The Kindergarten

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Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
Harper & Brothers, 1893 - 216 էջ

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 45 - The young lambs are bleating in the meadows, The young birds are chirping in the nest, The young fawns are playing with the shadows, The young flowers are blowing toward the west : But the young, young children, O my brothers, They are weeping bitterly ! They are weeping in the playtime of the others, In the country of the free.
Էջ 130 - God created man in his own image / therefore, man should create and bring forth like God. His spirit, the spirit of man, should hover over the shapeless, and move it that it may take shape and form, a distinct being and life of its own. This is the high meaning, the deep significance, the great purpose of work and industry, of productive and creative activity.
Էջ 10 - In the kindergarten, the physical, mental, and spiritual being is consciously addressed at one and the same time. There is no ./ " piece-work " tolerated. The child is viewed in his threefold relations, as the child of Nature, the child of Man, and the child of God ; there is to be no disregarding any one of these divinely appointed relations. It endeavors with equal solicitude to...
Էջ 98 - The day of days, the great day of the feast of life, is that in which the inward eye opens to the Unity in things, to the omnipresence of law: — sees that what is must be and ought to be, or is the best.
Էջ 97 - This all-controlling law is necessarily based on an all-pervading, • energetic, living, self-conscious, and hence eternal Unity. This Unity is God. All things have come from the Divine Unity, from God, and have their origin in the Divine Unity, in God alone.
Էջ 97 - Unity. This Unity is God. All things have come from the Divine Unity, from God, and have their origin in the Divine Unity, in God alone. God is the sole source of all things. In all things there lives and reigns the Divine Unity, God. All things live and have their being in and through the Divine Unity, in and through God. All things are only through the divine effluence that lives in them. The divine effluence that lives in each thing is the essence of each thing.
Էջ 127 - ... intermedium of higher truths and higher knowledge. In such a manner the inconspicuous products of the kingdoms of nature serve the investigator of nature to discover facts which lead by syllogistic reasoning to the highest scientific knowledge. In this sense the material world is...
Էջ 106 - ... Therefore, you must keep holy the being of the child; protect it from every rough and rude impression, from every touch of the vulgar. A gesture, a look, a sound, is often sufficient to inflict such wounds. The child's soul is more tender and vulnerable than the finest or tenderest plant. It would have been far different with humanity if every individual in it had been protected in that tenderest age as befitted the human soul which holds within itself the divine spark. " The first impressions...
Էջ 110 - ... more vigilantly look for likenesses. The beginning of philosophy is the study of differences, but we climb to that beautiful Olympus where simple and essential Truths reside, the heaven of all the other spheres of knowledge, by comparing, and deducing resemblances; just as we rise in moral and religious life by seeking and valuing Christianity above sectarianism.
Էջ 107 - ... steadily, and during the whole period of childhood, body and mind should be exercised and cultivated together. The mind develops itself in and with the organs that are inseparably connected with it in the earthly life. Child's play strengthens the powers both of the soul and of the body, provided we know how to make the first selfoccupation of a child a freely active, that is. a creative or a productive cue.

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