Memoranda of Marie C. Lilly's European Trip: Beginning May 14, 1910; Ending October 23, 1910

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Hollenbeck Press, 1913 - 289 էջ
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Էջ 18 - In the same pious confidence, beside her friend and sister, here sleep the remains of Dorothy Gray, widow, the careful, tender mother of many children, one of whom alone had the misfortune to survive her.
Էջ 162 - He was in San Francisco at the time of the earthquake, and was for four days stranded in the burning city, without baggage.
Էջ 232 - September 20, 1870; after which the states of the church were incorporated with the kingdom of Italy.
Էջ 143 - On the way we passed the ruins of an old castle said to have belonged to the original Bluebeard of the story.
Էջ 162 - Strasburg we went into the Church of St. Thomas to see the monument of Marshal Saxe.
Էջ 167 - In the afternoon we took a carriage and drove all over the town and found it quite interesting.
Էջ 217 - There is a flight of six or seven stone steps, leading up to the office door, and I noticed at high tide the water came nearly to the top step.

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