End of Years

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Xlibris Corporation, 12 հլս, 2005 թ. - 60 էջ
Ever since I was a small boy, I loved prophecy. Even when I was given my first Bible I started to underline the prophetic scriptures and tried to understand them. This love has not diminished but grown stronger as I grew up. For the past twenty years or more I have tried to figure out God's timetable for end time events and with years of searching I have found God's clock.Part of it is the 490 years of Daniel's prophecy and the other part is correctly knowing when Jesus was born. But the real secret is calculating from our savior's death on the cross, not his birth, but the paradox is, you must know when he was born in order to do that. This book helps the reader to understand confusing scriptures and leads you to when these things will be and of the end of the world.You can prove and test every calculation with a hand held calculator and be amazed at how the numbers all add up and on the right dates. These dates are correct and the predictions are correct, for they are sealed with God's holy Seal 777.

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