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How cheerful along the gay mead
The daisy and cowslip appear!
The flocks, as they carelessly feed,

Rejoice in the spring of the year.
The myrtles that deck the gay bowers,

The herbage that springs from the sod,
Trees, plants, cooling fruits, and sweet flowers,
All rise to the praise of my God.


THE morning bright,
With rosy light,

Has waked me from my sleep;
Father, I own,

Thy love alone

Thy little one doth keep.

All through the day,
I humbly pray,

Be thou my guard and guide;

My sins forgive,

And let me live,

Blest Jesus! near thy side.

O make thy rest
Within my breast,
Great Spirit of all grace:
Make me like thee,
Then shall I be

Prepared to see thy face.


THERE'S not a leaf within the bower; There's not a bird upon the tree; There's not a dew-drop on the flower, But bears the impress, Lord! of thee.

Thy hand the varied leaf design'd,

And gave the bird its thrilling tone; Thy power the dewdrop's tints combined, Till, like the diamond's blaze, they shone.

Yes; dewdrops, leaves, and buds, and all,

The smallest, like the greatest things, The sea's vast space, the earth's wide ball, Alike proclaim the King of kings.

But man alone to bounteous Heaven,
Thanksgiving's conscious strains can raise ;
To favour'd man alone 'tis given,
To join the heavenly host in praise.


Now darkness shades the distant hills,
The little birds are hid and still;
And I my quiet sleep may take,
Since my Creator is awake.

How sweet, upon my little bed,
To think my Saviour guards my head;
And he a helpless child can keep
Through all the hours of silent sleep!


SUN, moon, and stars, by day and night, At God's commandment give us light; And when we wake, and while we sleep, Their watch like guardian angels keep.

The bright blue sky above our head,
The soft green earth on which we tread,
The ocean rolling round the land,
Were made by God's almighty hand.

Sweet flowers that hill and dale adorn,
Fair fruit-trees, fields of grass and corn,
The clouds that rise, the showers that fall,
The winds that blow-God sends them all.

The beasts that graze with downward eye,
The birds that perch, and sing, and fly,
The fishes swimming in the sea,
God's creatures are, as well as we.

But us he formed for better things ;-
As servants of the King of kings,
With lifted hands and open face,
And thankful heart to seek his grace.

Thus God loved man, and more than thus,

He sent his Son to die for us,

And now invites us when we die,
To come and live with him on high.

But we must live to him below,
For none but such to heaven will go :
Lord Jesus, hear our humble prayer,
And lead the little children there!

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