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II. The publication will be completed An impartial and authentic History of in twelve monthly parts, commencing on the British Campaigns on the Rio de la the first of February, 1808, price 10s. 68. Plata is now preparing for the press, and each: the whole forming six large oétavo will be shortly published. It will convolumes, illustrated by about two hundred prehend the whole of the period from the elegant engravings by Lowry and Scott. departure of General Beresford from the

It is designed to be a New Dictionary, Cape of Good Hope, to the final evacuaappropriated exclusively to the Arts and tion of South America by the Britiske Sciences, and containing such a dense, ác- forces; and will include accounts of the curate, and ample exhibition of our whole civil and political state of the country. knowledge respecting them, as might with the nature of the soil, trade, and produce; the greatest advantage de comprehended the manners, custuins, and character of in the limits of six large octavo volumes. the people: illustrated with maps, plates,

Mr. Southey is preparing, as part of &c. together with sketches of the costume his Series of Ancient Romances, of which of the inhabitants. The whole drawn up Amadis of Gaul, and Paimerin of England on the spot, and derived, with consider. have already appeared, an edition of Mort able labour and expence, from original doArthur, with an introduction and notes. cuments, and from various sources of in

An interesting literary discovery of un- formation, hitherto decined inaccessible published works of the late Robert Burns, to strangers, by Philip Keating Roche, has been made by Mr. Cromek, in his Esq. Captain in his Majesty's Seventeenth late tour through Scotland. The papers Regiment of Light Dragoons, and Major alluded to are puinerous, and give a more of Brigade to the Forees. particular account of the writings of the Dr. William Burncy, Master of the Naval poet, and of his private life and concerns Academy, Gosport, intends, in the course than have yet been laid b'fore the public. of the winter, to publish The Naval Memoirs In this collection are found a number of leto of Great Britain, extracted from the best ters addressed to his friends, written with Authorities; with occasional Remarks. It that enthusiasm and energy which so is inten led to be a similar volume to Thomp particularly characterized his genius. Sa- son's Military Memoirs. veral original poems have been rescued An English gentleman, left in a diplo. from oblivion in the same manner; and matic capacity by the commander of the also some valuable observations on Scottish forces at Buenos Ayres, intends giving to Songs and Music.

the public a fistorical work, on the SpaOn the 25th of the current month will nish Viceroyalties in South America. To be published, with a Letter addressed to assist him in this undertaking, he has liad Samuel Whitbreal, Esq. M. P. the Ar- access to libraries in Buenos Ayres, conticles of Impcachment exhibited in the late taining documents which have never yet Indictment against the Marquis of Wel- been consulted by those who have hitherlesley, by James Paull, Esq.

to written on the sabject; and he has met Dr. William Burney, Master of the with no little aid from some liberal and Naval Academy, Gosport, is preparing enlightened clergymen, in posscssion of for the press an extensive Coarse of Ma- manuscripts from the different mixsionthematical Education for Young Gentle- arios employed over the continent. men intended for the Navy.

Dr. Richard Reece, author of the Doo Mr. Hervey Morris, bas in a state of mestie' Medical Guide, &c. will shortly great forwardness for the press, a Histori- publish, in one volume royal octaro, : cal and Topograpbical Dictionary of Ire- Practical Dictionary of Medicine, exhi. land, which will make two large voluires biting a Comprehensive View of the late in quarto, and will be illustrated by important Discoveries relating to the maps and plates. This work will coas following Subjects, so far as they regard tain the history. of cities, towns, mariors, the Health of Man, the well-being of castles and monasteries; of sieges, and Society, and the general Cure of Malabattles ; biographical sketches, and an dies; viz. Anatomy, Botany, Casualties, account of the natural and artificial cie Chemistry, Cloathing, Dietetics, Pharina riosities of Ireland.

ey, Physic, Physiology, Surgery, MidwifeThe History of the House of Stuart, by ry, Therapeutics, &c. the whole comprithe late Charles James Fox, in the unfi. sing a regular View of th present improved bished state in which he left it, will shortly State of Medical Science, (divested of all be published; also his interesting and exten- technical obscurities) adapted equally for sive Correspondence with the most Distin the information of domestic life, and the guished Characters of the present Reign. regulation of the conduct of individuals The Radical Cause of the present distress, pieces, Virandas, Friczes, &c. by C. A. the inefficacy of the measures which have Busby, Architect, engraved on 24 plates, 14 been hitherto proposed for relieving them of which are coloured, royal 4to. 11. 11s. d. demonstrated; with Remarks on several púba,

according to their various circumstances coloured, will be published on the first day and situations, as well as for professional of March next. The work will not exceed reference.

ten, volumes,consisting each of three monthly Mr. Parkinson, of Hoxton, has nearly parts, and probably will not.extend to more ready for publication, the second volume of than eight or nine. his elaborate, scientific, valuable, and inte- In the press and to be published in a few resting work, On the Organic Remains of a days. A discourse on the Nature and Design Former. World.

of the Holy Eucharist, commonly called A new Publication is announced under the the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper; in Title of Pantologiacomprehending Essays, which the manner of its celebration, the Treatises, and Systems, arranged alphabeti. proper meaning of the different Epithets cally; and likewise a general Dictionary of given 10 it in the Scriptures and by the Arts, Sciences, and 'Words. By John Ma- primitive Church, its Substitution for the son Good, Esq., Olinthus Gregory, A. M. Passover, the abuses crept into the celeof the Royal Military Academy, Wool- bration of it, its importance to the edificawich, and Mr. Newton Bosworth of Çam- tion of the church of Christ,, and to the au. bridge, with the assistance of other gentle- thenticity of Divine Revelation, are fully men of eminence in the respective Depart- pointed out. With an Introduction in which ments they undertake.” Part I. price ten the Question, Did Our Blessed Lord eat the shillings and six pence, printed by: Bensley Passover in the lust year of his Ministry? is and Davison in royal 8vo, and illustrated amply considered. By Adam Clarke. with new maps many of them beautifully






Books which have been published, and such Communications to the Board of Agricul

as have been altered in size and price, since ture, on subjects relative to the Husbandry

the London Catalogue of Books to the end and Internal Improvement of the Country. of the year 180C. 8vo. 3s, Vol. V. part 2. 4to 10s. The five-yo!umes may be had complete, price 41. 19s. in boards.

The exemplary Life and Character of Essays on the natural History and Origin James Bonnell, Esq. late Accomptant Geneof Peat Moss: the particular qualities of the "ral of Ireland, by William Hamilton, A. M. substance; the means of improving it as a Archdeacon of Armagh, a new edition, i2mo. soil; the methods of converting it into ma

4s. 6d. mure, and other economical purposes to Memoirs of the Life of Colonel Hutchinson which it māy be subscrvient. By the Rev, written by his Widow Lucy, daughter of Sir, Robert Rennie, Kilsyth, 8vo.

Allen Apsley, new edition, 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. royal paper, 21. 125, 60,

The Life of George Washington, first À Series of Designs for Villas and Country President of the United States, by D. RamHouses : adapted with Economy to the comforts and elegancies of modern Life; with plans and explanations to each. To which An Introduction to Physiological and Sys. is prefixed, an Essay on mocłern architectu- tematical Botany. By James Edward ral Taste hy C. A. Bushy, Architect. En- Smith, M. D. F. R. S. &c. President of graved on 24 plates, with appropriate Scene- the Linnean Society, illustrated by 15 ry, Royal 4to. 11. 5s.

plates, 8vo. 145. A Collection of Designs for Modern Embellishments, suitable to Parlours, Dining and Drawing-rooms, Folding-doors, Chimney: of the West-India Planters pointed out ; and



lications relative to the value of the West

India Trade, by W. Spence, author of The new London Catalogue of Books, Britain Independent of Conimerce, 8vo, with their sizes and prices, Containing the Ss.






MEDICINE. EDUCATION, Thoughts on Education by Maria Benson, A Letter on the Practice of Midwifery, 12mo. 5s.

occasioned by, and including an Account of a late unfortunate Case, with some observa

tons and Reflections on the subjects, by An Account of the Siege, Bombardment John Boys, Physician, Man-Midwife to the and Capitulation of Copenhagen, by F. L. Westminster General Dispensary and TeachSommers, 1s.

er of Midwifery in London is. 6d. · Elements of general History, ancient and

The Philosophy of Medicine : being Medimodern., To which are added a table of cal extracts on the Preservation of Health

and the cure of Diseases, including the Laws Chronology and a comparative View of ancient and modern Geography, illustrated by of Animal Economy and the Doctrines of

Pneumatic Medicine, by Robert I Thornton, Maps, by Alexander Fraser Tytler, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. 155.

M. D. 5 vols. 8vo. 31. boards fourth edition

MILITARY TACTICS. The History of France, under the Kings

The Review exercise and evolutions of a of the Race of Valois, from the accession of Charles V in 136+ to the Death of Charles Squadron, methodically arranged and illusIX in 1574 a new Edition, By Nathaniel

trated by a series of engravings descriptive

of the relative situation of the commissioned, William Wraxall, Esq. 2 Vols. 8vo. 16s.

staff, and non-commissioned Officers, &c.

on Parade and in Maneuvre, 12mo. 65. A Collection of Precedents, Orders, &c. in Bankruptcy, with notes of decisions on

Observations on Stage-Waggonts, Stageby Basil Montague, Esq. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s."

Coaches, 'Turnpike Roads, Toll-Bars, 6d. Notifications, Orders, and Instructions, 28. 60.

Weighing Machines, &c, by William Deacon relating to prize subjects during the present A Cabinet of Curiosities, by J. Taylor, War, 2s.6d,

A short view of Legal Bibliography, con- Oxoniana, or Anecdotes, Historical, Antitaining some critical observations on the qnarian and Biographical, compiled chiefly Authority of the Reporters and other Law, from original Manuscripts, in the Bodleian Writers; collected from the best authori- and other Libraries, at Oxford, 4 vols. 8vo. ties by Richard Whalley-Bridgeman, Esq. 11. is. 8s. 8vo.

The Asiatic Annual Register for 1805. Reports of cases, argued and determined in the High Court of Admiralty, in the time the Society instituted in Bengal, for inquir

Asiatic Researches; or, Transactions of of the Right Honourable Sir William Scott ing into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, by C. Robinson, LL. D. Vol. VI: part-1, 6s. Sciences, and Literature, of Asia, printed

Proceedings of a Court Martial on H. verbatim from the Calcutta edition, Vol. 8. Button, private in the Gosport Volunteer In

8vo. 12s. 4to. 11. 10s. boards. fantry, commanded by Major 'T. Whilcomb, The East India Register and Directory for on charges of Desertion, Intoxication, &c. 6d.


containing, the Company's EstablishSummary of the Duties of a Justice of the sualties that occurred in the last year. An

ments at home and abroad; with the Ca-' Peace, out of sessions, with preliminary Onservatious, by Henry James Pye, Esq.12mo. Rules and Regulations respecting the Com

Account of the College at Hertfore'. Various 5s.

pany's Service, and much other nseful in.

formation, by John Mathison, and AlexanMathematical Tables ; çontaining the Lo- der Way Mason of the Secretary's Office, garithms of numbers, Logarithms of Sines, East India House, 6s. 6d. Tangents and Secants, and a Traverse Table;

The Remains of Henry Kirkwhite, of to which are prefixed Logarithmical, Arith Henry Kirkwhite, of Nottînghaın, late of St. metic and Plane Trigonometry; also exam

John's College Cambridge; with an Account ples.on the mensuration of heights and dis of his Life, by Robert Sonthey, with an Ele tances, for the use of schools and an appen- gant Head of the Author, and other Plates, 2 dix, explaining the application of Loga. Vols. 8vo. 145. rithms to the measuration of heights by the Barometer, by J. Brown, Mathematician, Exodus;

Epic Poem, in twelva bvo. 6s. 6.

Books, by C. Hoyle, M. A. 8vo. Isa






mented Death of Lieutenant J. F. Delmont Sermons on various Subjeots and Occa- late of the 83d Regiment of Foot, who fell a sions, for the Use of Families and Country Victim to the baneful influence of DuelCongregations; by the Rev. John Nancc, M. ling, by the Rev. J. Williams, 1s. A Svo. 6s.

A Letter to G. Sharp, respecting his Re.. The Stability of the Reformed Christian marks on the two last Petitions in the Lord's Church; a Sermon Preached ik Lambeth Prayer, from a Country Clergyman, Is. Chapel, on the fourth of October, 1807";

A Collection of Evidences on the Divinity at the Consécration of the Right Rev. Jobu of our Lord Jesus Christ, by the Rev. A. Lexmoore, D. Đ. Lord Bishop of Bristol, and Preston, 2s. 6d. published at the command of His Grace the Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress with Notes, by Lord Archbisltop of Canterbury, by John the Rev. J. Newton, Dr. Hawker and others Roberts; A. M. F. R. $. Pellow of Eton Col.

12mo. 3s. fine paper 46. 6d. lege, Vicar of Burnham in Buckingham

A Charge delirered before the Reverend shire, and Chaplain to the Earl of Carlisle, the Clergy of the Archdeaconsy of Sarum, s: Od:

on the 4th 5th 6th and 7th of August, 1807, Preparation for the Holy Order of Dea- and published at their desire, by the Rev. cous; or, the first Question proposed to Charlės Daubeny Archdeacon of Sarum, Càndidates for the Holy. Order of Deacons I's. eluoidated:' A charge, delivered previously

A Sermon Preached at the Consecration to an Ordination, by George Isaac Hunting of the Chapel of Salisbury, September 8, ford, D. D. F. R. S. Bishop of Gloucester, 1807, by Thomas Danham Whitaker, and Warden of Winchester College, 8vo.

3s. -6d. Is. 6.

The Nature, Evil, and Cure of SelfishSelect Hymns; A Supplement to Dr.

ness; Sermon preached in the Old Wattss Psalms, and Hymns, primarily de Mecting, Kidderminster, Sept. 27, by s: signed for the Use of the Congregation as

Bradley, 4s. sembling in the Hoxton Academy, 2s. bound.

Religious Courtship; or, Historical Dis. calf, 2s. 6d.

courses on the Necessity of marrying ReliA Supplement to Dr. Watts's Psalms and gious Husbands and Wives only; &c. new edit. Hymos, selected from various Authors, by With four elegant Plates, designed and enWilliam Mason, 2s, bound,

graved by Hopwood, 18mo. 45. &d. The Waters of Bethesda; a Sermon preached in the Parish Church of St. John

TOPOGRAPHY. Margate, in the Isle of Thariet, August 30, The Romantic and Picturesque Scènes of for the General Sea Bathing Infirmary at England and Wales, frun Drawings by P. J. Margate, by the Rev. J. Plumptree, M. A. 1). Loutherbourg, Esq. with Historical and

Descriptive Accounts of the Places of which The Christian Remembrancer; or, Short Views are given, folio, 51, 5s. Reftections on the Faith, Hope and Conduct A General, Historical, aud Topographical of a real Christian; 3s. Gd. fine 6s.

Description of Caucasus, translated from the A Sermon.preached in the Parish Church Works of Dr. Reineggs and Marshal Bieof Stroud, Gloucestershives August 23 ; com. berstrin, two. vols. 8yo. With a Map and taining some Observations on the much law three Plates, Priee 15s. in boards.


It isneccssary to apologize to some of our readers, for the oinission of two articles in the present nuxaber which they had reasons to expect would be inserted; the review of Fellowes's Lody of Theology having beer delayed by illness; and that of Nightingale's Portraiture of Methodista having beenexchided by a late and sudden pressure of temporary matter. Both Atay he expected in the February Number.

lä answer to.numerous correspondents whose communications have been reeently fores Orded to us; we cair only proinise-them the most prompt attention in our power.

H. Will probably hear from on the first suitable occasion,



For FEBRUARY, 1808.

Art. I. Some Account of the Public Life, and a Selection from the Unpublished Writings, of the Earl of Macartney. The Latter consisting of Extracts from an Account of the Russian Empire ; a Sketch of the Political History of Ireland ; and a Journal of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China. With an Appendix to each Volume. By John Barrow, F.R.S. Author of Travels in China, &c. &c. 2 vols. 4to. pp. 1150. Price 31. 3s. Cadell and Davies. 1807. THE great crowd of what are called public men, deserve

no individual description or memorial. After having examined a few specimens, it is easy to guess the qualities of the rest. Compound an ordinary portion of talent with a rather extra quantity of cunning, and just as much selfishness as you please, existing in the lowest form of ambition or avarice, or both, and you have the substance of what is most commonly called a public man; a very cheap composition, because it can be made

without the expense

of a drachm for that rare and costly ingredient, public spirit. If there are persons, in the more retired walks of life, so simple as to regret that they can. not have the privilege of intimately observing the characters of the

occupants of power and office, it might allay their discontented curiosity to be assured, that they may see every where around them exact models, on a smaller scale, of what they are precluded from inspecting. They may find, in the most subordinate ranks of society, plenty of the very same genus of personages, only with narrower scope for acting out their dispositions, and somewhat less plausibility of manners. If the high and imposing titles, by which the upper part of the

genus have agreed to call one another, have impressed a certain degree of awe on the minds of our supposed inquisitive recluses, it will perhaps be a little of the nature of a discovery and a surprise to them to find, that the schemes, and jealousies, and rivalries, and quarrels, that the intriguing, the cheating, the pettifogging, and the speechifying, of a country village, VOL. IV.


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