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Standing on the promenade deck, and port side, of the good ship Baltic, White Star Line, I waved adieu to friends on the dock, with the flag of my country which had been presented by one of them, as she left me when the call, “All ashore,” came.

After leaving the harbor, I went to my stateroom to finish replying by postcards to the very numerous letters, cards, telegrams, fruit, flowers, etc., sent by loving relatives and friends. I was anxious to get them on the pilot boat before she left us, so completed, stamped them, and hurried to the office only to find I was about five minutes too late, and, glancing shoreward, could see in the distance the rapidly receding boat. I was told they would be mailed at Queenstown, Ireland, but English stamps would be required. These I purchased and had the extreme felicity of removing our own stamps from my cards and replacing with English stamps. After luncheon, I went to the upper promenade deck and sat in my chair most of the afternoon, going to my stateroom only in time to dress for dinner.

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