Historical Dictionary of Kosova

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Scarecrow Press, 2004 - 288 էջ
Kosova is an ancient land, yet it was only recently "discovered" by the Western world. It first caught the attention of the media during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s. Since that time, most books written about Kosova have concentrated on the 1998-1999 Kosova War, the appalling political oppression and human rights situation under Serb rule, the resulting humanitarian and security crisis, the current issue of status and independence, and the international politics thereof. Despite all of this sudden attention and the institutionalized presence of the international community there since 1999, Kosova as a country is still not well known. Historical Dictionary of Kosova presents Kosova in a broader framework, focusing not only on many of the above-mentioned issues that are still worthy of attention, but also on the country with its rich culture and long history. Kosova is a European country of more than two million people, a land of poets and writers, painters and sculptors, scholars and artists. It is a land of cultural monuments, including finely ornamented Ottoman mosques and old Orthodox churches and monasteries, of oriental bazaars, of battlefields, and of breathtaking landscapes. Kosova is also a country with substantial natural resources and with a young and optimistic population teeming to keep its homeland free and, at the same time, to make it an integral part of Europe. Herein, the reader will find more than 370 entries that profile figures of history, contemporary public figures and political leaders, and individuals who have made notable contributions to the arts and scholarship. Where not otherwise stated, these persons are of Albanian ethnicity. The dictionary entries are complemented by an introductory essay, chronology, and extensive bibliography. A large proportion of the material in this dictionary has never appeared in English, enabling readers of all levels to discover new information, making Kosova much more accessible.

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Robert Elsie is a leading specialist in Albanian affairs. He is the author of twenty-five books on Albania, including literary translations from Albanian, and of many articles and research papers. He is a freelance writer and conference interpreter, primarily for Albanian and German. He is the author of Historical Dictionary of Albania.

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