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To 38 more Teachers

This Company be lieves that wellpaid people who know they are succeeding usually like their work and stay in it. Many of our present associates have been with us for ten years and over. Today bigger op. portunities than ever exist in our business.

We Offer

Exceptional Opportunities

for Added Summer Income

DUE to S. Weedon Company needs 38 more

UE to improved business conditions in general,

teachers the coming summer for a high type of
position that is very agreeable and highly remuner-

Successful People-
Be One of Them!

$500.00 for Your Summer Vacation
We desire to fill these positions with people of unusual ability and ut-
most refinement. because the work calls for that type of person. Each
one of the 38 will be appointed an exclusive representative, and will
be given an exceptional proposition bound to produce a good income.
In past summers some of our special representatives have averaged
$1000.00, a number earned over $600.00, and a great many, $500.00 or
more. This is at the rate of $3000.00 a year or better for those who
qualify for positions in our permanent organization.

Every Advantage to Those Chosen

Those chosen will receive every advantage; guaranteed income from
the day they start to work, and all railroad fare paid. Ambition, plus
the careful Weedon training and constant help, will start those accepted
on an exceptional business career along school lines. Agreeable asso-
ciates, of course, and of the highest type.

-and Travel

Each of these 38 positions carries with it an opportunity to travel. This
feature, although secondary, should carry weight when you consider
next summer's plans.

Inquiries Invited from Responsible Individuals

We invite inquiries from responsible
teachers. Upon receipt of your inquiry
we will send you a "High Way to Suc


descriptive of the kind of work, the position, and the Company; and a personal letter, telling you whether or not you can fit into one of these openings. Remember, we have been in business over 20 years, and will place those

accepted in positions that not only offer
a chance to exchange a summer of lei-
sure for one of income and travel but
which also may lead to a permanent
connection. Please state your age, edu-
cation and qualifications in reply. With
only 38 positions of this type open, we
suggest an immediate inquiry.

Address S. L. Weedon, President.


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The Pathfinder is the great illustrated current events paper published at the Nation's Capital for teachers everywhere. It is the Ford of the school world. Tells story of world's news in You will like the Pathfinder. There is no other paper like it for the teacher that wants to keep well informed or for use in class Famous Pathfinder Question Box answers your questions and is a mine of information. Questionnaire Contents Guide suggests the Current Events lessons. Regular price of


NATIONAL interesting, understandable way.
WEEKLY work.

15 CENTS Pathfinder is $1 a year, but you can have one copy on trial 13 weeks for only 15 cents.

Men are four:

Ask for current events circular and special rates for school club copies. Address:
THE PATHFINDER, 570 Langdon Sta., Washington, D. C.


He who knows, and knows he knows. He is wise-follow him.

He who knows, and knows not he knows. He is asleep-wake him.

He who knows not, and knows not he knows not. He is a fool-shun him.

He who knows not, and knows he knows not. He is a child-teach him.-Arabian Proverb.

Keeping Pace With Progress in Mathematics

That's just what Miss Marie Gugle, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Columbus, Ohio, has done in the revision of her already popular junior high. school books.


Books One, Two and Three, for Grades Seven, Eight and Nine

In the revision of Modern Junior Mathematics the author has made the books function perfectly with the traditional type of mathematics courses. While the three books complete the cycle, Book Three is so arranged that students coming from the eighth grade elementary school may begin immediately the work outlined in Book Three for the ninth grade. Book Three is also a complete mathematical unit, preparing the student thoroughly for the regular tenth year algebra.


Gives arithmetic, algebra and geometry in proper proportion and connected relationship.

-Provides a smooth passage between the work of the first

six grades and senior high school mathematics.

Interests students because it shows them the application to the problems of everyday life.

Every book is in strict conformity with the recommendations of the National Committee on Mathematical Requirements. Regardless of your type of school organization, Modern Junior Mathematics as revised and enlarged will fit your course.

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.90 1.00

Free to teachers



San Francisco


HEALTH HABITS Suggestions for Developing Them in

School Children

Price $1.00

A book containing 88 pages based on the eight Health Rules. Material to be used in developing or supplementing a school Health Program. Included with it are patterns for handwork and supplemental literature. PHILADELPHIA INTER-STATE DAIRY COUNCIL

1211 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

Great Opportunities

for Advancement

A reliable Teachers' Agency is the most modern, surest and businesslike way for the progressive teacher to secure the advancement he or she deserves.

No Enrollment Fee
No Charge to Employers
Our connection with Pennsylvania
school work covering forty years en-
ables us to give high class service to
both teachers and school officials.



PITTSBURGH DAIRY COUNCIL 503-04 Nixon Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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Don't forget to mention the Pennsylvania School Journal when writing to advertisers.

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It will be appreciated.

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Finest in 30 Years-"


HAT'S what Edwin Markham, the author, in a recent letter, says of Scholastic, national magazine for the classroom.

Said the author of "The Man With the Hoe:" "The Scholastic is one of the finest school magazines that ever came under my eye in a school experience extending over 30 years. It ought to have a wide circulation among intelligent teachers and progressive parents.'

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It has. It's the most widely-read magazine in the schoolroom today. It stimulates.

Ask For Free Samples For YOUR Class


A National Magazine for the Classroom Bessemer Building, Pittsburgh Eastern Office, 1133 Broadway, N. Y.

Issued Twice a Month

the Pennsylvania School Journal when writing to advertisers. It will be appreciated.

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