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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

BEN JONSON's Discoveries.



Printed for



C. Baldwin, Printer,

New Bridge-street, London.


ABBEY of La Trappe, recent visit to, 135 Baxter, the Nonconformist, 368.

-rules of, 136.

Abeona transport, loss of, 225.

Actors, Observations on, 202-salaries of,


Belzoni's Narrative, 87.

Benson, Edgeworth, Travels and Opinions
of, No. I. 9-No. II, 173.
Bentham, Mr. 373.

Bibliomania, decline of, 447.

Ambrosian Library, 273.

Anthology, Bowring's Russian, 316.

Antiquities in France, 565.

Antiquity, our ideas of, dependent on the

obscurity of history, 528.

Antologia, a new Italian journal, 100.
Antwerp, Literary Society of, 566.
Apocryphal Scriptures, 101.
Apotheosis of Homer, bas relief of, 91.
Araujo d'Azeredo, Marquis, 290.
Architectural Antiquities, 219-Lectures
by Mr. Elmes, 220-Museum, Mr.
Soane's, 431.

Ariosto, Memoir of, 63.

Aristophanes, 248.

Artificial objects in poetry, 600-natural
interest ingrafted on, 603.

Atherstone's Poems, reviewed, 379.

Aspasia, 246.

Austria, Emperor of, visit to, at Venice,


Auto-biography of John Huggins, 375.
Ayrshire Legatees, remarks on those pa-
pers, 92.

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Blackwood's Magazine, 76.

Bloomfield, R. 431.

Boccacio, his story of the falcon, 603.

Bognadovich, extracts from, 320.

Bonaparte, opinions respecting, 180-po-

licy of, 180-system of, 181.

Books, on Reading Old, 128-New, 129

Preparing for Publication, 108,

230, 346, 461, 578, 693.

Lately Published, 109, 231, 347,
462, 579, 694.

Botanical gardens, 685.

Bowring's Specimens of the Russian Poets,
reviewed, 322.

Bowyer's Print of the House of Lords, 430.
Brydges, Sir Egerton, Res Literariæ, 207,


B-nb-ry, Sir Charles, 40.
Burger's Leonora, 149.

Burke's Reflections on the French Revo-

lution, 133.

Büström, the Swedish sculptor, memoir of,


Byron, Lord, critique on, 50-his no-

toriety, 51-the interest of his poetry,
to what ascribed, 51-his empirical
egotism, 52-his sorrows too affected,
52 his self-accusations suspicious, 53
-indecency of his Don Juan, 54-
worse tendency of his serious poetry,
55-his immorality, radical, 56-Incon-
gruity between his Poetical and Personal
existence, 57-character of his poetry,
57 its eloquence, 60 his female

characters, 60, 61-his New Tragedy,

68-German Translations of his Giaour,

and Mazeppa, 336-at Venice, 176-his

Swimming across the Hellespont, 363-

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his Marino Faliero, reviewed, 550
German Translation of the Corsair, 567
-on his Letter on Pope, 593-the in-
fluence of his rank, 594-his definition
of canting, 598-his taste, 599.

Campbell, Mr. 590, 603.
Camporese, Madame, 448.
Canning, Mr. 159.

Cards, on Playing at, 161-Objections ·
against, considered, 164.

Cart, newly constructed, 221.

C, Lord, 42.

Catacomb at Nogent-les-Vierges, 337.

Catalani, Madame, 286.

Cervantes, New Life of, 221.

Celtic Race, Character of, 144-their

randola, 211-As You Like It, 215-

Montalto, 216-Miss Wilson, 216–

Friar Bacon, 216-No. XIV. the King's

Visit to the Thea res, 329-Artaxerxes,

330-Pizarro, 330-Richard III, 331-

Therese, 331-Twelfth Night, 331-

Don John, 332-No. XV, Richard III,

433-Stranger, 435-Love in a Village,

435-Conscience, 436-No. XVI, 559

-Venice Preserved, 560-The Duenna,

561-Virginius, 561. Undine, Jane

Shore, &c. 562-No. XVII, 669-the
Sieur Davoust, 669-Tempest, 670-
Provoked Husband, 671-Romeo and
Juliet; Miss Dance, 673-She Stoops
to Conquer; Liston, 673-Marino Fa-
liero, 673-She Would and She Would
Dramatic Sketches, Emily, 499-Count
Not; Harley, 674-the Benefits, 674.
Julius, 622.

Dutch Literature, 337.



Egyptian and Nubian Antiquities, 567.

Elia, character of himself, 6-accused as
a cockney scribbler, 69
papers by,

viz. On New Year's Eve, Mrs. Bat-

tle's Opinions on Whist, 165-a Chap-

ter on Ears, 263-All Fools' Day, 361

-a Quaker's Meeting, 385-the Old

and New Schoolmaster, 492 - My Rela-

tions, 611.

Elizabeth, Queen, admirably portrayed in
Kenilworth, 200.

England, blamed by the Venetians, 177.

Esquimaux, 646.

Etchings of Different Kinds of Men, No.
I.-The Humorous Man, 505.
Exhibition, Chalchographic, 432-at the
British Institution, 437.

Exmouth, Humphrey Nixon's Letter from,

Family Resemblances, 292.

Faulder, Richard, of Allanbay, 26.
Fine Arts, 370-at Madrid, 445-in the
Netherlands, 484.

316, 319.

Dissenters, Protestant, 184.

Don Quixote in Scythia, an Italian poem,
338, 413.

Drama, No. XII. Christmas pantomimes
-Vandenhoff, 83, 87—No. XIII. Mi-

Galileo, Memoir of, 62.

Gas-light introduced in Sweden, 100.
Gent's Poems, 427.

Gentleman, on the Look of a, 39-ditto

independent of natural defects, 41-

fine gentleman, 41-character of, 44.

German Ballads, 148.

Germany, Present State of Religious Par-
ties in, 299.

Gesenius, Professor, 303.

Goëthe, on Manzoni's Carmagnola, 423.
Grattan, Mr. 660.

Greek Theatre, modern, 686.

Lion's Head, 2, 123, 243, 359, 474, 591.

Literary Pocket Book, reviewed, 62.
Lisbon, Sketches in, 282.

Academy, 159.

and Scientific Intelligence, 99,

219, 336, 444, 565, 683.

Literature, Modern Greek, 447.

Living Authors, No. IV. Lord Byron, 51

-No. V. Crabbe, 484.

Lloyd's Poems, reviewed, 406.
Lockhart, Mr. 77.

Lomonosov, Russian Poet, 316.

Madrid, New Museum of Paintings at,
Manzoni's Carmagnola, critique on, by
445-Concerts at, 185.
Goëthe, 423.

Matthews, unrivalled excellence of, 666.

Martin's Belshazzar's Feast, 442.

Maturin, Mr. 430-on the writings of,

514-his poem, "The Universe," 563.

May-day Dream, 477.

Mazeppa, on Riding on Horseback, No. I.

33-No. II. 269.

Medals, cleaning of, 685.

Medwin's Sketches in Hindostan, 315.

Homer, Ambrosian Codex of, 273-Apo- Melmoth, the Wanderer, 96-reviewed,

theosis of, 91.

Horses, 636.

Hunt, Leigh, 62, 266.

Icebergs, 646.

Icelandic Literature, 338, 683.
Inesilla, 315.

Insanity, 72.

Intelligence, Literary and Scientific, 99,
219, 336, 444, 565, 683.

Ionian University, 336-Islands, Views

in, 566.

Ischia, Island of, 141, note.

Italian Literature, 221.

518-borrowed from Faustus, 518.

Memnon's Head, 125.

Meyrick, W. Memoir of, 490.

Milman, Mr. 313.

Mohocks, the, 76.

Montaigne, 35.

Monti, 423.

Moore's Almanack, 62, 100.

"" T. on the style of his Ballads,
97-his Selection of Irish Melodies, re-

viewed, 659-ditto, 676.

Morris, Capt. his Songs, 660.

Mozart, Memoir of, 210.

Müllner, the German Dramatist, 417.

Jacob, Mr. on the Ecclesiastical Establish- Mummies, galleries of, 91.

ments in Germany, 299.

John O'Groat's, letter from, 48.

Johnson, Dr. 71.

Jung, J. H. 149.

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