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History and Biography.

The Etymologic Interpreter; or, an Prior's Life of Burke. I vol. 8vo. 16s. Explanatory and Pronouncing Dictionary

of the English Language. Part the First, Fine Arts.

containing a full Developement of the Prin. A Selection of Ancient Coins, chiefly of ciples of Etymology and Grammar, &c. Magna Græcia and Sicily, from the Cabi- &c. &c. By James Gilchrist. 8s. boards. net of Lord Northwick ;. engraved by

Physiological Fragments: to which are Henry Moses, with Descriptions by George added, Supplementary Observations, to Henry Noehden, LLD.. Part I. 4to. 158. show that Vital and Chemical Energies are

Views on the Rhine in Belgium of the same nature, and both derived from and Holland, from Drawings by Captain Solar Light. By John Bywater. In One Batty, of the Grenadier Guards, FRS. Vol. 8vo. 58. 6d. boards. 8vo. 128. 4to. 18s. Six Views of Italian and Swiss Scenery, with 21 Illustrative Drawings, by George

Mornings at Bow-street. By Mr. Wight, etched by W. Cowen, from his own Draw. Cruikshank. Post 8vo. 108. 6d. ings, made during Two Tours on the Cons tinent in the Years 1819 and 1822. Price and Charles Cotton. Major's New Edition,

The Complete Angler of Izaak Walton 11. 118. 6d. Proof Impressions on India with additional Plates. Foolscap, 185. Paper, 31. 38. À Series of Engravings of Landscape

Poetry and the Drama. Scenery, executed by F. C. Lewis, from the finest Pictures of the Italian, Flemish, roic, Metrical Romance.

The Cross, and the Crescent; an He.

By the Rev. Dutch, and English Masters. Part I. James Beresford, AM. 8vo. 14s. 16 18. Proofs, 17. 11s. 6d.

The Old English Drama, No. II. conSketches of the Principal Picture Gal. leries in England, with a Criticism on

taining, “A pleasant Conceited Comedy, Hogarth's Marriage à la Mode. Foolscap,' Wife from a Bad.” Crown 8vo. 2s.6d.

showing how a Man may choose a Good 8vo. 58. Medicine and Surgery.

demy 4s. Observations on Injuries of the Spine, Acts, with Historical Notes, and Minor

The Brides of Florence; a Play, in Five and of the Thigh Bone; in Two Lectures, Poems. By Randolph Fitzroy Eustace. delivered in the School of Great Windmill 8vo. 106. 6á. Street. Illustrated with Nine Plates. By Charles Bell. 4to. 16s.

Thcology. An Introduction to Anatomy and Phy- Sumner, on the Ministerial Character siology, for the Use of Medical Students of Christ. 10s. 6d. and Men of Letters. By Thomas Sand. The Schoolboy's Manual. 18mo. 2s. wich, Surgeon. Foolscap, 9s.

Family Prayers, from the Bible. 8vo.

59. Miscellaneous.

Best Intentions, or Reflections and Greek Grammar, Translated from the Thoughts for Youth, Maturity, and Age. German of Phillip Buttman. 8vo. 8s. 62.

Pearson's Practical Astronomy. Vol. I, The Religious World Displayed. By Royal 4to. 61. 38.

the Rev. Robert Adam, MA. Abridged The Economy of the Eyes : Precepts from the larger Work. 12mo. 6s. for the Improvement and Preservation of A System of Ethics, for the Use of the Light. By William Kitchener, MD. Schools. By S. M. Ready, 2s. 6d. Author of the Cook's Oracle. 78.

A Third Course of Practical Sermons; The Chimney Sweeper's Friend, and expressly adapted to be read in Families. Climbing Boy's Album. Edited by James By the Rev. Harvey Marriott, Rector of Montgomery: 12mo. 9s.

Claverton. 8vo. 108. 6d. Scottowe's Life of Shakspeare. 2 Vols. The Holy Life of Mrs. Elizabeth 8vo. Il. ls.

Walker.. By Anthony Walker, DD. A The Periodical Press of Great Britain new Edition, abridged and revised by the and Ireland: or, An Inquiry into the State Rev. J. W. Brooks, Domestic Chaplain of the Public Journals, chiefly as regards to Lord Viscount Galway. Foolscap, their Moral and Political Influence. Fools. 35. 6d. The Blank Book of a Small Colleger.

Voyages and Travels. 12mo. 45.

Tours to the British Mountains, with the Second Series of the Myriorama, con. Descriptive Poems of Lowther and Emont sisting entirely of Italian Scenery, and ca- Vale. By Thomas Wilkinson. Post 8vo. pable of a greater number of changes than 8s. 6d. the former Series. Price 11. 45. in an The Private Journal of Captain G. F. clegant box.

Lyon, of H. M. S. Hecla, during the re


cap, 6s.

cent Voyage of Discovery under Captain Frozen Sea and Kamschatka ; performed Parry, with a Map and Plates. 8vo. 168. during the Years 1820, 21, 22, and 23, by

Narrative of a Pedestrian Journey Captain John Duncan Cochrane, of the through Russia and Siberian Tartary, Royal Navy. With Maps. 8vo. 185. from the Territories of China to the

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. The Rev. Charles Hawkins, Rector of Kelston, Mr. Fitzgerald at Drumcolliber.-His Royal Somersetshire, and Vicar of Coaley, Gloucester- Highness the Duke of Sussex has been pleased to shire, to the Prebend of Barnby Moor, in the Ca- appoint the Rev. W. E. L. Faulkner, MA. of thedral of York.-The Hon. and Right Rev. Henry Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and Rector of Ryder, DD. Lord Bishop of Litchfield and Coven. St. John's, Clerkenwell, one of bis Domestic try, underwent the ceremony of installation, in Chaplains.--The Rev. Samuel Seyer, MA. to the the Cathedral of Litchfield, April 27.-The Rev. Rectory of Filton, Gloucestershire, on the presen. Reginald Chandos Pole, MA. of St. Mary's Hall, tation of Mrs. Manley.-The Reverend William has been promoted to the Rectory of Radbourn, Spooner, MA. to the Rectory of Acle, Norfolk.Derbyshire, vacant by the death of the Rev. Ed- The Rev. R. Downes, to the Vicarage of Leamingwaru Pole, BCL.-Rev. Thomas Cooke, MA. Do-- ton Priors, Warwickshire. mestic Chaplain to the Earl of Malmesbury, has OXFORD:-The Rev. George Chandler, DCL. been instituted to the Vicarage of Brigstock-cum- some time Fellow of New College, is appointed Stanion, vacant by the death of the Rev. Talbot Canon Bampton's Lecturer for the year 1825.Keene.--Rev. R. Roberts, MA, Vicar of Haverhill, The Rev. John Thornton, some time Fellow of Suffolk, to the Vicarage of Blyton, Cambridge- Wadham College, and now Rector of Wisborough shire.-Rev. Robert Jarratt, BA. Scholar of St. green, in the Diocese of Chichester; and the John's College, Cambridge, has been instituted to Rev. Thomas Prince, Fellow of Wadham College, the Vicarage of Lockington-cum-Hemington, in and Chaplain to the British Residents at Brussels, Leicestershire.-The King has presented the Rev. have been admitted Doctors in Divinity. William Chester, MA. to the Rectory of Walpole CAMBRIDGE :- Robert Bentley Buckle, Esq. St. Peter, in the county of Norfolk and Diocese of BA. of Sidney College, is elected Mathematicar Norwich, void by the death of the Rev. John Lecturer of that Society.-Thomas Worsley, BA. Cross Morphew.-The Rev. William Benn, Curate of Trinity College, is elected a Clerical Fellow of of Middleton, is presented by the Vicars Choral to Downing College.-The Rev. Henry Freeland, the Living of Kilioylan, in the room of the Rev. Rector of Hasketon, in Suffolk, is appointed alterGeorge Vincent, resigned.-The Rev. Michael nate Morning Reader of St. Philip's Chapel, Fitzgerald, PP, of Drumcolliher, is promoted to Westminster; and on the same day, alternate the parish of Askeaton, vice Hanlon, deceased. Afternoon Lecturer of the same Chapel. The Rev. Mr. Shannalan, late Curate, succeeds

April 22.-At Westwood, near Southampton, the

Tady of Rear-Admiral Otway, a son.
25. The Hon. Mrs. Carleton, a daughter.
26. At Woolwich, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Parker,

a danghter.
27. In Saville-row, Mrs. Vernon Smith, a son.
- At Barton-house, Warwickshire, the lady of

Henry Paxton, Esq. a daughter.
May 4.-In Streaton-street, Lady Jane Peel, a

- Lately, the Marchioness of Blandford, a son.
6. In Berkeley-square, the Countess of Jersey,

a daughter. - In Bernard-street, Russell-square, the lady of

Edward Holroyd, Esq. a son. 7. At Woolwich, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Payne, * Royal Artillery, a son. 9. At Woolwich, the lady of Capt. Russell, R. A.

& son. 10. lo Grosvenor-square, Lady Charlotte Cal.

thorpe, wife of the Hon. Frederick Calthorpe, a

daaghter. 13. The lady of Samuel Crawley. MP. a son. - At Harewood-house, Hanover-square, the Hon.

Mrs. Lascelles, a son. - At Ibornden, the lady of C. Tylden Pattinson, Esq. a son.

Lately, the lady of Sir E. F. Stanhope, Bart. a - The Hon. Mrs. Bland, a son, 17. In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, the lady of

A. W. Robarts, MP. a daughter. - At Stratfield Turgis, the lady of Lieut.-Col. Sir

Guy Campbell, Bart. a son. 21. At East Barnes, Lady Wheelen, a daughter.

· Henniker, Rector, John Heaton, Esq. of Plasherton, Denbighshire, to the Hon. Elizabeth Anne Henniker, eldest daughter of Lord Hen

piker. 23. By Special License, at the Duchess of Argyle's,

Upper Brook-street, Lord Francis Conyngham, to Lady Jane Paget, daughter of the Marquis of Anglesea. After the ceremony, her Grace gave a most sumptuous entertainment, and the newmarried pair set off for Cumberland Lodge,

Windsor Park. 24. At Millbrook, near Southampton, Lieut. Or.

lando Orlebar, RN. son of the late Richard OrJebar, Esq. of Hinwick-house, Bedfordshire, to Helen, only daughter of the late Admiral Aplin. - At Marylebone Church, by the Lord Bishop of Ely, the Rev. Wm. White, MA. Vicar of Strad. brooke, Suffolk, to Elizabeth, daughter of the

late Mr. Sergeant Marshall, of Teddington. May 1.--At St. James's, by the Dean of Canter

bury, Signor Bertioli, to Finetta Caroline Goff,

of Hackney, 3. By Special License, George Dyer, Esq. of Clif

ford's Inn, to Mrs. Mather, relict of the late

Thos. Mather, Esq. of the Inner Temple. 4. At Gosport, by his father, the Rev. Rich. Biog

ham, jun. to Frances Campbell, daughter of the late James Barton, Esq. of Mount Pleasant, in

the Island of Jamaica.
- At St. Margaret's, Westminster, by the Rev. T.

F. Luttrell, the Rev. Alex. Fownes Luttrell,
Rector of Quinstockhead, Somersetshire, to
Jade, youngest daughter of Wm. Leader, Esq.

MP. of Putney Hill, Surrey.
5. The Rev. Sir Thomas Miller, Bart. to Martha,

eldest daughter of the Rev. John Holines, of

Bungay, Suffolk. 6. At St. Mary's, Lambeth, Dr. Thos. Rees, of

Upper Keunington Green, to Elizabeth, eldest

daughter of John Jacks, Esq. of the same place. - At Camberwell, the Rev. W. Swete, second son

of the late Rev. John Swete, of Oxton House,
Devonshire, to Mary Anne, youngest danghter of
David Gordon, Esq, of Abergeldie, NB. and
Dulwich Hill, Surrey.


April 19.-At St. George's, Hanover-square, Edward
Hoare, Esq. eldest son of Sir Joseph Wallis
Hoare, Bart. to Harriet, youngest daughter of
the late Thomas Harvey Barritt, Esq. of Gar.

brand Hall, Surrey.
21, At Thornbarn, Suffolk, by the Rev. Brydges


[June, 6. At St. Pancras, Lieut, Arthur Davies, RN. to 6. In Edward.street, Portman Square, Thomas

Elizabeth, second daughter of Geo. Matcham, Cartwright, Esq.
Esq. and niece of the Right Hon. Earl Nelson. At Brompton, aged 84, Captain Boyer, RN.

At Liverpool, by the Rev. W. Parker, Thomas 7. At Ealing, Major Aldridge, aged 85.
Parker, Esq. of Browsholme, Yorkshire, and Mrs. Fairfax, of Southampton-row, Russell
Alkincoats, Lancaster, to Mary, second daugh- Square, widow of Capt. w. Fairfax, formerly
ter of Wm. Molyneaux, Esq. of Liverpool.

Commander of the Hon. East India Company's - The Rev.J. Peel, son of Sir Robt. Peel, Bart. ship, Hugh Inglis.

to Angusta, daughter of John Swinfen, Esq. of 8. Louisa, wife of Witney Melbourne West, Esq. Swinfen House, Staffordshire.

of Hammersmith, only daughter of Sir Michael 10. At Hampstead, Charles Holford, Esq. to Mary Crome, Bart. of Teddiøgton

Park, Bedfordshire, Anne, eldest daughter of Edward Toller, Esq. and grand-dangbter of Ford, 5th Earl of Cavan. - At Marylebone Church, Philip Saltmarshe, 10. At Skeffington Hall, Leicestershire, Thomas, Esq. of Saltmarshe, Yorkshire, to Harriet, second son of John Bright, Esq. in his 23d year. youngest daughter of Robert Davison, Esq. of 13. At Thavies Inn, Robert Mudro, of Novar, St. Kiluwick Percy, in the same county.

Thomas in the East, Jamaica. 12. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Marquis - In Henrietta-street, Brunswick Square, Mr. of Exeter, to Isabella, daughter of Wm. Poyuts, Samuel John Neele, of the Strand. Esg. of Grosvenor-place.

15. In her 18th year, Elizabeth Mary, eldest By the Rev. John Taylor, Rector of Hainford, daughter of the late Hon. William Grey. Thomas Blake, Esq. of Doctors-Commons, to - At Mrs. Horne's, Rassell Square, where she Maria Emily, youngest daughter of Thomas was on a visit, Mrs. James, wife of John James, Cubitt, Esq. of Honing Hall, Norfolk.

Esg. of Esher, Surrey,
13. At Walton-upon-Thames, the Rev. R. A. St. Lately, Francis Maseres, Esq. MA. FRS. Cursitor

Leger, of Star Cross, near Exeter, to Charlotte, Baron of the Excbequer.
second daughter of Sir John Frederick, Bart. of 18. At Islington, in his 81st year, the Rev. George
Burwood Park.

Strahan, DD. Prebendary of Rochester, Rector 16. By Special License, St. George's, Hanover- of Kingsdown, Kent, and upwards of 50 years square, by the Dean of Durham, Sir Francis Vicar of Islington. Vincent, Bart, to Miss Herbert, daughter of the Hon. Mrs. Herbert, of Grosvenor-street. After

IRELAND the ceremony they set off for Lord Rob. Spencer's In Merrion Square, Dublin, Mrs. Brownlow, re. seat, Woolbeding.

lict of the Right Hon, William Brownlow, and - At the Isle of Wight, John George Campbell, inother of the Couutess of Darnley, and VisEsq. Lieut. 32d Regt. Foot, youngest son of countesses Powerscourt and De Vesci. Lieut.-Col. John Campbell, of Shawfield, NB. to Eilen, fourth daughter of Sir Fitzwilliam At Lyons, the Hon. William Moore, last surviving

ABROAD. Barrington, Bart. of Swainston. Isle of Wight. 17. At St. Pancras, Captain Caulfield, eldest son

brother of the Earl of Mountcashell. of Colonel Caulfield, of Benown, Ireland, to

At St. Petersburg, Dr. Charles Sympson, aged 28. Anne Lovell, eldest daughter of James Bury,

At Gato, G. Belzoni, the celebrated traveller. He Esq. of St. Leonard's, Nazing, Essex.

was buried the next day, and the following in18. At Clapham, Samuel Wilson, Esq. of White scription was placed upon his tomb: " Here lie

Hall, Essex, to Mrs. Devis, widow of the cele. the remains of G. Belzoni, who was attacked brated painter.

with dysentery at Benin (on his way to Houssa

and Timbuctoo) November 26, and died at this! ABROAD. At Paris, at the Hotel of the British Ambassador,

place December 3, 1823.” At the time of his Theodore Dickens, Esq. of Lincolu's lon, Bar

death every thing was arranged with the king

of Benin for his departure; and there is no rister-at-law, to Maria, daughter of J. Bridge

doubt he would have succeeded. He passed man, Esq. of Versailles.

with the king and nobles for a native of the

interior who had been in England since his DEATHS.

youth, and was then returning home; and wore

a Moorish dress, and a beard a foot long. The April 28.-In Soho-square, Richard Payne Knight,

distance from Benin to Houssa is about 25 days Esq: a gentleman well kpown in the literary

journey. His guard was to have left him at the world, as one of the most eminent Greek scho

latter place, whence he was to have proceeded ·lars of the present day. He has bequeathed his

to Timbuctoo by himself. matchless colleetion of medals, drawings, and

At Missolonghi, on the 19th of April, the Right bronzes, worth at least 30,0001, to the British

Hon. George Gordon Byron Lord Byron: he Museum; among the drawings is a volume of

had exposed himself on the oth to a violent Claude's, which Mr. Knight purchased for 1,6001.

rain, the consequence of which was a severe of a person who a few days before had giveo 31.

cold, and he was immediately confined to his for it.

bed. The low state to which he had been re29. In Weymouth-street,, James

duced made him unwilling to be bled, and he Woods, Esq. Registrar of his Majesty's mixed

absolutely refused to submit to that remedy. commission for the abolition of slavery, Sierra

The friends near him at the time were Prince Leone.

Mavrocordato, Mr. Parry. (who had orga

nised the artillery and engineer corps for the May 1.- The Rev. Francis Thomas Hamond, Rec- Greeks. at Missolonghi), Mr. Bourke, and tor of Wydford, Herts.

Count Gamba. Letters from the last-mentioned - At the Episcopal Palace, Chichester, aged gentlemen conveyed the Intelligence to Lord

nearly 90, the Rev. Dr. Buckner, Bishop of that Sidney Osborne. Lord Byron had latterly See, to which he succeeded in 1798, on the de- directed all his energies to the Greek cause, and cease of Bishop Sir W. Ashburnham, Bart. His had succeeded in stirring up the inhabitants of Lordship was son of Richard Buckner, Esq. for that part of the country where he resided, to an many years steward to the Duke of Richmond, almost inconceivable enthusiasm. One letter to whom the Bishop and his brother, the late from Corfu, dated April 23, states, that his Admiral Charles Buckner, owed their advance- Lordship died possessed of considerable proment in life.

perty, having received large sums from England Margaret, wife of Charles Adams, Esq. of Spen- for the purpose of investment. His title decer Lodge, Wandsworth Common, and eldest scends to George Anson Byron, Esq. a Post daughter of Sir L. H. Maclean, MD. of Sudbury, Captain in the Royal Navy. Since the arrival Suffolk.

of the intelligence of his Lordship's decease, Lately, at Eaton Lodge, near Norwich, Mrs. Yal. Mr. Thomas Moore has, out of delicacy, it is lop.

said, to some of his surviving relatives, de2. In Russell Place, Archibald Cullen, Esg. of stroyed the MS. containing his poble friend's

the Middle Temple, one of his Majesty's Coun. auto-biographical memoirs, just at the time sel, and youngest son of the late celebrated Dr. when the public were looking impatiently forCullen.

ward to the announcement of its publication. At his house in Park Crescent, Portland Place, At Montreal, Canada, James Henderson, Esq. after a lingering illness, John Brickley Cowell, son of the

late Dr. Robert Henderson, Physician, Esq. in his 64th year,

of Dundee,

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