Report Upon New York's Water Supply: With Particular Reference to the Need of Procuring Additional Sources and Their Probable Cost, with Works Constructed Under Municipal Ownership Made to Bird S. Coler, Comptroller

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Martin B. Brown Company, printers, 1900 - 593 էջ

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Էջ 539 - Roosevelt as one of the most important as well as one of the most fascinating individuals in American history since the 1890's.
Էջ 545 - NJ, some of the upper of these horizons would not be met with at all points, but southward from Barnegat if a well were drilled anywhere sufficiently deep it would probably find all of them, unless perhaps a few of the thinner ones, which have as yet only been developed in the central and western side of the coastal plain, might not continue as open sands so far seaward. The following table gives, where known, the approximate interval in feet from the top of one horizon to the top of the next : WATER...
Էջ 348 - Crosby, of the Department of Geology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and...
Էջ 544 - This may be defined as a group of two or three horizons in heavy gravel and cobble strata near the base of the Plastic Clays, which clays are variously colored white, yellow and red, or they are mottled in all these colors. The color of the water-yielding gravels may be defined as a yellowish white in contrast with those of the next higher horizon, which are of a bluish white. SECOND.
Էջ 564 - Notes on the Geology of the Sites of the Proposed Dams in the Valleys of the Housatonic and Ten Mile Rivers.
Էջ 544 - ... midway in the clay marl or Matawan formation. It is not, so far as yet known, more than a few feet thick, but yields mostly a satisfactory quality of water, often doing so at points where the water from the next higher horizon, as is occasionally the case, proves somewhat too irony.
Էջ 13 - ... Croton water, in gallons per day, has been accurately measured, with the result of showing that the estimates of consumption and of growth in consumption of water made by the Department of Water Supply at the time the Ramapo contract was urged were about forty million gallons per day too large." " A very full geological study of the deep subterranean strata of Long Island and of Staten Island has been made with a view to learning of the possibility of a supply from deep wells, and of the best...
Էջ 37 - ... from 91.5 gallons per capita in 1883 to 68 gallons in 1884...
Էջ 42 - Average of all dwellings supplied by meter. All houses supplied with modern plumbing. These families have but one faucet each. These families have but but faucet each.

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