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following days, on which they heared sa- 1788 cred musick, but without prayers or a sermon. On the last day Aug. 8th, the King was pleased to give £.200 to the charity : and in the evening attended a concert in the College Hall for the benefit of the Stewards.

On Saturday morning, Aug. 9th, the Aug. 9 King and Queen, &c. returned to Cheltenham.

During their Majesties' stay at the Palace, they attended prayers in the Chapel of the Palace every morning (except the first, when the service was performed in the Church) which were read by the Bishop.

The King at parting was pleased to put into my hands for the poor of the City £.50, and the Queen £.50 more ; ; which I desired the Mayor (Mr. Davis) to see distributed amongst them in a proper


The King also left £.300 in my hands towards releasing the Debtors in the County and City Jails.

During the three days at Worcester, the concourse of people of all ranks was im

A. D.

mense, and the joy universal. The wea- 1788 ther was uncommonly fine. And no accident of any kind interrupted the mutual satisfaction, which was given, and received, on this occasion.

On Saturday, August 16, the King and Aug. 16 Royal Family left Cheltenham, and returned that evening to Windsor.

In the beginning of November following, Nov. 1 the King was seized with that illness, which was so much lamented. It con- 1789 tinued till the end of February 1789, when Feb.28 his Majesty happily recovered.

Soon after I had his Majesty's command

to attend him at Kew; and on March 15, Mar.15 I administered the Sacrament to his Ma

jesty at Windsor in the Chapel of the Castle, as also on Easter Sunday, April April12 12, and preached both days.

At the Sacrament of March 15, the King was attended only by three or four of his Gentlemen: On Easter-day, the Queen, Princess Royal, and Princesses Augusta and Elizabeth, with several Lords and Gentlemen and Ladies of the Court, attended the King to the Chapel, and received the Sacrament with him.

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On April 23 [St. George's Day] a pub- 1789 lic thanksgiving for the King's recovery April23. was appointed. His Majesty, the Queen, and Royal Family, with the two Houses of Parliament, &c. went in procession to St. Paul's. The Bishop of London preached. I was not well enough to be there.

May 28, 1790, the Duke of Montagu 1790 died. He was a nobleman of singular May 28 worth and virtue; of an exemplary life; and of the best principles in Church and State. As Governor to the Prince of Wales and Prince Frederick, he was very attentive to his charge, and executed that trust with great propriety and dignity. The Preceptor was honoured with his confidence and there never was the least misunderstanding between them; or so much as a difference of opinion as to the manner in which the education of the Princes should be conducted.


In October 1790, I had the honour to receive from the King the present of two fine full-length pictures of his Majesty and the Queen, copied from those at the Queen's House, St. James's Park, painted by the late Mr. Gainsborough.

A. D.

These pictures are put up in the great 1790 Drawing-room at the Palace in Worcester, and betwixt them, over the fire-place, is fixed an oval tablet of white marble with the following Inscription in Gold Letters.

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Imagines, quas contemplaris,
Augustorum Principum,

Georgii III, et Charlotta Conjugis,
Rex ipse

Richardo Episcopo Vigorniensi


My younger Brother, Mr. Thomas Hurd, 1791 of Birmingham, died on Saturday, Sept. Sept.17 17, 1791.

My elder Brother, Mr. John Hurd, of 1792 Hatton, near Shifnal, died on Thursday, Dec. 6 December 6, 1792.

My noble and honoured friend, the Earl 1793 of Mansfield, died March 20, 1793.

March 20

My old and much esteemed friend, Dr. Balguy, Prebendary and Archdeacon of 1795 Winchester, died January 19, 1795.

The Life of Bishop Warburton, which was sent to the press in Autumn last, was

Jan. 19

A. D.

not printed off till the end of January, nor 1795 published till towards the end of February Feb.24 this year.


press a

Printed in the course of this year åt the Collection of Bishop Warburton's Letters to me, to be published after my death for the benefit of the Worcester Infirmary.—The edition consisted of 250 Copies, 4to. -was finished at the in the beginning of December.


Dec. 1

In the Summer of 1796 visited my Dio- 1796 cese in person, I have great reason to sup- June pose for the last time; being in the 77th 17 to30 year of my age - fiat voluntas Dei!

Mrs. Stafford Smith, late Mrs. Warburton, died at Fladbury, September 1, 1796. Sept. 1 Mr. Mason died at Aston, April 5, 1797. 1797 He was one of my oldest and most respected April 5 friends. How few of this description now

remain !

By God's great mercy enter this day [24 1799 Jan. 1799] into my 80th year. Ps. xc. 10. Jan. 24 But see, 1 Cor. xv. 22. xv. 22. Rom. viii. 18.

1 Pet, i, 35. Χάρις τῷ Θεῷ ἐπὶ τῇ ἀνεκδιη γήτῳ αυτός δωρεάν. 2 Cor. ix. 15.

It pleased God that I was able this Sum- May27to mer to confirm over all parts of my Diocese. June 14

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