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ton, &c.

Bouk, vomiting, gushing Brie, juice, liquid

Brig, a bridge
Bousing, drinking Brunstane, brimstone
Bow-hough’d, bow-leg- Brisket, the breast, the

Bow-kail, cabbage Brither, a brother
Bowt, bent, crooked Brock, a badger
Brachens, fern

Brogue, a hum, a trick Brae, a declivity, a pre- Broo, broth, liquid, wa

cipice, the slope of a ter hill

Broose, broth, a race Braid, broad

at country weddings, Braik, a kind of harrow who shall first reach Brainge, to run rashly the bridegroom's forward

house on returning Braing't, reeled forward from church Brak, broke, made in Brøse, a composition of solvent

oat-meal and boiling Branks, a kind of wood- water,sometimes from

en curb for horses the broth of beef, mutBranny, brandy Brash, a sudden illness Brugh, a burgh Brats, coarse clothes, Bruilzie, a broil, a com

bustion Brattle, a short race, Brunt, did burn, burnt hurry, fury

Brust, to burst, burst Braw, fine, handsome Buchan-bullers, the boilBrawlyt, or brawlie, ve- ing of the sea among

ry well, finely, hear- the rocks on the coast tily

of Buchan Braxie, a morbid sheep Buckie, dimin. of buck Breastie, dimin. of breast Buckskin, an inhabitant Breastit, did spring up of Virginia or forward

Bught, a pen Breckan, fern

Bughten-time, the time Bree, liquor

of collecting the sheep Breef, an invulnerable in the pens to be

or irresistible spell milked Breeks, breeches

Buirdly, stout inade, Brent, smooth

broad built Brent new, quite new

Bumble, a botch Brewin, brewing Bum-clock, a humming

rags, &c,

beetle that flies in the Calf-ward, a small enclosummer evenings

sure for calves Bummin, humming as Callan, a boy bees

Caller, fresh, sound, rem Bummle, to blunder freshing Bummler, a blunderer Cam, came Bunker, a window seat Canna, cannot Burdies, dimin. of birds Cannie, gentle, mild, dex. Bure, did bear

terous Burn, or burnie, a rivu. Cannilie, dexterously, let

gently Burnewin, i. e. burn the Cantie, or canty, cheerwind, a blacksmith

ful, merry Burnie, dimin. of burn Cantrip, a charm, a Buskie, bushy

spell Buskit, dressed

Cants, merry old tales Busks, dresses

Cap, a wooden drinking Busle, a bustle, to bustle vessel Buss, shelter

Cap-stane, cope-stone, But, bot, with; without key-stone But an' ben, the country Careerin, cheerfully

kitchen and parlour Care na by, to be indifBy himself, lunatic, dis- ferent tracted

Carl, an old man Byke, a bee-hive

Carl-hemp, a strong Byre, a co

stalk of hemp shippen

Carlin, a stout old wo

man C.

Cartes, cards

Cast-out, to quarrel Ca', to call, to name, to Caudron, a caldron drive

Cauk and keel, chalk Ca't, or ca'd, called ; and red clay

driven; ealved Cauld, cold Cadger, a carrier Caup, a wooden drinking Cadie, or caddie, a per

vessel son, a young fellow Causey-cleaner, a scaCaff, chaff

venger Caird, a tinker

Certie, a petty oath Cairn, a loose heap of Cesses, taxes stones

Chafts, the chops


Change-house, a tavern Claute, a handfal Chanter, a part of a bag. Clauted, scraped pipe

Claver, clover; to talk Chantin, singing

nonsense Chap, a person, a fellow;. Clavers, idle stories a blow

Claw, to scratch Chapman, a pedlar Claymore, a HighlandChappin, a quart

er's broad sword Chaup, a stroke, a blow Clean, fully, completely Cheekit, cheeked

Clecking, a brood Cheep, a chirp, to chirp Cleed, to clothe Chiel or cheel, a young

Cleeds, clothes fellow

Cleekit, having caught Chimla, or chimlie, a fire- Clinkin, jerking, clinkgrate, fire-place

ing Chimla-lug, the fire-side Clinkumbell, who rings Chittering, shivering,

the church bell trembling

Clips, shears Chockin, choaking Clishmaclaver, idle conChow, to chew; cheek versation

for chow, side by side Clock to hatch; a beetle Chuckie, a hen

Clockin, hatching Chuffie, fat-faced Clockin time, the breedClachan, a small village ing season

about a church, a Cloot, the hoof of a cow, hamlet

sheep, &c. Claise, or claes, clothes Clootie, an old name for Claith, cloth; to clothe the Devil Claithing, clothing Clour, a bump or swel Claivers, nonsense, not ling after a blow

speaking sense Cluds, clouds Clamb, did climb

Coaxin, wheedling Clap, clapper of a mill Coble, a fishing boat Clark, learned

Cock-a-benties, spruce Clarkit, wrote

fellows Clash, an idle tale, the Cockernony, a lock of story of the day

hair tied up on a girl's Clatter, to tell little idle

hea:l, a cap stories ; an idle story coft, bought Claught, snatched at, Cog, a wooden dish lald hold of

Coggie, dimin. of cog Claut, to clean, to scrape Coila, from Kyle, a dis

trict of Ayrshire, so Cozie, snug called, saith tradition, Cozily, snugly from Coil, or Coilus, Crabbit, crabbed, freta Pictish monarch

ful Collie, a general, and Crack, to chat

sometimes a particu- Crackin, conversing lar name for country Craft, or croft, a field curs

near a house, in old Collieshangie, quarrel. husbandry ling

Craig, the throat ; a crag Commaun, command Craiks, cries or calls inCompleenin,complaining cessantly; a bird Conveener, see Trades Crambo-clink, or cramCood, the cud

bo.jingle, rhymes, dogCoof, a blockhead, a nin- grel verses ny

Crank, the noise of an Cookit, appeared and ungreased wheel

disappeared by fits Crankous, fretful, capCoost, did cast

tious Coot, the ancle or foot

Cranreuch, the hoarCootie, a wooden kitchen frost

dish ;-also those fowls Crap, a crop; to crop whose legs are clad Craw, the crowing of a with feathers are said cock; a rook to be cootie

Creel, a basket; to have Corby, a species of the one's wits in a creel, crow

to be crazed, to be Core, corps, party, clan fascinated Corn't, fed with oats

Creeshie, greasy Cotter, the inhabitant of Criest, a crest

a cot-house, or cottage Cronie, a bosom friend Countra, country Crood, or Croud, to com Couthy, kind, loving as a dove Cow, or cowe, to terrify, Croon, a hollow and con

to keep ander, to lop; tinued moan; to make a fright; a branch of a noise like the con

furze, broom, &c. tinued roar of a bull; Cowp, to barter ; to tum- to hum a tune

ble over ; a gang Crooning, humming Cowpit, tumbled

Crouchie, crook-backed Cowrin, cowering Crouse, cheerful, couraCowte, a colt


Crously, cheerfully, cou

D. rageously Crowdie, a composition Daddie, a father

of oatmeal and water Daez't, stupified Crowdietime, breakfast- Daffin, merriment, fooltime

ishness Crowlin, crawling Daft, merry, giddy, foolCrummock, a cow with ish crooked horns

Daiker, to saunter Crump, hard and brittle, Daimen, rare, now and spoken of bread

then; daimen-icker, Crunt, a blow on the an ear of corn now

head with a cudgel and then Cuif, a blockhead, a nin- Dainty, pleasant, good. ny

humoured, agreeable Cummock, a short staff Dales, planes, valleys;

with a crooked head deal boards Curchie, a curtsey Damies, dimin. of dame Curler, a player at a Dang, knocked game on the ice, prac. Darklins, darkling tised in Scotland, call- Daud, to thrash,to abuse ed curling

Dam, as tine your dam, Curlie, curled, whose to make water

hair falls naturally in Daur, to dare

Daurt, dared Curling, a well known Daurg, or daurk, a day's game on ice

labour Curinurring, murmur. Davie, Davoc, David

ing, a slight rumbling Daw, dawn

Dawd, a large piece
Curpin, the crupper Dawtit, or dawtet, fon-
Cushat, the dove, or dled, caressed

Deacon, see Trades Custock, the pith of the Dearies, dimin, of dears

stem of a cabbage, &c. Dearthfu’, dear Cutty, short, a spoon Deave, to deafen

broken in the middle Deed, died Cutty-stool, the stool of Deil the devil repentance on which

Deil-ma-care! no mat. fornicators were cora- ter! for all that! pelli d to sit at church; Deleerit, delirious literally a short stool Delve, to dig

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