The British Homoeopathic Review, Том 27

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Стр. 707 - But the contest without a piano was like the play of Hamlet with the part of Hamlet left out. Plaintiff had sold pianos to Howard for over two years and had shipped many pianos to merchants for him, and had received from him notes of merchants to whom it had shipped pianos on his order. He had previously told it that he had an advertising plan; that he was supplying merchants with pianos all...
Стр. 367 - I am sorry to say that it will not be in my power to attend the meeting on Friday.
Стр. 713 - To eighteen adults — fourteen men and four women — we, ordered ten grains of the pure nitrite of sodium in an ounce of water, and of these seventeen declared that they were unable to take it. They came back protesting loudly, and required no questioning as to the symptoms produced. They seemed to be pretty unanimous on one point — that it was about the worst medicine they had ever taken.
Стр. 594 - AND is this all ? Can Reason do no more Than bid me shun the deep, and dread the shore ? Sweet moralist ! afloat on life's rough sea, The Christian has an art unknown to thee : He holds no parley with unmanly fears ; Where Duty bids he confidently steers, Faces a thousand dangers at her call, And, trusting in his God, surmounts them all.
Стр. 472 - A peculiar symptom now showed itself : deprivation of sight. The patient, who retained perfect consciousness, stated that in the horizontal position he could perceive a feeble ray of light, but that when he sat up he could not see at all; the pupils were so dilated that only a narrow ring of the iris was visible ; they were influenced by the light. He now complained of darting pains in the eyeballs.
Стр. 386 - You will often meet with children of a nervous, excitable frame of mind, who are, perhaps, naturally of a sensitive, nervous temperament, who are disturbed by the slightest noise, and are unable to go to sleep before ten or eleven o'clock at night. In such cases you will find it necessary to give a nervous sedative.
Стр. 482 - An hour is chosen midway between two meals, and, the patient lying in bed, the manipulator starts at the feet, and gently but firmly pinches up the skin, rolling it lightly between his fingers, and going carefully over the whole foot ; then the toes are bent and moved about in every direction, and next with the thumbs and fingers the little muscles of the foot are kneaded and pinched more largely, and the inter-osseous groups worked at with the finger-tips between the bones.
Стр. 308 - The linen-twisted forceps, from whose pangs No jaw at ease returns, puzzles the will, And makes it rather bear the ills it has Than fly to others that it knows not of. Thus dentists do make cowards of us all, And thus the native hue of resolution Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of fear ; And many a one, whose courage seeks the door, With this regard his footsteps turns away, Scared at the name of dentist.
Стр. 714 - ... felt sick, but did not actually vomit. This lasted about three hours. Another woman said she thought she would have died after taking a dose ; it threw her into a violent perspiration, and in less than five minutes her lips turned quite black and throbbed for hours ; it upset her so much that she was afraid she would never get over it. The only one of the fourteen patients who made no complaint after taking ten grains was powerfully affected by fifteen. He suffered from violent nausea, and his...
Стр. 736 - By the liberal use of milk and beef tea, and by keeping the weak and exhausted patient in a prone position both day and night, the subtle and charming effects of Arsenicum, as a restorative medicine, are made manifest in pleasant and abundant sleep at night, and a rapid regaining of health and spirits throughout the coming day. Arsenic has a restlessness and anxiety which rivals that of Aconite. But the former is the restlessness of aiiiipmic irritability, while the latter is the restlessness of...

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