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The Cheapest in the World! BECAUSE THE BEST!

At Greatly Reduced Prices.

The Weed Sewing Machine Co.,

506 BROADWAY, N. Y.,

Manufacture the most perfect Machine for Sewing, of all kinds, ever presented to the American public, and challenge comparison with any sewing machine made in the United States.

The Weed Machines, with all their valuable improvements, entirely overcome all imperfections. They are

Superior to all others for


Simple in construction, durable in all their parts, and readily understood. They have certainty of stitch on all kinds of fabrics, and are adapted to a wide range of work without change or adjustment. Using all kinds of thread. Will Hem, Fell, Bind, Gather, Braid, Tuck, Quilt, Cord, and in fact do all kinds of work required by Families or Manufacturers. They make the Interlock Shuttle Stitch, which cannot be excelled for firmness, elasticity, durability and elegance of finish.

They have received the highest


ine very instance, where they have been exhibited in competition with other standard machines. We invite all persons in search of an instru ment to execute any kind of Sewing now done by machinery, to inspect them, and make sure they secure the best, by proving the WEED before purechasing. The Company being duly licensed, the machines are protected against infringements or litigation.

Persons at a distance can order by mail with perfect confidence that tem achine will reach them safely, and that they will be able to manage it to their entire satisfaction, with no other aid than the printed instructions accompanying each machine. Every explanation will be cheerfully given to all, whether they wish to purchase or not. Descriptive Circulars, together with specimens of work, will be furnished to all who desire them, by mail or otherwise.

RELIABLE AGENTS WANTED, in all localities in the United States, Canadas, British Provinces, Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America, West India Islands and the Bahama Islands, to whom we offer great inducements. Energetic men will find it a paying business, as reliable Sewing Machines have become a necessity in every family. We manufacture a great variety of styles, from which we give a few prices:-No. 2. Family, $50; No. 2, Extra, $60; No. 2, Half Case, $65 and $75; No. 3 & 4, Manufacturing, $75 and $85.


(Box 2,041 Post Office.)

506 Broadway, N. Y.

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Mr. B: I do not address this letter to you so much for your own benefit as for the instruction and encouragement of others of less experience who may chance to read it. You have seen too much service to be much benefitted by the instructions even of an older brother in the profession; you have become too familiar with approbation to be affected by my praise. I have known you by reputation for many years, and more recently in my official capacity, I have seen you in the school room; have heard you speak of the means and methods in school keeping and have witnessed your zeal and earnestness in your great work. And the first thing I will notice in passing, is the fact that you have gained the unbounded confidence of your pupils. They evidently believe in you, trust you, imitate you and follow you. This is not only an important point gained as a means of success, but it is a solemn fact, as it measures the extent of your responsibility. How exalted the character and pure the life and example of that Teacher who can be safely imitated. How free from faults you should be, if your habits, thoughts and feelings are to be engrafted upon your pupils. But as an item in school management, by gaining the confidence of your pupils,'you have gained their parents also. They know

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