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The Nineteenth Century & After, The Fort-
nightly Review, The Contemporary Review,
Blackwood's Magazine, Edinburgh Review,
Quarterly Review.
These famous periodicals

, supplied by the Leonard Scott Publication Co., are the original issues circulated in England, printed from the same plates and on the same paper as the British copies. Yet a substantial saving in price is effected. Librarians and others interested in keeping down their expenses should specify Leonard Scott Editions for all these periodicals as a part of their economy program.

Annual Subscriptions and Combination Rates Nineteenth Century

any one $ 7.00 $ 7.35 Contemporary Review

13.50 14.00 Fortnightly Review all three 20.00 21.00 Blackwood's Magazine any one $ 5.00 $ 5.00 Edinburgh Review

9.50 9.50 Quarterly Review all three 13.50 13.50



any two

any two

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New York

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