The Berry Papers: Being the Correspondence Hitherto Unpublished of Mary and Agnes Berry (1763-1852)

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John Lane, 1914 - 448 էջ
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Էջ 12 - Berry has since carried his daughters for two or three years to France and Italy, and they are returned the best-informed and the most perfect creatures I ever saw at their age. They are exceedingly sensible, entirely natural and unaffected, frank, and, being qualified to talk on any subject, nothing is so easy and agreeable as their conversation — not more apposite than their answers and observations.
Էջ 14 - They are of pleasing figures: Mary, the eldest, sweet, with fine dark eyes, that are very lively when she speaks, with a symmetry of face that is the more interesting from being pale; Agnes, the younger, has an agreeable sensible countenance, hardly to be called handsome, but almost.
Էջ 12 - There, Madam, surely this anecdote may take its place in the chapter of local fame. If I have picked up no recent anecdotes on our Common, I have made a much more, to me, precious acquisition. It is the acquaintance of two young ladies of the name of Berry, whom I first saw last winter, and who accidentally took a house here with their father for this season. Their story is singular enough to entertain you. The grandfather, a Scot, had a large estate in his own country, 5,ooo/.
Էջ 161 - In submitting to this choice,' she wrote, 'I think I am doing right. I am sure I am consulting the peace and happiness of those about me, and not my own.
Էջ 414 - No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace Wrap my cold limbs and shade my lifeless face : One would not, sure, be frightful when one's dead— And — Betty — give this cheek a little red.
Էջ 132 - I am delighted that you have got O'Hara. How he must feel his felicity in being at liberty to rove about as much as he likes ! still, I shall not admire his volatility if he quits you soon...
Էջ 283 - ... over old memoirs will find Miss Berry's name associated with Horace Walpole's ; but when they met he was very old, and she was very young. She accepted his admiration with pride and gratitude, but had no aspiration to be the mistress of Strawberry Hill. Miss Agnes Berry adored her elder sister ; she had considerable clearness and acuteness of perception, and Thackeray always maintained she was the more naturally gifted of the two sisters. In her youth she was a pretty, charming girl, with whom...
Էջ x - Johnson's door ; had been intimate with Fox, the beautiful Georgina of Devonshire, and that brilliant Whig society of the reign of George III. ; had known the Duchess of Queensberry, the patroness of Gay and Prior, the admired young beauty of the court of Queen Anne.
Էջ ix - ... and the firm rock of mutual confidence crumbling under my feet, while my bosom for long could not banish a hope that all might yet be set right. And so it would, had we ever met for twenty-four hours. But he remained at his government at Gibraltar till his death, in 1802. And I, forty-two years afterwards, on opening these papers which had been sealed up ever since, receive the conviction that some feelings in some minds are indelible.
Էջ x - Afterward we frequently met at the Miss Berrys', where night after night were assembled all the wit and beauty of that time. There was such a charm about these gatherings of friends, that hereafter we may say : " There is no salon now to compare to that of the Miss Berrys, in Curzon Street.

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