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Speech of Rolla, from Sheridan's Pizzaro.

My brave associates-partners of my toil, my feelings, and my fame! Can Rolla's words add vigour to the virtuous energies which inspire your hearts? No-you have judged as I have, the foulness of the crafty plea by which these bold invaders would delude you, Your generous spirit has compared, as mine has, the motives which, in a war like this, can animate their minds and ours. They, by a strange frenzy driven, fight for power, for plunder, and extended rule -we for our country, our altars, and our homes.→ They follow an adventurer whom they fear, and obey a power which they hate ;-we serve a monarch whom we love,-a God whom we adore.Whene'er they move in anger, desolation tracks their progress! Where'er they pause in amity, affliction mourns their friends. They boast, they come but to improve our state, enlarge our thoughts, and free us from the yoke of error !-Yes-they will give enlightened freedom to our minds, who are themselves the slaves of passion, avarice, and pride. They offer us their protection-Yes, such protection as vultures give to lambs, covering and devouring them. They call on us to barter all of good we have inherited and proved, for the desperate chance of something better which they promise. Be our plain answer this: The throne we honour is the people's choice; the laws we reverence are our brave fathers' legacy the faith we follow teaches us to live in bonds of charity with all mankind, and die with hope of bliss beyond the grave.Tell your invaders this, and tell them too, we seek no change; and least of all, such change as they would bring us.


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