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JESUS, Lord, we look to thee,
Meek and humble may we be;
Pride and anger put away,
Love thee dearer day by day.

May we hate a lying tongue,
Never seek another's wrong;
From all paths of fraud abstain,
Leading to eternal pain.

Teach us for our friends to pray,
And our parents to obey;
Richest blessings from above
Give them for their tender love.

May we find the sweets of prayer Sweeter than our pastimes are; Love the Sabbath, and the place Where we learn to seek thy face.

Cleanse our hearts, our sins forgive,
Form us new, that we may live;
Live to love thee, live to rise
To thy temple in the skies.


GOD made the sun, that world of light,
The moon to cheer the earth by night,
The spacious firmament on high,
And all the stars that gild the sky.

He made the earth on which we tread,
And round its shores the ocean spread;
He made the seasons of the
And all the numerous fruits they bear.

He made the birds that sing so sweet,
The little lambs to frisk and bleat,
The playful fishes in the stream,
And beasts of every size and name.

'Tis through his kind and gracious care
We see and feel, and speak and hear;
He made our soul, that better part,
And all our powers of head and heart.

His pity sent his only Son,

To die for sins which we have done; His grace, we trust, will make us meet To dwell for ever near his seat.


WITHIN the quiet village street,

Where seldom ruder sound is heard Than the quick tread of children's feet, Or whistle clear, or greeting word;

Where hangs, beneath yon cottage-eaves,
White jessamine her silver bells,
And roses spread their broad red leaves

Through every month the dumb boy dwells.

His rustic cheek is rosy red,

His eye is large, and bright, and mild, The passers-by stroke down his head, And smiling say, "How fair a child!"

Poor silent solitary boy!

He dwells alone with his own heart, And all earth's many tones of joy

No sounds to his dull ear impart.

And but for shapes and forms that roll
Before his eye, and leave a dim
Strange impress on his thoughtful soul,

This outward world were not for him.

My coming from afar he spies,

He runs and lays his hand on me, Then looks up with his violet eyes Into my face, and laughs for glee.

And when, for every kindliness,

My words of soothing love are said, His rosy finger he will press

On lip, and ear, and shake his head.

Then have I thought, if He, the GOD,

Who heal'd of old the deaf and dumb, When poor, and shelterless, He trod

Judea's shores, might hither come;

How, by His gentle touch unbound,

Would lip and ear and heart rejoice, Sense visit the dull ear, and sound

Flow sweetly from the tutor❜d voice.

Not yet, not yet, though still beside,

His form is veil'd from mortal men; The Bridegroom is not with the Bride; We wait until He come again.

But still for us those lips have speech
Ev'n in their silent solitude,

And well their gentle lesson teach
Of pity and of gratitude.


I THANK Thee, Lord, for quiet rest,
And for Thy care of me:

Oh! let me through this day be blest,
And kept from harm by Thee.

Oh, let me love Thee! kind Thou art
To children such as I;

Give me a gentle, holy heart,

Be Thou my Friend on high.

Help me to please my parents dear,
And do whate'er they tell;
Bless all my friends, both far and near,
And keep them safe and well.


JESUS, tender Shepherd, hear me !

Bless Thy little lamb to-night; Through the darkness be Thou near me; Watch my sleep till morning light.

All this day Thy hand has led me,
And I thank Thee for Thy care;
Thou hast clothed and warm'd and fed me,

Listen to my evening prayer.

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