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Chairman- The Right Hon. LORD BROUGHAM, F.R.S., Member of the National Justitute of France.

Vice-Chairman-The Right Hon. EARL SPENCER.

Treasurer-JOHN WOOD, Esq.
William Allen, Esq., P.R, and R.A.S.

Sir I. L. Goldsmid, Bart., P.R. and R.A.S. A. T. Malkin, Esq. A.M.
Captain Beaufort, R.N., F.R, and R.A.S.
Francis Henry Goldsmid, Esq.

Mr. Sergeant Manning.
George Burrows, M.D.
B. Gompertz, Esq., P.R. and R.A.S.

R. I. Murchison, Es, F.R.S., F.6.8.
Peler Statford Carey. Esq., A.M.
J. T. Graves, Esq., A.M., F.R.S.

The Right Hon. Lord Nugent.
The Right Hon. Lord Congleton,
G. B. Greenough, Esq., F.R. and L.S.

W. S. O'Brien, Esq., M.P.
Jolin Cogolly, M.D.
Sir Edmund Head, Bart., A.M.

Richard Quain. Esq.
William Coulson, Esq.
M. D. HII, Esq., Q.C.

P. M. Roget, M.D. Sec. R.S., F.R.A.S.
R. D. Craig, Esq.
Rowland Hill, Esq., V.R.A.S.

R. W. Rothman, Esq., A.M.
The Right Rev. the Bishop of St. David's, D.D. Right Hon. Sir J. C. Hobhouse, Bart., M.P. Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A, P.R.S.
J. F. Davis, Esq., P.R.S.
Thos. Hodgkin, M.D.

Sir George T. Staunton, Bart., M.P.
H. T. Dela Beche, Esq., P.R.S.
David Jardine,, Esq., A.M.

John Taylor, Esq. F.R.S.
The Right Hon. Lord Deaman.
Henry B. Ker, Esq.

A. T. Thomson, M.D. F.L.S.
Samuel Duckworth, Esq.
Thomas Hewett Key, Esq.. A.M.

Thomas Vardon, Esq.
The Right Rev. the Bishop of Durham, D.D. Sir Charles Lemon, Bart., M.P.

Jas. Walker, Esq., F.R.S., Pr. Inst., Clv. Eng.
Sir Henry Ellis, Prin. Lib. Brit. Mns.
George C. Lewis, Esq., A.M.

H. Waymouth, Esq.
T. P. Ellis, Esq., A.M., P.R.A.8.
Thomas Henry Lister, Esq.

Thos. Webster, Esq., A.M.
John Elliotson, M.D., F.R.S.
James Loch, Esq., M.P., P.G.S.

Right Hon. Lord Wrottesley, A.M., F.R.A.3.
George Evans, Esq.
George Long. Esq., A.M.

J. A. Yates, Esq., M.P.
Thomas Palconer, Esq.

H. Malden, Esq., A.M.



Alton, Staffordshire-Rev. J. P. Jones,
Etruria, Josiah Wedgwood, Esq.

Oxford-Ch. Daubeny, M D.F.R.S.Prof.Cliem,
inglesea--- Rev. E. Williams.
Exeter-J. Tyrrell, Esq.

Rev. Baden Powell, Sav. Pof.
Rev. W. Johnson.
John Milford, Esq. (Coaner.)

Rev. John Jordan, B.A.
Miller, Esq.

Olamorganshire- Dr. Malkin, Cowbridge.' Pesth, Hungary-Count Szechenyl.
Barnstaple.-- Bencraft. Esq.

w. Williams, Esq., Aberpergwm.

Plymouth-H.Woollcombe, Esq., P.A.S., Oh.
William Gribble, Esq.
Glasgow-K. Finlay, Esq.

Wm. Snow Harris, Esq., F.R.S.
Belfast- Jas. L. Drummond, M.D.

Alexander McGrigor, Esq.

E. Moore, M.D., P.L.S., Secrelary.
Birmingham-Paul Moon James, Esq., Trea James Couper, Esq.

G. Wightwick, Esq.
A, J. D. D'Orsey, Esq.

Dr. Traill.
Bridport-James Williams, Esq.
Quernsey-F. C. Lukis, E4q.

Presteign-Rt. Hon. Sir H. Brydges, Bart.

A. W. Davis, M.D.
Bristol-J.N.Sanders, Esq., P.O.S. Chairman. Hitcham, Suffolk - Rev. Professor Henslow,

Ripon-Rev. H.P. Hamilton, M.A.,P.11.*.C.S.
J. Reynolds, Esq., Treasurer.

M.A., F.L.S. & G.S.

Rev. P. Ewart, M.A.
J. B. Éstlin, Esq., F.L.S., Secretary.
Hull-Jas. Bowden, Esq.

Ruthin-Rev. the Warden of
Calcutta--James Young, Esq.
Leeds–J. Marshall, Esq.

Humphreys Jones, Esq.
C. H. Cameron, Esq.
Lewes-J. W. Woollgar, Esq.

Ryde, I. of Wight-Sir Rd. Simeon, Be.
Cambridge-Rev. Leonard Jenyng, M.A.,F.L.S. Henry Browne. Esq.

Salisbury- Rev. J. Barfitt.
Rev. John Lodge, M.A.
Liverpool Loc. As.-J. Mulleneux, Esq.

Sheffeld-J. H. Abraham. Exq.
Rev. Prof. Sedgwick, M.A., V.R.S. & G.S.

Rev. Wm. Shepherd, L.L.D.

Shepton Mallet-G. F. Burroughs, Esq.
Canterbury-John Brent, Esq., Alderinan. Maidenhead-R. Goolden, Esq., P.1.3.

Shrewsbury-R. A. Slaney, Esq., M.P.
William Masters, Esq.
Maidstone-Clement T. Smyth, Esq.

South Petherton-John Nicholetts, EM.
Carlisle-Thomas Barnes, M.D., F.R.S.E.

John Case, Esq.

Stockport-H. Maryland, Esq., Treulsurer,
Carnarvon-R. A. Poole, Esq.
Manchester Loc. A.-G. W. Wood, Esq.,

Henry Coppock, Esq., Secretary.
William Roberts, Esq.

M.P., Ch.

Sydney, Nerr S. Wales-W.M. Manning, Esq.
Chester-Henry Potts, Esq.

Sir Benjamin Heywood, Bt., Treasurer. Swansea-Matthew Moggridge, Esq.
Chichester-C.C. Dendy, Esq.

Sir George Philips, Bart., M.P.

Tavistock - Rev. W. Evans,
Cockermouth-Rev. J. Whitridge.

T. N. Winstanley, Esq., Hon. Sec.

John Rundle, Esq., M.P.
Corfu-John Crawford, Esq.

Merthyr Tydvil-Sir J.J. Guest, Bart., M.P. Truro-Henry Sewell Stokes, Esq.
Plato Petrides
Minchinhampton-John G. Ball, Esq.

Tunbridge Wells-Yeats, M.1).
Coventry-C. Bray, Esq.
Neath-Jolin Rowland, Esq.

I'ltoxeler-Robert Blurton, Esq.
Danbigh-Thomas Evans, Esq.
Newcastle-Rev. W. Turner,

Virginu. V. S.-- Professor Tucker.
Derby-Joseph Strutt, Esq.

T. Sopwith, E«q., F.G.S.

Worcester-Chas. Hastings, M.D.
Edward Strutt, Esq., M.P.
Newport, Isle of Wight-Ab. Clarke, Esq.

C. H. Hebb, Esq.
Devonport and Stonehouse, John Cole, Exq.

T. Cooke, Jun., Esq.

Wreshan- Thomas Edgworth, Esq.
John Norman, Esq.
R. G. Kirkpatrick, Eng.

Major Sir William Lloyd.
Lt. Col. C. Hamilton Smith, F.R.S.
Newport Pagnell-J. Millar. Esq.

Yarmouth-C. E. Rumbold. Esq.
Durham-The Very Rev. the Dean.
Norwich-Richard Bacon, Esq.

Dawson Turner, Esq
Euinbu-gh-Sir C. Bell, F.R.S.L. and E.

Wm. Forster, Esq.

York-Rev. J. Kenrick, M.A.
J. S. Traill, M.D.
Orsett, Esser-Curbeti, M.D.

Jolin Phillips, Esq., F.R.S., P.0.8.
THOMAS COATES, Esq., Secretary, No. 59, Lincolo's lun Fields,

London: Printed by WILLIAN CLUwes and Sons, Stamford Streek


ages, 396.

ADELAIDE Gallery, the, 190.

13th and 15th centuries, 480; Census 473; the Sewers, 483, 491 ; public RAFFAELLE, sculpture by, 277; the CarAerolites, fall of, at Milan, 51.

of 1841, 487, 488.
improvements in, 497.

toons by, 377, 425. Agriculture, improvers of, 475. Esthonians, domestic economy of, 403. Louis XIV., a day of, 33.

Railway rambles :- the Ravensbourne Aleppo, 141. Etruscan tomb, an, 208. Love of country, 312,

river, 156, 188; Croydon Church and Algebra, moral, 59. Events, great local memories of: Lunatic Asylums, 22.

Palace, Beddington, &c., 317; Stoke, America, the iron trade of, 440. Battle of Hastings, 17; Magna Charta,

412, 444. Anemometer, or wind-gauge, the, 462. 117; Battle of Worcester, 233; Battle MAGNA Charta, 117.

Railway-train, how propelled, 54. Artesian well at Grenelle, 441.

of Bosworth Field, 433.

Man, stature and weight at different Rain, fossil, 67. Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, sight of

Rain-gauge, or Pluviometer, 445. the, 411. PAMINE in India, 103. Manna, 464.

Ravensbourne river, the, 156, 199.
Fans, 480.

Manners, among a scattered population, Realing-rooms, village, 64.
BABYROUSSA, the, 321.
Farne Islands, the, 198,

248 ; in Asia Minor, 360.

Reaping, 296.
Backgammon, 100.
Feathers, their nature and uses, 357, Mantis, the. 435.

Recreation, 248.
Bacon, Lord, 60.


Marble-works, London, a day at the, Roads and travelling in the olden time, Barometer, the, 194. Female labour in Arabia, 140


182. Bewick, the engraver, life of, 260, 268. Field-flowers, 312.

Mechanics' Institutes, exhibitions of, Rome, the climate of, 160. Birds, gallinaceous (game), 401, 414. Finland farm-honse, 116.


Rook, utility of the, 475. Birds' nests, edible, of the Eastern Fish used as food in North America, Mechanism and manufactures, exhibi- Ruses, Indian, and attar (otto) of, 438. Islands, 367. 135.

tions of-Society of Arts, 138; Poly Royal Asiatic Society's museum, 324, Black lead and black-lead pencils, 394. Flint-glass factory, a day at a, 81, technic Institution, 178; Adelaide 335. Bodleian Library, the, 228. Food, abstinence from, 63,

Gallery, 190. Bone, the value of a, 218.

Football, game of, in Holborn or the Men, Great, local memories of Cax. SALT-MINE at Tuz Koi, Kurdistan, 250. Bosworth Field, the battle of, 433. Strand, 155.

ton, 1; Bacon, 60; Milton, 97; Burke, Savage, picture of a, 116. Bouquets at night, 307.

129; Cowper, 149; Drummond of Sea, the, luminous and phosphorescent Brewery, London, a day at a, 121. GARDENS of Hindoostan, 403.

Hawthornden, 169; Petrarchi, 205, Britton, Thomas, the musical small. Gent, Thomas, of York, printer, 142. 222; Molière, 305; Burns, 389; Cor- Seeds of plants, dissemination of, 235.

appearance of, 478. coal man, 70.

Glass-manufacture. perfection of, neille, 369. Burke, Edmund, 129.

Seeing without sight, 116.
among the Egyptians, 352.

Mental delusions, 409.
Burns, Robert, 353, 389.
Greatrakes, Valentine, 421.
Milton, John, 97.

Shakspere and his will, 14; his de.

lineations of female friendship, 109; Greece, Modern, agriculture of, 72; Mole-catchers and mole-catching, 371; CAMBt., the, 29. mode of preparing wine in, 76. moles, their uses, 456.

not a horseboy, 411.

Sheep, British, 175, 177, 196. Canada, forests of, 261; post-office in, Greenland, atmospherical phenomenon Molière, 305.

Shells, beauty of, 236. 272. in, 59; habits of the people of, 116; Mud-turtles, 71.

Ship-yard, a day at a, 209, 249. Caconbury, recollections of, 410.

fishing boats of, 120.
Musical knife, 144.

Siberia, woollen manufacture in, 16.
Cattie, 273, 281.
Grouse, American, 186,
Mustard-tree, the, 288.

Sirocco of the Mediterranean, the, 491. Cavalry, Indian, charge of, 148.

Mutual support, 240.

Slavonian village, 160.
Caxton, I.
Hampton Court, the Cartoons at, 377, Nail-manufacture, the, 359.

Spain, the romances of: The Cid, 4, Chaucer's Portrait Gallery: the host, 425.

25, 49, 73, 113, 153, 173, 201, 257, 65; the cook, 79: the knight, 93; Hare and Rabbit, the, 417.

Napoleon column at Boulogne, 404. the squire, 101; the fraukliu, 145; Hastings, the battle of, 17:

National Gallery, the, 11, 21, 52, 63,89. Stalactites and stalagmites, 262.

284, 313, 327. the merchant, 171; the sergeant-at: Hat-factory, a day at a, 41.

Newspapers, American, their appear. Steam-boat, how propelled, 75; made law, 185; the doctor of physic, 230; Hedgehogs, 392.

ance, character, &c., 243. the parson, 245; the clerk of Oxen. Hindoostan, life of the husbandman in,

Nile, great cataract of Alata, on the, Steam-engine, 27.

of iron, 320. ford, 271; the monk, 293; the friar,

332. 443. 322; the sumpnour, 34); the par: Hip-joint, diseases of the, 35.

Norway, the bonder or small landowner Sugar-refinery, a day at a, 161.

Stoke, Buckinghamshire, 412, 444. duner, 375; the ploughman, 393; Hog, the, 237.

of, 459; scenery of a fiord in, 464.

Sunrise on Mount Etna, 408. the shipman, 442: the haberdasher, Honey of the Hymettus. 80.

Nuremberg, 227. &c., 449; the miller and the reve, Horses, British, 225,

Superstition in Asia Minor, 264. 460; the manciple, 491; the prioress, Hungary, the plains of, 132 ; a gentle Opinion the true prop of good govern. TABLES D’Hote, influence of, on the

OCCULT Sciences, the, 110, 119, 131. 492; the wife of Bath, 495.

man's establishment in, 140; the Chemistry, Domestic: milk, 11.

ment, 140.

Continent, 184. Coachmaker's, a day at a, 501.

Spring fair at Pesth, 154.

Opossum and racoon hunting, 39. Taylor, the water-poet, 476; his PennyCochineal insect, the, and its produce, Hygrometer, the, 246. Hyde Park a century since, 272.

Oranges, mode of packing at St. Mi. less Pilgrimage, 483, 489. 455.

chael's, 307; peculiarity of the Texas, the cross-timber district of, 240 ; Commerce, influence of the Oriental

orange-tree, 392.

simplicity of agricultural operations character on, 19; advantages of, 92; ICEBERG, gigantic, 112,

Oxford, the Martyrs' Memorial at, 37. in the weed prairies of, 272; the wild foreign, moral influence of, 464. Icelanders, dwellings of the, 392.

horse of, 392. Contrasts: Lunatic Asylums, 22. Indians, the medicine-bay of the, 440, PAINTING in fresco, 450.

Thames, a Parsee's impression of the, Curn, mode of threshing, in the East, Ingenuity wasted, 267.

Paraguay, hunting ostriches and wild 283. 220. Insanity, success and economy of early horses in, 20.

Thermometer, the, 232, 239. Corneille, 369.

treatment in, 92.

Peasantry of the Pyrenees, 416. Thieftakers, Indian, 140.
Cottages in Bengal, 155.
Inundations, in Holland, in 1823, 437, Peat-gatherer, the, 388.

Thread, value of, for lace, 155.
Cowper, William, 149.


Penny postage, anticipations and re-Tobacco-manufactory, a day at a, 465. Croydon church and palace, 317, Iron and coal, 288.

sults, 283.

Towns and their population, improves Cruden, Alexander, 31.

Irrigation in the East, 180.
Peru, the Balsas of, 424.

ment of, 91.

Petrarch, 205, 222. DAIRY, London, a day at a, 297. JAPAN, town.gardens in, 112; one su- Philosophy, Natural, 72.

UKRAINE, the steppes of the, 424. Danube, the, 333, 349, 365. preme power in, 116; the Mikado Piccadilly, 280,

Uniteil Service Museum, 275, 236. Death, Chinese ideas of, 448.

in, 140; uses of the fan in, 148. Pictures, gratuitous exhibitions of: Deer of the British Islands, 103, 133.

The National Gallery, 11, 21, 52, 68,
Inbdin, Charles, the songs of, 372. KASHMIR, the valley of, 326, 420. 89; Dulwich College, 137, 193, 217, VEHICLES, metropolitan, 240.
Discourse, 408.

Kew, the botanic garden and arbore 241, 265, 289; Hampton Court, 377, Velleia, the fate of, 240.
Diseases, endemic and epidemic, 291, tum at, 263, 266.


Veracity, English, 464. 311, 314, 316.

Piety and the love of nature, 443. Veronese peasantry, 348.
Dogs, wild and domestic, 7, 56, 77. LABOUR, physical and mental, 316. Pigeons, domestic, 361.

Virgin earth, 351.
Drinks, the artificial cooling of, 319. Lac insect and its produce, 423. Planetary System, the, 72.
Drammond of Hawthornden, 169. Ladakh, the province of, 480.

Plants, the death of, 294; noxious ones Waits, the, 15.
Dulwich Gallery, the, 137, 193, 217, Land (poor sandy), improvement of, useful, 332.

Weasel tribe, the, of the British Islands, 241, 265, 289.

Pluviometer, the, 445.

457. Doubarton Castle, 36.

Land and water, relative quantities of, Population of Great Britain-Census of water, the use of, to vegetation, 453. 107.

1841, 487, 488.

Water-fowl, domestic, 383, 395. FAST India Company's museum, 207. Law and interest, 204.

Portrait, antique, 387.

Wickliffe, Johu; two of this name, 348. Economy, 132.

Lichens, phosphoric, 424.
Polyps, the, 67.

Wilkie, Sir David, 278.
Education, 112.
Literary sociality of the time of James Polytechnic Institution, the, 178.

Women, American and English, com. Emigrants in Canada, 200.

I., 326.
Post-oflice despatch in 1717 and 1841 ;

pared, 440. England: what it has done, and what Lithography, progress and history of, the railway post-office, 158.

Wonder, 155. it has yet to do, 92; and the United 248..

Potash, manufacture of, in Upper Ca. Worcester, the battle of, 233. States of America, mutual interests Liveries, 474.

nada, 95.

Workhouse, Union, two hours at a, 397. of, 152; Public Records of, 309; the London: in the time of the Britons, Poultry, domestic, 329. Islands of, 398, 405, 415, 420; the 224; St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, Prudence, 443. language of, 448; fruits in, in the 452; London-stone, 204; the Tower, Purrah, the, in Africa, 407.

| ZEALAND, New, the natives of, 440.

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BRITISH TOPOGRAPHY AND Molière and his localities, 305.

The Virgin and Child, by Vandyke, claret-jug. 86; re-heating glass at
Seene on the Danube, 333, 349, 363.


the furnace, 86; glass-cutter at work, Caxton and his localities, I. Corneille and his localities, 369.

Boors merrymaking, by Ostade, 263, 87 ; glass engraver at work, 88. William the Conqueror, Harold, and Napoleon Column at Boulogne, 404. Landscape with Cattle and Figures, A London Brewery: Entrance to Birthe localities of the Battle of Hast- Artesian well at Grenelle, Paris, 411. by Wouvermans, 289.

clay's brewery, 121: multman and ings, 17.

Hampton Court :- Tue Cartoons of malt bin, 122: mali-crushing maDunbarton Rock, 36.


chine, 123: buckets of the 'Jacob's Lord Baron and his localities, 60.


'The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, ladder,' 123; sectional view of the Milton and his localities, 97. The Romances of Spain :-Tax Cip: 377.

principal vessels and apparatus, 124; Magna Charta and its localities, 117. Rodrigo of Bivar, the Cid, 4.

Christ's Charge to Peter, 381.

cleansing in the rounds, 126; large Burke and his localities, 129.

The Cid receiving his father's sword, Prter and John healing the Cripple, vat, 120; drawing ofl, 127. Cowper and his localities, 149.



Sugar Refinery :--Interior, 161; boil. Ravensbourne River, Source of, 156. Rodrigo and Count Lozano, 25. Death of Ananias, 425.

in sugar in vacuo, 165; sugar in the Keston Common, and Mill, 157.

The Cid on his war horse, 27.
Elymas struck Blind, 428.

heater, 165 ; filling the moulds with Hayes Churchyard, and Yew-tree, 157. Zimena Gomez suing for justice, 49. Sacrifice at Lystra, 429.

liquid sugar, 166; "brushing-off," Drummond of Hawthornden and his The Cid and the Leper, 73.

Paul prenching at Athens, 432.

turning off,'
and papering

the localities, 169.

Parting of Rodrigo and Zimena, 15. Tric-trac, from a painting by Teniers, lump-sugar, 167, 168.
Bromley Church, 183.
The Cid rescuing the King Don 100.

Ship-building Yard :- Ship on the
Watergate at, 189.
Sancho, 113.

Hermia and Helena, from a drawing stocks building and ship in dock for the Lady-well, near, 189. Rodrigo pursuing Bellido Dolsos, by Severn, 109.

repairs; 209; boys spinning oakum, Beckenham, Lich-gate at, 189.


The Huntsman and Old Howd, after 211; making treenails, 212; steam Deptford Creek, 190. Death of the King Don Sancho, 153. Bewick, 261,

ing-house for ships' planks, 21+; London Stone, 204.

The Cid before Zamora, 153.

Man and Ilorse, after Bewick, 269. frame timbers of a West India trader, Bodleian Library, the interior, 228. Rodrigo administering the oath to Ruined Cottage and Sheep, after Be. 216; interior of a mast house, 249; Battle of Worcester and its localities, king Alihonso, 173.

wick, 269.

boring for treenails, 251; caulhing, 233.

The Cid going into exile. 172. Sculpture--" Dolphin and Child," by 251 ; serving of rope with spun yarn, Cherry-burn, Northumberland ; house The Cid, Zimena, and her daugh Raffaelle, 277.

255; sailmaker at work, 236. in which Bewick was born, 260.

ters, 201.

Sailors singing, after a drawing by Wil-A London Dairy :-Milking-shed at Ovingham Parsonage, banks of the Tyne, Roxirigo defeating the Moors before liam, 373.

twelve o'clock, 297; side view and 261.

Valencia, 201.

Bursting of St. Anthony's Dyke, Hol section of a Dutch cow house, 300; Newcastle on-Tyne, Workshop of Be. The Cid and the crouching Lion, land, from an etching by P. Nolpe, cattle-layers at Islington, 304. wick, the engraver, 268.


London Marble-works :-Show-room, Watering-house at Knightsbridge in Rodrigo departing for Toledo, 284.

337 ; sa winy-machine, 340 ; ripping 1811, 280. St. Peter and the Cid, 313.

bed, 341; small circular cutter, 341; Public Records of England: rolls,

Tomb of the Cid, in the couvent of NATURAL HISTORY. moulding bed, 342; square grinding. ponches, hanapers, and signs, 308, San Pedro de Cardena, 328.

bed, 343; circular grinding bed,

Dogs, 9, 37,77.
309, 310.
Chancer's Portrait Gallery : - THE
Camels, 29.

343; polishing-bed, 314.
Croydon Church, 317.

Tobacco Manufactory: - Tobacco ware.

Deer of the British Islands, 103, 133. Croydon Palace, staircase of the cha The Host and the Cook, 65.

house, London Docks, 465 ; tobacco

British Sheep, 177, 196. pel, with Queen Elizabeth's pew, The Kniglit and the Squire, 93.

kilo, 468; cutting machine, 469;

British Horses, 225. 318. The Franklin and the Merchant, 145.

making, pigtail, 470; stripping the

Hogs, 237.
Mill near Waddon, 318.
The Sergeant at-law and the Doctor

leaf, 471; making cigars, 471; snufl.

Woodcock, 270.
Beddington Church, 319.

of Medicine, 185.
British Cattle, 273, 281.

grinding machines, 472.
Burns, the poet, and his localities,
The Parson and the Clerk of Oxen. The Babiroussa (Sus Babyrussa, Linn.),

Coach Making : - Interior of coach 353. ford, 245.

making loft; speeching or spoking

321. Windsor Union Workhouse, 397. The Monk and the Friar, 293.

a coach-wheel ; tiring a coach-wheel;

Domestic Poultry, 329.
Stoke Church, 412.
The Sumpnour and the Pardoner, Domestic Pigeons, 361.

turuing an iron axle; smith's shop. i Monumeut to Gray, 413. 345.

making a coach C-spring; drawings 1. Manor-house, remains of, 444. The Ploughman and the Shipman, Gallinaceous Birols (game), 401.

Domestic Water-fowl, 385.

metal coach-beading ii plater's shor old kitchen in, 393.

501-8. 415.

The Haberdasher, the Carpenter, the Weasels of the British Islands, 457.

Hares and Rabbits, 417. Gray's summer-house, 415.

Weaver. the Dyer, and the TapisRichard Il., the Battle of Bosworth trer, 449.

Field, and localities, 434.

The Miller, the Manciple, and the TRADE, MANUFACTURES, AND
Plan of Bosworth Field, 435.
Reve, 460.


Louis XIV. in his bedchamber, 33. St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, 1811, The Prioress and the Wife of Bath,

Initial letter (S), loti. 452.


Hat-making :-Hat battery or kettle, Modern Shadoofs for irrigation in the The Tower of London: the Great Portrait of Chaucer, 496.

41; cutting machine, 43; blowing East, 180. Storehouse, as it appeared on fire on The National Gallery :


43; blowing,' 44; mi- The Sackiveh, or Persian wheel, 181. the night of Oct. 30, 1841, 473.

The Infant St. Jolin, by Murillo, 13. croscopic view of tibre of beaver fur, Threshing by the Sledge, 220. Palace-yard Stairs, in 1641, 477.

The Dutch Housewife, by Maes, 21. 44; section of the cap, 45; 'ruff Threshing by the Drag. 221. Edlinburgh in the boginning of the 17th The Nativity, by Rembrandt, 52. ing,' 46 ; blocking, 46; dyeing. Threshing by Horses, 221. century, 484.

The Market-cart, by Gainsborough, caldron, 46; stages of shaping, 47. Bewick's Funeral, 270. St. George's Hall and New Assize 68.

Flint-glass manufacture :--Glass-blow- Sir John Dinely, portrait, 356. Courts, Liverpool, 497.

The Holy Family, by Sir Joshua ing furnace, 81 ; glass-melting pots, The Peat-gatherer, 388. Liverpool Collegiate Institution, 498, Reynolds, 89.


section of melting pan, 83; John Kelsey, portrait, 409. St. Mary's Church, Southwark, 500. Dulwichi Gallery:

ground-plan of melting.furnace, 84 ; Valentine Greatrakes, portrait, 121. Spanish Beggar-boys, by Murillo, blowing moulded bottle, 85 ; mould Geological section of the Busin of FOREIGN TOPOGRAPHY AND


for casting glass, 85; rolling glass Paris, 441. ANTIQUITIES.

Landscape and Cattle, by Cuyp, 193. marver, 85 ; blowing glass Johu Taylor, the water-poet, 4.6. Aleppo, 141.

Martyrdom of St. Sebastian, by

through the

working-tube, 85; Deer-hunting in the lighlands, 499. Petrarch and his localities, 205,

Guido, 217.

shaping and blowing a glass jug, 85; London Sewers, three sectious, 491.

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(The Views consist of the Weald of Kent, above the Portrait ; old Westminster Abbey and the Almonry, on its sides; and the old Hall of the Merevrs' Company, beneath. The miuor illustrations comprise the Initial Letters in the upper part of the Engraving, which show the only tus, ornaments of that kind used by Caxton; in the lower part is the Mouogram which fürmed his device : the scr il-work oruamepi is selreted from the word cuts of his Gulden Legend ; and the curious figures, &c. which occupy the corners nud different parts of the picture, are illustrative of Caxtou's paper-marks.? No. 562.

Vol. X.-B

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