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ON yon fair brook's enamell’d fide

Behold my CHLOE stands!

Her angle trembles o'er the tide,
As conscious of her hands,

Calm as the gentle waves appear,
Her thoughts ferenely flow,

Calm as the foftly breathing air,

That curls the brook below.

Such charms her sparkling eyes difclofe
With fuch foft pow'r endu❜d,

She feems a new-born VENUS, rofe

From the transparent flood.

From each green bank, and moffy cave,

The scaly race repair,

They sport beneath the crystal wave,

And kifs her image there.

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Here the bright filver eel enroll'd

In fhining volumes lies,

There basks the carp bedropt with gold
In the funshine of her eyes.

With hungry pikes in wanton play
The tim❜rous trouts appear;

The hungry pikes forget to prey,

The tim'rous trouts to fear.

With equal hafte the thoughtless crew
To the fair tempter fly;

Nor grieve they, whilft her eyes they view,
That by her hand they die.

Thus I too view'd the nymph of late;
Ah fimple fish, beware!

Soon will you find my wretched fate,
And struggle in the fnare.

But, Fair-one, tho' thefe toils fucceed,
Of conqueft be not vain ;

Nor think o'er all the fcaly breed

Unpunish'd thus to reign.


Remember, in a wat❜ry glass

His charms NARCISSUS ípy'd,

When for his own bewitching face

The youth despair'd and dy'd.

No more then harmless fish infnare,
No more fuch wiles purfue;

Left, whilft you baits for them prepare,
Love finds out one for you.



HILST thousands court fair CHLOE's love,
She fears the dangʼrous joy,

But, CYNTHIA like, frequents the grove,

As lovely, and as coy.

With the fame speed she feeks the hind,
Or hunts the flying hare,

She leaves pursuing swains behind.

To languish and despair.


Oh ftrange caprice in thy dear breast,

Whence first this whim began;

To follow thus each worthless beast,

And shun their fovereign man!

Confider, Fair, what 'tis you do,

How thus they both muft die,

Not furer they, when you pursue,
Than we whene'er you fly.





BRIGHT VENUS long with envious eyes

The fair LUCINDA's charms had seen,

And shall she still, the goddess cries,

Thus dare to rival Beauty's queen?


She fpoke, and to th' infernal plains

With cruel hafte indignant goes,

Where Death, the prince of terrors, reigns,
Amidft difeafes, pains, and woes.

To him her pray'rs fhe thus applies:
O fole, in whom my hopes confide

To blaft my rival's potent eyes,

And in her fate all mortal pride!

Let her but feel thy chilling dart,

I will forgive, tremendous god!

Ev'n that which pierc'd ADONIS' heart:
He hears, and gives th' affenting nod.

Then calling forth a fierce DISEASE,
Impatient for the beauteous prey,

Bids him the lovelieft fabric feize,

The gods e'er form'd of human clay.

Affur'd he meant LUCINDA's charms,

To her th' infectious damon flies;

Her neck, her cheeks, her lips difarms,
And of their lightning robs her eyes.


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