The Digital Challenge: Information Technology in the Development Context

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
S. Krishna, Shirin Madon
Ashgate, 2003 - 367 էջ
Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly being recognized as vital to the economic growth and global inclusion and participation of developing countries. comprehensive and insightful overview of ICT and development around the world. It examines the role of IT in providing new economic and industrial opportunities, in increasing access to global information and communication, in assisting small cultural and ethnic groups to overcome disadvantages of physical distance and in catalysing initiatives towards democratic decentralization and empowerment of citizens. It also critically appraises major problems such as inappropriate focus and resource allocation, and of missed opportunities. America and Eastern Europe with theoretical analysis, this volume synthesizes a range of issues related to the evident tensions that exist for developing countries as they try to balance global and local priorities through the adoption and use of ICTs.

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S. Krishna is a professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. His research interests concern global software work arrangements. He holds a PhD in software engineering and chairs IIM's software enterprise management programme, focusing on research and management education in partnership with local software industry.

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