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ABEIGH, at a shy distance.
Airl-penny, earnest-money.
Asklent, asquint, aslant.
Athort, athwart.
Auld lang syne, olden time, days

of other years.


Birk, birch.
Birkie, a clever fellow.
Birken-shaw, Birchen-wood-shaw,

a small wood.
Bleert andblin, bleered and blind.
Bleerit, bleared, sore with rheum.
Bluntie, snivelling.
Bogles, spirits, hobgoblins.
Bouk, vomiting, gushing out.
Breckan, fern.
Brent, smooth.
Bughtin-time, the time of collect-

ing the sheep in the pens to be

Bught, a pen.
Burn, or burnie, a water, a ri-

Buskie, bushy.
Busks, dresses.
Buss, shelter.
Byre, a cow-house, a shippen.

BAUDRANS, a cat.
Bawk, bank,
Beld, bald.
Ben, into the spence, or parlour.
But and ben, the country kitchen

and parlour.
Bield, shelter.
Bien, wealthy, plentiful,



Dour and din, sullen, sallow.
Douser, prudenter.
Dowff, pithless, wanting force.
Dowie, worn with grief, fatigue.
Doylt, stupid.
Drone, part of a bagpipe.
Droukit, wet.
Draunting, drawling.
Drumlie, muddy.
Duds, rags, clothes.
Dunted, boxt.


CALLAN, a boy.

a Caller, fresh, sound, refreshing. Canie, gentle, mild, dexterous. Cantie, cheerful, merry. Cesses, taxes. Chiel, a young fellow. Claut, to clean, to scrape. Clavers, idle stories. Cleeds, clothes. Cluds, clouds. Cockernony, a lock of hair tied up

on a girl's head, a cap. Coft, bought. Cog, a wooden dish. Coggie, dimin. of cog. Collieshangie, quarrelling. Coof, a blockhead, a ninny. Coost, did cast. Couthie, kind, loving. Craik, name of a bird. Crouse, cheerfully, courageous. Crowdie, a dish made of oatraeal. Cushats, doves, or wood-pigeons. Cutty, short.

EERIE, dreading spirits, fright

ed. Eild, old age.



FA', fall, lot, to fall.
Fa's, does fall, water-falls.
Fash, trouble, care, to trouble,

to care for.
Fecht, to fight.
Fechtin, fighting
Fecket, waistcoat.
Feckly, weakly.
Fen, successful struggle, fight.
Ferlie, to wonder; a wonder, &

term of contempt.
Fiel, soft, smooth.
Fient, fiend, a petty oath.
Fiere, sound, healthy; a brother,

a friend.
Fleech'd, supplicated.
Forgether, to meet, to encounter


DAFT, merry, giddy, foolish.
Davoc, David.
Dights, cleans.
Dool, sorrow; to sing dool, to

lament, to mourn.
Doos, doves.
Doup, backside.
Doup-skelper, one that strikes

the tail.

For-by, besides.
Fother, fodder.
Fyle, to soil, to dirty.


Hecht, offered.
Heckle, a board in which are fix-

ed a number of sharp pins,

used in dressing hemp,flax,&c. Hiney, honey. Hoddin, the motion of a sage

countryman riding on a cart.

horse, humble. Hosts, coughs. Howff, a landlady, a house of re

sort. Howlet, an owl. Hushion, cushion.


ILK, or ilka, each, every.

Gart, forced to.
Gar, to make, to force to.
Gaber-lunzie, an old man.
Gadsman, plough-boy, the boy

that drives the horses in the

plough. Geck, to toss the head in wan

tonness, or scorn, Giglets, playful girls. Glaiket, inattentive, foolish. Glaum'd, aimed, snatched. Gleck, sharp, ready. Gleib, glebe. Glen, dale, deep valley. Glinted, peeped. Gloamin, twilight. Glour, to look, stare. Gowans, Aowers of the daisy,

dandelion, hawkweed, &c. Gowany, Gowany glens, daisied

dales. Grained and gaunted, groaned and

grunted. Graith, gear. Grat, wept, shed tears. Gree, to agree, to bear the gree,

to be decidedly victor. Grunzie, mouth.


JINKIN, dodging.
Jouk, to stoop, to bow the head.


KENSPECKLE, well known. Ken, to know; kend or keen't,

knew, known. Kintra-cooser, country stallion, Knurl, dwarf. Kith, kindred.

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LAIGH, low.
Lawin, shot, reckoning bill.

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NEIVES, or nieves, fists. Nowt, black cattle.


Ochels, name of mountains. O haith! O faith! an oath.

SCAITH, to damage, to injure,


PAITRICK, a partridge. Parle, speech.

injury. Screed, to tear, to rent. Shaw, a small wood. Sheugh, a ditch, a trench, a

sluice. Shiel, a shed. Sicker, sure, steady. Skeigh, proud, nice, high-met

tled. Skelp, to strike, to slap; to walk

with a smart tripping step; &

smart stroke. Skinklin, a small portion. Snapper, stumble.


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