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544_Mr. Chatterton, harp-player, Ries' Stanzas from the Italian of Lorenzo de'

Farewell Concert, Griesbach's illness, Medici, 59.

Mr. Wheeler, bass-singer, risk attending

The Gallant Auld Carle,' 75.

Concerts, legal dispute between Mr. Spanish Romances : viz.


Morris and Miss Paton, 545— New Mu- awake, my sleeping soul,' 84.

sic, 546-King's Theatre : Madame Come Wandering Sheep,' 86.

Pasta, Madame Ronzi di Begnis, 672.- • While to Bethlehem we are going,' 87.

Remorini, Ambrogetti, Rossini's Ugo, • The maiden is disquieted,' 87.

Pasta, 673—Catalani, Aristocratical Nay! Shepherd, nay!' 87.

Concerts, 674–Concerts, Royal Acade- • The Good Old Count,' 88.

my, New Publications, 675.

• Lovely Flowret,' 89.

• A Thousand Times I seek,' 89.

Naples, 24-re-establishment of the Je. "I march me to the field,' 90.

suits at, 229.

• Ines sent a kiss to me,' 90.

National character, Kant on, 381.

"That's a lie !' 91.

Navy, flogging in, 139.

Grimaldi's Lament, 95.

Nelly, George, 528.

The Three Fountains, from the Old

Nicolai, his hypothesis respecting the Free- Sclavonico Polish, 132.

masons, 653.

The Nightingale, from the Dutch of

Night, 119.

Visscher, 142.

Notes from the Pocket Book of a late Song of the Maidens, 151.

Opium-Eater, No. IV. False distinc- The Battle of Waterloo, from the French

tions, 642_Madness, 645–English of de la Vigne, 154.

Physiology, 646.

Christian Greece, 156 do.

Union, 158 do.

Observations on the Ghost-Player's Guide, Parthenope and the Stranger, 160 do.


Goethe's Dedication to his Poems, 186.

Old Letters, 615.

Stanzas from the Polish of Zimorowicz,

Ophelia, on the madness of, 487.


Opposites, knowledge of things derived Two Sonnets from the Italian of Tebal-

from an acquaintance with their oppo- deo, 205.

sites, 121.

Sonnet: • Sweet Lonely Wood,' from

Orlando Furioso, Rose's Translation of, Della Casa, 206.


• Soul that to us descendest,'

from Celio Magno, 206.

Palermo, supposed origin of, 389-festi-
val of St. Rosalia, 390-remains of

Father of Heaven,' from Vit-

Moorish architecture, 390 --- mummy

toria Colonna, 207.

German Epigrams, 237, 364, 599.

caves, 391.

Sonnet: When I behold a foot-ball,'

Pæstum, walk to, 122.

Paracelsus, 140.

from Jamyn, 252.

• Ere day is dead, on many a

Parry, Captain, Second Voyage of Disco-

verdant spray,' 271.

Know'st thou the land where the Citron

Penmanship, 513.
Petty, Sir W., his Law of Value, 353.

tree grows ?' from Goethe, 285; (see

also page 527.)

Philosophic minds, two divisions of, 120.

Physiology, English, 646.

The Rhapsodist; Morning, 291.

Pirate's Treasure, a tale, 261.

Sonnet : Life has its wintry time ere

sullen age,' 292.

Plagiarisms, recent poetical, 277.

Chorus from Vondel, 300.

Poetry, Dutch, 300—the characteristic poe-

Translation from Hooft, 302.

try of the present age, 424—why not

The Fighting Gladiator, 332.

successfully cultivated by Kings, 639.

Gordon of Brackley, 355.

Poetry :

Lines on a Picture of Love riding on a

Cupid's Revenge, from Menzini, 4,

Tiger, 372.

(L. H.)

Translations from Vauquelin, 27, &c.

The Partition of the Earth, from Schil.

ler, 380.

· Shady valleys,' Idyle, from ditto, 31.

· There is no God, &c.' Sonnet from

Sonnet : “ There was a silent spot where

I have been,' 388.

Cotta, 33.

from Costanzo, 431.

Poet of Greece,' do. from Fracastoro,33.

Ariosto, 432.

Sweet stream whose murmurs,' do. from

Bernardo Tasso, 432.

Cngaro, 44.

• Give me that free-born heart

• Oft on the recollection,' do. from Lo-

that will not bear,' 452.

renzo de' Medici, 34.

Good Old Times, 452.

The Indifference of Nature, from Chê.

The Rhapsodist ; Noon, 466.

nedollé, 35.

The Two Ravens; an Old Scottish Bal.

Stanzas to the memory of Richard Allen,

lad, 484.



On the Death of an Infant, from the --Parliamentary business, 326_Bud.

Dutch, 500.

get, 327-Spain : Unsettled state of the

Stanzas to M. F. M. 500.

country, 433_Brazils : New Constitu-

The Nightingale and the Thorn, 516. tion; France; South America, defeat of
· Knowest thou the land in which the a Peruvian force by the Royalists ; Do-

citron blows,' from Goethe, 527; see mestic, 434- Debate on Delays in
also page 285.

Chancery, Public Buildings, 435_Re-

Song : Thou tell'st me that the Rose duction of Taxes, 436_Representation

is dead,' 541.

of the City of Edinburgh, Bear-baiting,

Kitty, 581.

&c., Flogging in the army, Irish Tithes,

The Mill, 582.

437 — Proposed Recognition of South

The Pirate's Song, 598.

American States, 438-West India Co-

Sonnet from M. Angelo, 612.

lonies, Sir R. Wilson, 439—France:

Casaregi, 613.

King's Speech, 568--Spain, 569--Success

Firenzuola, ib.

of the Greeks, 570-House of Commons,
Montemagno, 614. Alien Bill, 570—Education in Ireland,
Tarsia, ib.

Irish Roman Catholic Burials, 571-

Stanzas, Farewell, farewell,' 615. Slave Trade Piracy Bill, 572_Fees at

Death, 622.

Westminster Abbey, State of Ireland,

Poets, Early French, see French, Royal. 573_ British Troops slain by the Ashan-
Political Economy, Mr. Ricardo's services tees, 676—Spain : the amnesty Insur-

to, 308—Dialogues on, 341-Dialogue I. rection in Portugal, 677-Departure of
on the Elementary Principle, 347– Iturbide for Mexico, 678— Death of
II. 427 – III. on the Principle of Lord Byron, 679—Domestic ; French
Value, 547—IV. on the use and abuse force at the Brazils ; Employment of
of two celebrated distinctions in the the Poor in Ireland, 679_Budget, Irish
Theory of Value, 550-V. on the imme.

Church Establishment, 680-Salt Duty,
diate Úses of the New Theory of Value, Judges' Salaries, 681-State of Ireland,
557_VI. on the Objections to the new Leather Tax, 682—Charges against the
Law of Value, 561.

Duke of Manchester, House of Lords,
Pompeii, 122.

Pozzo di Borgo, 102.

Pyramids, Mexican, 522.

Prophetic dew drops, 117.

Prose by a Poet, review of, 202.

Public Events : Spain, Entry of Ferdinand Quarterly Review on Tithes, 162.

into Madrid, Pozzo di Borgo's speech

to him, a Council of Ministers instituted Rahere, jester to Henry I., 399.

by Ferdinand, 102—and dismissed by Ramsey, AM. account of, 657, note.

him, new ministry, retirement of Mo. Recollections of Italy, 21.

rillo and Ballasteros, 103-military oc- Review : Memoirs of Rossini, 189-Hajji

cupation of Spain by French troops for Baba, 193— Prose by a Poet, 202-

three years, conduct towards Riego; Smyth's Memoir of Sicily and its Islands,

France, triumphal entry of the Duc 245—Sabbath among the Mountains, 290

D'Angoulême, 104_General Guillemi. - Batavian Anthology, 300 — Byron's

not; discontents at Jamaica, 105– Deformed Transformed, 315—Captain

Greece, Surrender of the Castle of Co. Parry's Second Voyage, 474-Rose's

rinth ; South America, Annuity granted Translation of the Orlando Furioso, 623.

to Bolivar, quarrel between the Mexican Reviewers, 118.
Government and Spanish merchants, 106 Rewards and Punishments, in education,
-Arrival of Mina in England, of Ar. 511.
guelles, &c. at Dublin, 107–Ireland, Ricardo, Mr., his services to Political
108—-America, Opening of Congress, Economy, 308—his system of ditto, 341
Proscription of the African Slave Trade, -how far he is obscure, 344_distribu-
215–Policy towards the revolted Colo- tion of his work, 346—his theory of
nies of Spain, 216–Subscriptions for value, 547, 550_uses of his discovery
the Greeks, 217—Ferdinand's decree in Political Economy, 560.
for abolishing the Constitution of South Richard III. after the manner of the An-
America, 218—Brazils : Congress dis- cients, 603_Euripides, ib.-Sophocles,

solved by the Emperor, 219- Spain : 607_Æschylus, 609.

Arrest of females, 321—financial plans, Richter, John Paul, Analects from, 117–

322_Project for Irish Body Guards, Dream upon the universe, 242.

Greece: Defeat of the Turks, Greek Rock, Capt. Memoirs of, review of, 583-

Loan, Death of Sir T. Maitland ; Por. account of Rock, 593.

tugal: Meditated descenton South Rose, Mr., his Translation of Orlando Fu.

America, 323 — Bolivar's entry into rioso, 623– its merits, 626.

Lima ; Hostilities between England and Rosicrucians and Free-masons, origin of, 5

Algiers, Domestic, King's Speech, 324 -rise and earliest records of, 140-dif.


ferent authors on, 148_J. a Campis, Stars, 120.
Sperber, Brotoffer, and Maier, 148 Statues, Mexican, 252.

no lodges of the order, in Germany, 150. Superstition, 385, of the Esquimaux, 483.
Rossini, Memoirs of, 189—his appearance Swearing, cursory remarks on, 465.

at the Opera, 209—his wife Madame Swedenborgianism, Kant on, 487.
Colbran Rossini, 210—his opera of Ugo,

Rosycross, Christian, account of, 142.

Tales: Son and Heir, 14—Another Bode
Royal Poets, 638—Henry VI. and VIII.

for Bodenton, 71-The Pirate's Trea-
640—Adrian, David, 641.

sure, 261—The Bride of Modern Italy,

Sabbath among the Mountains, review of, Tarlton, R., the jester, 517.

Tasso, compared with Ariosto, 624.
Savages of North America, 386-state of Templars, Dialogues of three, on Political
women among, 387.

Economy, see Political.

Savings Banks, scheme of, recommended Templars, Knights, not the origin of the

by Persons the Jesuit, 622.

Free-masons, 657.

Schiller's Life, Part II., 1783-90, 37-

Terentius Secundus, J. Lacy's reply to,

his Thalia, 40—-Philosophic Letters, 41


-Don Carlos, 46—minor poems, 52– Theatre, importance attached to, in Ger.

Ghost-seer, ib.-residence at Weimar,

many, 39.

53–History of the Revolt of the Ne: Thurtell

, trial of, 165—his address to the

therlands, 57-removes to Jena, 58.

court, 179-execution, 184.

Schools, new plan of government for, 414 Tragedy, no good one by a female, 92–

Tithes, the Quarterly Review on, 160.

courts for trials, &c. in, 415.
Scott, Sir W., poetical imitations by, 278.

defects of modern tragedy, 61, 274-
Scylla, 391.

Mirandola, 275–Lord Byron's trage-

Seamen, pressing of, 139.

dies, 276_Poetic school of, 471_the

Self-sacrifice, dignity of man in, 121.

Rhetoric and Poetic Schools compared,
Sensuality, the characteristic of the poetry of Trial of Thurtell and Hunt, for the mur-

the present age, 425.

Seven Sleepers, legend of, 70.

der of Mr. Weare, 165.

Sexes, their powers compared, 293_their Tuscany, 24.

conversational characteristics, 299.
Shakspeare, see Hamlet—his art in the Value, the doctrine of, in Political Eco-

management of that character, 651-his nomy, 347—the principle of, 547-dis-
Richard III. imagined after the manner

tinction between real and nominal value,
of the Ancients, 603.


Shee, Mr., his letter relative to his tragedy Van Butchell, Martin, 286.

of Alasco, 313.

Venice, 22.

Ship, 313-picture of one when prize- Ver-Vert, Gresset's, 642, note.

inoney has been paid, 137.

Visit Incog. of the Devil to Ireland, 453.

Sicily, and its Islands, 245—language, Universal Reformation, account of that

250—Ægesta, 389 — Palermo, 390 - work, 141.
Scylla, 391 – Fata Morgana, 392_fes, Universe, Dream on the, 242.
tival of the Barra, ib.-Charybdis, 390 University Degrees, 622.
-the Latomiæ, 393.

Vondel, translation from, 300.

Sketches of Paul Jones, 492.

Smith, Adam, his theory of Value, 348, Wages, doctrine of, 351.

355_his Wealth of Nations, 354, note Walk to Pæstum, &c. 122–Pompeii, 123

-his distinction between nominal and -Nocera, 124-ancient temples, ditto-

real value, 551, 554.

La Cava and monastery, 125– Vietri,

Smyth's memoir of Sicily, review of, 245. Salerno, 127-ancient castle, 128_gal-
Son and Heir, a Tale, 14.

ley slaves, 129 - conversation with a

Sophocles, supposed drama of Richard III. shepherd, 130-Eboli, 131.

by, 607.

Warton, his hypothesis as to the Rowleian

Southey, poetical imitations of, 278.
Spanish, character, 382.

Weare, Mr., narrative of his murder, 169.

Romances, 84.

Wonen, rarely gifted with genius, 296–

Spenser, his description of the misery of do not possess imagination in a greater

Ireland in the reign of Elizabeth, 588. degree than men, 642.

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Lorenzo de Medici ..

34 REPORT of Music, and Review of

The Indifference of Nature, from the New Musical Publications... 96

French of Chênedollé..

35 Sketch of Foreign Literature.


Stanzas to the Memory of Richard VIEW OF Public Affairs, Agri-

Allen, by Edward Ward, Jun.... 35 culture, Commerce .....


SCHILLER'S LIFE and WRITINGS, Literary Intelligence, and List of Books

Part II.



To his Settlement at Jena, 1783

Ecclesiastical Preferments



37 Births, Marriages, and Deaths ...111, 112



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