The Farmer's Guide, compiled for the use of the small farmers and cotter tenantry of Ireland

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Էջ 188 - He replied that, if he were ill, and his illness were severe and of long duration, it would press heavily upon him, because it would interrupt the whole farm-work ; and, in order to provide for his family, and to pay the doctor, he feared he should be obliged to sell part of his stock. If his wife and family were long ill, and he retained his strength, the doctor would give him credit, and he should be able to pay him by degrees in- the course of a year or two. The thought of applying for assistance...
Էջ 185 - In the greater part of the flat country of Belgium, the soil is light and sandy, and easily worked ; but its productive powers are certainly inferior to the general soil of Ireland, and the climate does not appear to be superior. To the soil and climate, therefore, the Belgian does not owe his superiority in comfort and position over the Irish cultivator.
Էջ 138 - She's long in her face, she's fine in her horn, She'll quickly get fat, without cake or corn, She's clear in her jaws, and full in her chine, She's heavy in flank, and wide in her loin. She's broad in her ribs, and long in her rump, A straight and flat back, with never a hump; She's wide in her hips, and calm in her eyes, She's fine in her shoulders, and thin in her thighs. She's light in her...
Էջ 98 - As soon as fairly out of ground, hoe the ground nicely, and pretty deeply, and again in a few days. When the plants have six leaves, which will be very soon, dig up, make fine, and manure another rod or two, and prick out the plants, 4000 of each in rows at eight inches apart and 3 inches in the row.
Էջ 185 - The farmer had no assistance besides that of his wife and children, excepting sometimes in harvest, when we found he occasionally obtained the aid of a neighbour, or hired a labourer at a franc per day. The whole of the land is dug with the spade, and trenched very deep ; but as the soil is light, the labour of digging is not great. The stock on the small farms which we examined consisted of a couple of cows, a calf or two, one or two pigs, sometimes a goat or two, and some poultry.
Էջ 187 - I could learn, there is no tendency to the subdivision of the small holdings. I heard of none under five acres, held by the, class of peasant farmers, and six, seven, or eight acres, is the more common size. The provident habits of these small farmers enable them to maintain a high standard of comfort, and they are therefore necessarily opposed to such subdivision.
Էջ 187 - Belgian peasant farmers ; and to these qualities they add a rigid economy, habitual sobriety, and a contented spirit, which finds its chief gratification beneath the domestic roof, from which the father of the family rarely wanders in search of excitement abroad. It was most gratifying to observe the comfort displayed in the whole economy of the households of these small cultivators, and the respectability in which they lived.
Էջ 13 - ... facility, and less strength than clay; — bear better the vicissitudes of the seasons ; — and seldom require any change in the rotation adopted. Above all, they are peculiarly well adapted for the convertible husbandry ; for they can be changed, not only without injury, but generally with benefit, from grass to tillage, and from tillage to grass. They should not, however, be kept in tillage too long, nor, while they are in cultivation, should two white crops be taken in succession. Loams are...
Էջ 99 - Yorks, and get them to be fine stout plants, as you did those in the falL Dig up the ground and manure it, and, as fast as you cut cabbages, plant cabbages, and in the same manner and with the same cultivation as before. Your last planting will be about the middle of August, with stout plants, and these will serve you into the month of November.
Էջ 188 - Bienfaisance, or charitable individuals, might perhaps afford him aid in such a difficulty ; but with evident marks of surprise at the suggestion, he replied cheerfully that he must take care of himself. If a sick club, or benefit society, were established among these people, so as to enable them by mutual assurance to provide for the casualty of sickness, the chief source of suffering to their families would be obviated, and there would be little left to wish for or amend in their social condition.

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