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Look! there it is, close by the tree,
Half hidden in the grass;

I see the robin's scarlet breast
As often as I pass.

The nest is made of tender moss,
And lined with hair and hay;

you may see the robin's eggs
When she has flown away.

The robin sits for many days,

And warms them with her breast; How glad she is when first she hears A chirping in the nest!

Each little bird comes creeping out,
And leaves the speckled shell ;
The gentle mother keeps them warm,
And loves and tends them well.

The father robin looks for food,
And feeds them one by one;
He never stops to rest himself
Until his work is done.

But when his young ones are asleep Beneath their mother's wing,

He comes and perches near the nest, And soon begins to sing.

At last the little birds are grown,
And old enough to fly,

And then they leave the parent birds,
And bid the nest good-bye.

The robins stay all year with us,

And when it's very cold,

They come and chirp about the house, For hunger makes them bold.

And when we see them hopping near,
And waiting to be fed,

We'll go and watch them quietly,
And give them crumbs of bread.

In summer time, with tender care,
They fed their helpless brood,
And now, I think, deserve our help,
When they can find no food.



A LITTLE girl, with a happy look,

Sat slowly reading a ponderous book,

All bound with velvet and edged with gold,

And its weight was more than the child could hold; Yet dearly she loved to ponder it o'er,

And every day she prized it more;

For it said, and she look'd at her smiling mother,-
It said, "Little children, love one another."

She thought it was beautiful in the book,
And the lesson home to her heart she took;
She walk'd on her way with a trusting grace,
And a dove-like look in her meek young face,
Which said, just as plain as words could say,
"The Holy Bible I must obey;

So, Mamma, I'll be kind to my darling brother,
For little children must love each other.

"I'm sorry he 's naughty, and will not play;
But I'll love him still, for I think the way
To make him gentle and kind to me
Will be better shown, if I let him see
I strive to do what I think is right;
And thus, when I kneel in prayer to-night,
I will clasp my hands around my brother,
And say, 'Little children, love one another.'

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The little girl did as her Bible taught,

And pleasant indeed was the change it wrought; For the boy look'd up in glad surprise,

To meet the light of her loving eyes :

His heart was full, he could not speak,
But he press'd a kiss on his sister's cheek;
And God look'd down on that happy mother,
Whose little children loved each other.


It is a pleasant thing

To walk at early day,

To see the pretty flowers,

And smell the sweet new hay.

The sun is warm and bright,
The sky is clear and blue,
And all the trees and flowers

Are wet with drops of dew.

Hush! don't you hear the bird
That's singing in the sky?
No bird except the lark
Would fly so very high.

It left its little nest

When day was just begun,

And flew so high to bid

Good morning to the sun.

"Good morning, shining Sun,"

I think the lark would say, "I'm happy in my heart

This fine warm summer day.

"I'm very glad you're come,

You make the world so light,
And all the trees and flowers
So beautiful and bright.

"I'll sing a merry song,

And then fly down to rest,
Or search for worms to feed
My young ones in the nest.”

The lark has done its song,
And settled on the ground,
But we will not forget

The sweet and happy sound.

And when our hearts are glad

In long, bright summer days,
To God in heaven we'll sing

Our songs and hymns of praise.

God loves each thing He made,
However weak and small;

But glad and thankful hearts

He loves the best of all.

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