Power presented me

extraordinary mind, an The possibility of change, I would

fancy, and a splendid genius. Lord Have done the best which Spirit may, to Byron may write below himself, but make

he never can write below us. Alas! Its way, with all Deformity's dull, deadly, that he does not write a page, where Discouraging weight upon me, like a moun. he writes a poem !


gave thee


Our foreign summary for this sentence, by which their imprisonment month is very meagre indeed. From may be remitted in consideration of a Spain we learn little, and even that stipulated fine. One of his decrees little is not interesting. The Beloved upon this subject is a curiosity, and has gone on ever since his restoration as such we record it: it will afford to promising an amnesty, and pretend- future ages a precious specimen of ing to deliberate on its extent. In the humanity and gallantry of 'a the mean time, however, he is punish- Spanish Legitimate of the nineteenth ing as fast as possible (sparing nei- century. After the surrender of Pamther age nor sex) every person whose peluna a number of illustrious feconduct in the recent contest has in males were arrested under pretence of any way exasperated him. He has Constitutionalism, and the following hit latterly on an ingenious device for are some of the sentences passed raising money, namely, punishing upon them by Ferdinand since his with severity the wives and daugh- restoration ;-one would think his ters of the wealthy Constitutionalists, embroidery passion might have crebut adding a saving clause to the ated some feeling in favour of the sex, but he appears to have all the monopoly! The Holy Allies have frivolity of woman unredeemed by now, it seems, Ferdinand's permission any of the virtues of man.

to trade with Mexico, Columbia, BuDonna Francisca de Camarasa, to be

enos Ayres, and Peru! The coun exiled to Zamora, accompanied by an ofi. tries with whom the United States cer of justice, whom she is ordered to sup- have made common cause, and to port on the journey by a daily allowance of whom England, with all her caution, about two dollars !

and all her not very creditable temThe mother of the preceding, a lady of porising on this subject, has sent very advanced age, fined 20 ounces of gold. commercial consuls ! He might just

Donna Josepha Deudariena, two years as well issue a proclamation permitimprisonment in the royal gaol ; but on ting the sun of heaven to shine, or its payment of ten ounces of gold annually dew to fall upon their plains. Whatshe is set at liberty. Donna Eloya Harrequin, four years im- hy her frauds and murders in South

ever profit may have been acquired prisonment in the royal gaol ; but free on

America-Spain has received already; an annual payment of 100 dollars.

Donna Martina de Yriarte, four years it has been enjoyed and squandered imprisonment; or to pay 20 ounces of gold the crime remains, and perhaps the annually.

retribution. Another decree has been Donna Joaquima Ecbarri, to be exiled issued by the cabinet of Madrid, and from the kingdom of Navarre for six years, which has reached us through the and not allowed to go near the royal resi. French papers ; this creates a caisse dence ; sentence redeemable for five hune d'amortissement, as a means of redeemdred dollars. La Senora de Echevevria (63 years old, try. Its provisions are too minute

ing the shattered credit of the counexiled from Navarre for four years : rla for us to weary our readers with their mitted for 20 ounces of gold.

details; their sum and substance is, Our readers must see from the mere that an annual sum of eighty millions perusal of these sentences, that they of reals shall be assigned to the sinkare in fact nothing more than só ing fund to be created. This assignmany devices for extorting money; ment is to answer for the payment of every lady named, with one excep- any new obligations, which the treation, is a lady of title, and of course sury may ink it necessary to conFerdinand knows very well, that tract, in order to meet the current the sentence will be “remitted," or, wants of the government. The obin other words, that the cash will be ject of this is too plain to be for remitted; it is a coarse and cowardly a moment misunderstood; it is in expedient. The sister of the gallant other words a bait held out to caMina, accused of no crime but the pitalists to lend their money on a glory of her consanguinity to him, newly created security, by which was in prison, in daily expectation the payment of the Constitutional of a nominal trial, and her anticipat- loans may be evaded. We do not ed sentence was, confinement in the think the capitalists, in this counhulks at Malaga! This unfortunate try at least, are quite gullible enough Jady had already lost her husband at to bite-the waters are too troubled one of the recent sieges. The prisons, and the gilding of the bait is mere at Pampeluna particularly, were tinsel. So far from having an overcrowded with females of rank. These plus to create a sinking fund, Spain are things which need only to be cannot at present levy one half of her stated; a comment would enfeeble current expenditure; besides, capitheir effect.

talists know too well how to appreciThe next decree put forth by Spain ate the faith of Ferdinand's guaranis almost ludicrous when contrasted tees—the Constitutional loans equally with the cruelty and avarice of that guaranteed, have been already erased which we have just recorded. Will byadash of his pen; and the man who our readers believe, that this extor- once contracts the habit of denying a tioner from women—this galley-con- debt is very apt to grow perfect in the demning embroiderer, has actually science—it is much easier to borrow had the audacity to put forth a manic than to pay. France indeed, thanks festo, affecting to open the trade of to her army of occupation, has conSouth America to the European trived to reimburse herself; but she States, and to resign his own royal knows Ferdinand too well to rest

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